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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmourne-US Honorable Kills
1Baldwyn  Frostmourne-US539470Not updated
2Frèékill  Frostmourne-US324686Not updated
3Dolami VexFrostmourne-US302768Not updated
4Zlips  Frostmourne-US291432Not updated
5Mamortini Very Important PersonFrostmourne-US289026Not updated
6Kouga Anti HeroFrostmourne-US286787Not updated
7Kensiblye D E L I R I U MFrostmourne-US280956Not updated
8Mìghtymage The Unknown HeroesFrostmourne-US277633Not updated
9Woolfi Go away I drop nothingFrostmourne-US277592Not updated
10Warrpain KlimaxFrostmourne-US274228Not updated
11Evilpick  Frostmourne-US273973Not updated
12Klinda ElevationFrostmourne-US273349Not updated
13Alkkaid Only The StrongFrostmourne-US264609Not updated
14Sapenthe PandemoniumFrostmourne-US260808Not updated
15Baetyll  Frostmourne-US259770Not updated
16Klayl DeadliftsFrostmourne-US259641Not updated
17Dactylion BloodshedFrostmourne-US258155Not updated
18Bobparis we make nope misteaksFrostmourne-US256682Not updated
19Zalndraeda Channel VFrostmourne-US256038Not updated
20Chuteböxe THUGJITSUFrostmourne-US253223Not updated
21Pantagana Iron BunniesFrostmourne-US248990Not updated
22Vassilis Mirin My PVPFrostmourne-US248276Not updated
23Freuda Built Hordé ToughFrostmourne-US243577Not updated
24Bendmybow  Frostmourne-US241230Not updated
25Notoriouslol AvastFrostmourne-US231752Not updated
26Edwal Immortal DreamFrostmourne-US231174Not updated
27Kanphuachio KarmaFrostmourne-US228093Not updated
28Despoile  Frostmourne-US227847Not updated
29Cruize  Frostmourne-US220522Not updated
30Urdada HORDES MINIONSFrostmourne-US219758Not updated
31Pujie  Frostmourne-US219701Not updated
32Murderbug  Frostmourne-US217777Not updated
33Chüteboxe THUGJITSUFrostmourne-US214636Not updated
34Oxbludd  Frostmourne-US211280Not updated
35Fard Brutal ShakersFrostmourne-US210902Not updated
36Chirny DispøsedFrostmourne-US209523Not updated
37Tookit DeceptiveFrostmourne-US204766Not updated
38Catharsis Drunken DogsFrostmourne-US203594Not updated
39Kolzane RuthlessFrostmourne-US202956Not updated
40Mintii Baberaham LincolnFrostmourne-US201906Not updated
41Ladanthal bestfriendsFrostmourne-US201103Not updated
42Perc iCHORFrostmourne-US200534Not updated
43Formi Sisters of SilvermoonFrostmourne-US199638Not updated
43Allures ElevationFrostmourne-US199638Not updated
45Rainbowfire Kill it PleaseFrostmourne-US199333Not updated
46Zegra  Frostmourne-US199057Not updated
47Zhing WarpathFrostmourne-US197793Not updated
48Indiglo Iron BunniesFrostmourne-US197234Not updated
49 THUGJITSUFrostmourne-US196624Not updated
50Rajang DefiantFrostmourne-US196614Not updated
51Sillyshadow By The SwordFrostmourne-US195223Not updated
52Pallia Immortal DreamFrostmourne-US195201Not updated
53Dennybar Order Sixty SixFrostmourne-US194064Not updated
54Flereòus  Frostmourne-US193324Not updated
55Mileycryus  Frostmourne-US192592Not updated
56Ello  Frostmourne-US192312Not updated
57Lucia AvastFrostmourne-US189959Not updated
58Dannboy TSIXFrostmourne-US187423Not updated
59Apathist ExposureFrostmourne-US184907Not updated
60Icy  Frostmourne-US184028Not updated
61Chopperweed Y O R A KFrostmourne-US183348Not updated
62Glathier Code RedFrostmourne-US182624Not updated
63Bright  Frostmourne-US182232Not updated
64Mein  Frostmourne-US181382Not updated
65Evènar Relax and Take NoteFrostmourne-US181040Not updated
66Parahalu  Frostmourne-US180980Not updated
67Stormbòrn UrsocFrostmourne-US180732Not updated
68Xiion THUGJITSUFrostmourne-US179831Not updated
69Liuher CCAVFrostmourne-US178949Not updated
70Naiyr huehuehueFrostmourne-US177939Not updated
71Rng StormwindFrostmourne-US177698Not updated
72Hotchunks House HarkonnenFrostmourne-US177481Not updated
73Mojobow Your mums a ten manFrostmourne-US177356Not updated
74Venuu Aggressive ProgressionFrostmourne-US177315Not updated
75Arogarn  Frostmourne-US176993Not updated
76Sugarpuff TwelveFrostmourne-US176673Not updated
77Modaran Suit UpFrostmourne-US176057Not updated
78Nìnjabredman Clan BattlehammerFrostmourne-US176018Not updated
79Knyne Dont Feed the ZombiesFrostmourne-US175564Not updated
80Bamboopower Evitus StultusFrostmourne-US175247Not updated
81Powerchord nOObzFrostmourne-US174797Not updated
82Nobullet Big WorldFrostmourne-US174407Not updated
83Heatherss ShõgunFrostmourne-US174332Not updated
84Lugozi We do our own stuntsFrostmourne-US173880Not updated
85Shrom DispøsedFrostmourne-US173768Not updated
86Ðexter  Frostmourne-US173559Not updated
87Coldweap FrostmourneFrostmourne-US173137Not updated
88Clandestein CrankFrostmourne-US172211Not updated
89Bignjuicÿ Brutally HonestFrostmourne-US171784Not updated
90Duckfish MerahPutihFrostmourne-US171704Not updated
91Hushyael  Frostmourne-US171569Not updated
92Felisal CCAVFrostmourne-US171402Not updated
93Coolsexigurl  Frostmourne-US171085Not updated
94Ryley SpeedFrostmourne-US171029Not updated
95Blessed  Frostmourne-US170329Not updated
96Belastorm GOWFrostmourne-US170073Not updated
97Whosonfirst over the hillFrostmourne-US169656Not updated
98Ishews Killrads Most FearedFrostmourne-US168600Not updated
99Kiwimade  Frostmourne-US168231Not updated
100Icapitan  Frostmourne-US167626Not updated

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