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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostwolf-EU Honorable Kills
1Smürf  Frostwolf-EU420580Not updated
2Badmurder  Frostwolf-EU367261Not updated
3Effectrix ANGFrostwolf-EU346071Not updated
4Funkadelic  Frostwolf-EU332774Not updated
5Dice ANGFrostwolf-EU327453Not updated
6Smileý In ExcessFrostwolf-EU324692Not updated
7Illegaler hat keinen BockFrostwolf-EU319513Not updated
8Djstodes  Frostwolf-EU317723Not updated
9Insan Nightmare of GamersFrostwolf-EU303335Not updated
10Caspii RefugeFrostwolf-EU298521Not updated
11Grishnerf ANGFrostwolf-EU292661Not updated
12Westigor No easy way outFrostwolf-EU292235Not updated
13Echidna ANGFrostwolf-EU288457Not updated
14Owndin ANGFrostwolf-EU279760Not updated
15Daze NightfallFrostwolf-EU277384Not updated
16Splasht ANGFrostwolf-EU270068Not updated
17Zøttel Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU263042Not updated
18Urtaî Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU261041Not updated
19Ketah Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU251265Not updated
20Habsburg  Frostwolf-EU250714Not updated
21Ghostreaper Blade of DoomFrostwolf-EU243749Not updated
22Rehija ANGFrostwolf-EU232626Not updated
23Tecelberry  Frostwolf-EU230885Not updated
24Shõgun  Frostwolf-EU230234Not updated
25Stayalive Wir Recyceln AllysFrostwolf-EU227450Not updated
26Hogar isostarFrostwolf-EU226701Not updated
27Uták Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU220172Not updated
28Baconandeggs I We against the World IFrostwolf-EU219931Not updated
29Boóbé GødlikeFrostwolf-EU219180Not updated
30Cemetery Paranormal IncFrostwolf-EU213438Not updated
31Nîedertracht Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU211741Not updated
32Æshtray  Frostwolf-EU211075Not updated
33Ltblue Âffen mit WaffenFrostwolf-EU210156Not updated
34Ghotar fidelity INCFrostwolf-EU209864Not updated
35Echidnâ ANGFrostwolf-EU208339Not updated
36Grobold ANGFrostwolf-EU206196Not updated
37Palofpates  Frostwolf-EU206176Not updated
38Missive SkybornFrostwolf-EU202526Not updated
39Stratos SchattenSchwertFrostwolf-EU202325Not updated
40Rêttich Yggdrasils WardenFrostwolf-EU201248Not updated
41Aiakos Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU200534Not updated
42Maruska Hëavën Shall BurnFrostwolf-EU199803Not updated
43Olisa  Frostwolf-EU199097Not updated
44Makal RefugeFrostwolf-EU197611Not updated
45Bidusa NoWayFrostwolf-EU196670Not updated
46Bämbämpewpew  Frostwolf-EU195165Not updated
47Krematoor slaughterFrostwolf-EU193794Not updated
48Kälteschock  Frostwolf-EU193210Not updated
49Vinador CasualFrostwolf-EU192018Not updated
50Eyesore NasharionFrostwolf-EU189505Not updated
51Palof  Frostwolf-EU187905Not updated
52Tiarra SmötschFrostwolf-EU187569Not updated
53Imperiø SKILLCAR WROOM WROOMFrostwolf-EU186300Not updated
54Flayx FlawlessFrostwolf-EU185922Not updated
55Whitewalt PurgédFrostwolf-EU185733Not updated
56Darilyn  Frostwolf-EU185292Not updated
57Kerb convictionFrostwolf-EU184988Not updated
58Nightbird ZirkelritterFrostwolf-EU184216Not updated
59Ungewaschene hat keinen BockFrostwolf-EU183877Not updated
60Káshá  Frostwolf-EU180542Not updated
61Hässlor  Frostwolf-EU180460Not updated
62Gorgonâr FlawlessFrostwolf-EU180304Not updated
63Deelarus SFFrostwolf-EU179914Not updated
64Ðeadbody is very niceFrostwolf-EU178408Not updated
65Lawinchen Level UPFrostwolf-EU178279Not updated
66Thallium Sayf al JinnFrostwolf-EU178182Not updated
67Fornak Pars Pro TotoFrostwolf-EU176139Not updated
68ßlu Immortal FaithFrostwolf-EU174981Not updated
69Adraste  Frostwolf-EU174921Not updated
70Alandil ANGFrostwolf-EU173038Not updated
71Exøtus  Frostwolf-EU172254Not updated
72Criterium  Frostwolf-EU172056Not updated
73Umbekannt  Frostwolf-EU170061Not updated
74Wolvé Druff offs MouwlFrostwolf-EU169371Not updated
75Dúox I vengeance IFrostwolf-EU167611Not updated
76Hamstaa  Frostwolf-EU166091Not updated
77Kiurasan  Frostwolf-EU165571Not updated
78Tolkogh  Frostwolf-EU164348Not updated
79Thálus ShinyFrostwolf-EU162822Not updated
80Nicaluna  Frostwolf-EU162589Not updated
81Bihdone Y U MADFrostwolf-EU161428Not updated
82Madnez  Frostwolf-EU161153Not updated
83Elâyâ In ExcessFrostwolf-EU160881Not updated
84Namuri  Frostwolf-EU159715Not updated
85Kampy CasualFrostwolf-EU159455Not updated
86Toffel Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU159342Not updated
87Pínhead MonsterBoyZFrostwolf-EU158604Not updated
88Itsnellol ANGFrostwolf-EU158515Not updated
89Corkiy  Frostwolf-EU158392Not updated
90Muuhkin BlackSheepFrostwolf-EU154798Not updated
91Anselm  Frostwolf-EU153728Not updated
92Albå chimairaFrostwolf-EU153494Not updated
93Faladir Enraged VictimsFrostwolf-EU153265Not updated
94Superieur RecklessFrostwolf-EU153221Not updated
95Mortymer Tete a TeteFrostwolf-EU152737Not updated
96Rabamsel PerinvisusFrostwolf-EU150473Not updated
97Infectedx Non ServianFrostwolf-EU150074Not updated
98Rocc KnøckØutFrostwolf-EU149770Not updated
99Tharo NightfallFrostwolf-EU149652Not updated
100Guran Special NetworkFrostwolf-EU149442Not updated

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