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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-EU Honorable Kills
1Spiney  Frostmane-EU730599Not updated
2Kaxxy ImmersionFrostmane-EU667322Not updated
3Mysticmerlin OmniFrostmane-EU379305Not updated
4Zennie Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU348887Not updated
5Endbringer EN KULAFrostmane-EU346390Not updated
6Inzight Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU317296Not updated
7Ibwa  Frostmane-EU294667Not updated
8Gauge NazgulFrostmane-EU285183Not updated
9Indes ContingentFrostmane-EU282840Not updated
10Psyónix AnnihilationFrostmane-EU279464Not updated
11Abend Alla talar svenskaFrostmane-EU279032Not updated
12Bettybleeds  Frostmane-EU274340Not updated
13Myroxx  Frostmane-EU272602Not updated
14Allerftw Pick of DestinyFrostmane-EU268230Not updated
15Vistalól SecurityFrostmane-EU267603Not updated
16Salyn  Frostmane-EU267589Not updated
17Pudder  Frostmane-EU260860Not updated
18Weylin  Frostmane-EU254980Not updated
19Johngotti Shatarian AllstarsFrostmane-EU252601Not updated
20Avage IterumFrostmane-EU252136Not updated
21Bodeadly  Frostmane-EU252050Not updated
22Zalgradisx  Frostmane-EU248678Not updated
23Várekai  Frostmane-EU247003Not updated
24Boha The Last ShadowFrostmane-EU242913Not updated
25Elfscarlet OmniFrostmane-EU238999Not updated
26Nahrim Elite PlayersFrostmane-EU238881Not updated
27Kwstakis RevolutionFrostmane-EU237274Not updated
28Mezoar TheEndFrostmane-EU234283Not updated
29Granikus LankompanietFrostmane-EU231517Not updated
30Angêlus Forgotten GuardiansFrostmane-EU228145Not updated
31Ðoom DO IT LIKE A LADYFrostmane-EU225037Not updated
32Dempsei  Frostmane-EU224258Not updated
33Angiehunt Savage RebornFrostmane-EU223216Not updated
34Nevenka  Frostmane-EU223015Not updated
35Æssko SadisticFrostmane-EU222763Not updated
36Komos KorpiklaaniFrostmane-EU221407Not updated
37Myzraèl RebellionFrostmane-EU220671Not updated
38Galacta SecurityFrostmane-EU218940Not updated
39Jiger Shatarian AllstarsFrostmane-EU216844Not updated
40Flötswe tweet holinkaFrostmane-EU214382Not updated
41Aggranor RyfariFrostmane-EU212335Not updated
42Smuxi  Frostmane-EU211762Not updated
43Arshya HarmonyFrostmane-EU209585Not updated
44Constructor  Frostmane-EU205780Not updated
45Willamena IneptFrostmane-EU205774Not updated
46Vlahonidas Deja BlueFrostmane-EU204712Not updated
47Shamille OmniFrostmane-EU204706Not updated
48Edythegreat Shinra IncFrostmane-EU197953Not updated
49Arnold GoodGameFrostmane-EU197741Not updated
50Blacknunnan KatharsisFrostmane-EU197142Not updated
51Ulek Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU197029Not updated
52Taxis Exsurge DomineFrostmane-EU196136Not updated
53Hortator IterumFrostmane-EU195089Not updated
54Torde  Frostmane-EU193737Not updated
55Gs EN KULAFrostmane-EU192557Not updated
56Shalian Greatest HitsFrostmane-EU190428Not updated
57Vinylist  Frostmane-EU190069Not updated
58Davoor EkipaFrostmane-EU187570Not updated
59Frøzeñ  Frostmane-EU181083Not updated
60Pinkpanthér  Frostmane-EU180333Not updated
61Wagnard  Frostmane-EU179768Not updated
62Kakkerlakken  Frostmane-EU179367Not updated
63Graylich GodsFrostmane-EU178883Not updated
64Skedarr  Frostmane-EU176455Not updated
65Jurarie WarboarsFrostmane-EU176365Not updated
66Blackazrael NazgulFrostmane-EU175025Not updated
67Sylvain Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU175005Not updated
68Moondogx Death PactFrostmane-EU174603Not updated
69Zaytoven Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU172280Not updated
70Mobywan MercifulFrostmane-EU172266Not updated
71Oldmane VerktygslådanFrostmane-EU169730Not updated
72Ninque TranscendenceFrostmane-EU168823Not updated
73Frah Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU167845Not updated
74Lexikat Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU167390Not updated
75Xraze TrocaderoFrostmane-EU166206Not updated
76Ileggz  Frostmane-EU165012Not updated
77Remorselessx UnionFrostmane-EU164763Not updated
78Zonier  Frostmane-EU163965Not updated
79Redfield Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU163803Not updated
80Oznad Wonderful WeatherFrostmane-EU163541Not updated
81Happiness Nova BlackoutFrostmane-EU162997Not updated
82Karthal Second ChanceFrostmane-EU162853Not updated
83Wéx ExqFrostmane-EU162849Not updated
84Flashwind IneptFrostmane-EU162777Not updated
85Rubbit SUIT UPFrostmane-EU162206Not updated
86Owán RevolutionFrostmane-EU161278Not updated
87Omgitsfrank SecurityFrostmane-EU160279Not updated
88Giggy  Frostmane-EU160235Not updated
89Sônda MystFrostmane-EU160230Not updated
90Lickmeh ILLYRIANSFrostmane-EU160062Not updated
91Vannea ExqFrostmane-EU159820Not updated
92Ragereàver RespawnedFrostmane-EU157909Not updated
93Temmy The Real MisuzuFrostmane-EU157840Not updated
94Ratut Nine Inch UnbuffedFrostmane-EU157655Not updated
95Akymaj  Frostmane-EU157641Not updated
96Koproskylo Anti Horde ArtilleryFrostmane-EU157612Not updated
97Lukss EkipaFrostmane-EU157327Not updated
98Grunsamsam Dark SaintsFrostmane-EU156892Not updated
99Stokes SpartaFrostmane-EU155119Not updated
100Lig No Social LifeFrostmane-EU155086Not updated

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