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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmourne-EU Honorable Kills
1Cromson  Frostmourne-EU601554Not updated
2Rulposter Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU428330Not updated
3Thompsov Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU411378Not updated
4Snotlinia WombatsFrostmourne-EU313678Not updated
5Vaentress ChilledFrostmourne-EU273005Not updated
6Nessa Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU253834Not updated
7Kak  Frostmourne-EU237464Not updated
8Hallaliejoho In Sanguine VeritasFrostmourne-EU224851Not updated
9Zwecklos Drunken PsychosFrostmourne-EU220599Not updated
10Sib K O SFrostmourne-EU213214Not updated
11Isthar Beschützer von NiribuFrostmourne-EU211013Not updated
12Riddikk  Frostmourne-EU204765Not updated
13Chiasma FOXFrostmourne-EU202604Not updated
14Lasstecken  Frostmourne-EU198735Not updated
15Emì Krieger der AllîanzFrostmourne-EU194357Not updated
16Loul Thunderbluff BasejumpersFrostmourne-EU192726Not updated
17Kilmahri ad libitumFrostmourne-EU191969Not updated
18Lexxí Gefallene EngelFrostmourne-EU191519Not updated
19Supermugge Der stehende AstFrostmourne-EU190961Not updated
20Wôrf Beschützer von NiribuFrostmourne-EU190795Not updated
21Ioxol Raging HordesFrostmourne-EU189195Not updated
22Schlammy Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU187168Not updated
23Eichenschild  Frostmourne-EU182929Not updated
24Siles InfernoFrostmourne-EU182520Not updated
25Hotte The Ancient DevilsFrostmourne-EU180875Not updated
26Insanered G a r t hFrostmourne-EU180471Not updated
27Frowe NibelungenFrostmourne-EU176989Not updated
28Heinze Die bösen GlücksbärchisFrostmourne-EU174400Not updated
29Ylvie  Frostmourne-EU167590Not updated
30Meisterjäger Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU162597Not updated
31Goonies Krieger der AllîanzFrostmourne-EU158836Not updated
32Aeony Orden der DämmerungFrostmourne-EU157634Not updated
33Anduin  Frostmourne-EU152497Not updated
34Noka Elite für die HordeFrostmourne-EU151491Not updated
35Alkalot VoidFrostmourne-EU150635Not updated
36Bumnack  Frostmourne-EU149342Not updated
37Browly greeNFrostmourne-EU148468Not updated
38Angelmelina  Frostmourne-EU148251Not updated
39Gywen KaltmacherFrostmourne-EU145931Not updated
40Suse Phönix des LichtsFrostmourne-EU145603Not updated
41Linára Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU145266Not updated
42Joderwemser WombatsFrostmourne-EU145222Not updated
43Brechmeddel  Frostmourne-EU145167Not updated
44Vanerion vortexFrostmourne-EU143647Not updated
45Grunit infightFrostmourne-EU141478Not updated
46Lobó  Frostmourne-EU137685Not updated
47Sacrificulus cataclysmFrostmourne-EU136197Not updated
48Vizion K O SFrostmourne-EU134747Not updated
49Cowie  Frostmourne-EU134521Not updated
50Fatzge  Frostmourne-EU134247Not updated
51Siptar SkeviltumFrostmourne-EU134210Not updated
52Zataka Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU133940Not updated
53Villanovâ inVainFrostmourne-EU132435Not updated
54Ramelwilder Skulls of SteelFrostmourne-EU131490Not updated
55Chrones Zorn Innos vs MiathrilsFrostmourne-EU130385Not updated
56Hardmor A Little Piece Of HellFrostmourne-EU130306Not updated
57Myosotis  Frostmourne-EU130131Not updated
58Ilahin HeldenfabrikFrostmourne-EU129844Not updated
59Aran  Frostmourne-EU129736Not updated
60Brotax Skulls of SteelFrostmourne-EU129181Not updated
61Eisenfaust echelonFrostmourne-EU125691Not updated
62Crosham Ludus MagnusFrostmourne-EU124485Not updated
63Ripped G a r t hFrostmourne-EU124293Not updated
64Shamana Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU122160Not updated
65Zorro WiedergängerFrostmourne-EU121177Not updated
66Heledir MagellanFrostmourne-EU121147Not updated
67Opkul  Frostmourne-EU121091Not updated
68Leeona halfevilFrostmourne-EU121067Not updated
69Akela  Frostmourne-EU121037Not updated
70Sournois Rising LegendsFrostmourne-EU120590Not updated
71Amöbe greeNFrostmourne-EU120477Not updated
72Katjany Pitbulls der HordeFrostmourne-EU120380Not updated
73Lewasha Wellen und WeiberFrostmourne-EU120321Not updated
74Narnila Orange Mocca FrappuccinoFrostmourne-EU119690Not updated
75Rehdbeard EnîgmaFrostmourne-EU119564Not updated
76Fugar Casuals at WorkFrostmourne-EU119359Not updated
77Magmadiver  Frostmourne-EU119165Not updated
78Coratris  Frostmourne-EU119086Not updated
79Spon NextLevelFrostmourne-EU118879Not updated
80Vanzan FOXFrostmourne-EU118408Not updated
81Shirøki mostly robotFrostmourne-EU117222Not updated
82Lumez Drunken PsychosFrostmourne-EU116342Not updated
83Necó SalvationFrostmourne-EU112198Not updated
84Rhyax Casuals at WorkFrostmourne-EU110902Not updated
85Navarion Why so SeriouzFrostmourne-EU110821Not updated
86Tóotém I Your mom is my Mount IFrostmourne-EU110614Not updated
87Abramelin Blut und EisenFrostmourne-EU110586Not updated
88Gwindolur FOXFrostmourne-EU110284Not updated
89Kundan  Frostmourne-EU110111Not updated
90Gabos A Little Piece Of HellFrostmourne-EU109458Not updated
91Malzor Mighty DucksFrostmourne-EU109430Not updated
92Eléa WE TE EFFrostmourne-EU108860Not updated
93Paget ChilledFrostmourne-EU106092Not updated
94Dawina Hailstorm ClanFrostmourne-EU106061Not updated
95Allibabba In Sanguine VeritasFrostmourne-EU105155Not updated
96Nizu Bikini Battle BabesFrostmourne-EU104727Not updated
97Duffmann SkeviltumFrostmourne-EU104375Not updated
98Mangoun  Frostmourne-EU103808Not updated
99Tigore infightFrostmourne-EU103595Not updated
100Rababerkuchn Beschützer von NiribuFrostmourne-EU102694Not updated

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