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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-US Honorable Kills
1Ironboxy War FrontFrostmane-US744827Not updated
2Akitus War FrontFrostmane-US611565Not updated
3Geogre ReclamationsFrostmane-US361191Not updated
4Amygrant Trust me Im a DoctorFrostmane-US353062Not updated
5Biggiebluntz ReclamationsFrostmane-US347742Not updated
6Sifting DRINKS POOL CHEMICALSFrostmane-US321186Not updated
7Jaws ReclamationsFrostmane-US311762Not updated
8Kumojin War FrontFrostmane-US276584Not updated
9Fixeh Trust me Im a DoctorFrostmane-US258801Not updated
10Whois BONESAWFrostmane-US254307Not updated
11Arthelm Holy Knight CrusadersFrostmane-US250641Not updated
12Sgtsnipe War FrontFrostmane-US248723Not updated
13Unbeastly Reign of ChaosFrostmane-US227972Not updated
14Missmely MaliceFrostmane-US218477Not updated
15Creamo DecipherFrostmane-US216271Not updated
16Gosulol GosulolFrostmane-US216263Not updated
17Zarin BloodshedFrostmane-US204146Not updated
18Samus War FrontFrostmane-US197117Not updated
19Heilui One ManFrostmane-US196814Not updated
20Donnellus Heroes of TimeFrostmane-US189231Not updated
21Hoodratz  Frostmane-US183332Not updated
22Yert  Frostmane-US182025Not updated
23Zerberous  Frostmane-US181327Not updated
24Hto  Frostmane-US180370Not updated
25Dankkush  Frostmane-US178810Not updated
26Gíovanní  Frostmane-US174559Not updated
27Madraukas Wonton SoupFrostmane-US174347Not updated
28Tregr  Frostmane-US170206Not updated
29Coolkillerz  Frostmane-US167984Not updated
30Sonofzeus New World OrderFrostmane-US166713Not updated
31Keshandareus DragonfIightFrostmane-US163409Not updated
32Tilah War FrontFrostmane-US163021Not updated
33Groat  Frostmane-US162751Not updated
34Mindtrick RÜNFrostmane-US160338Not updated
35Piow War FrontFrostmane-US159411Not updated
36Heck  Frostmane-US158835Not updated
37Rexeth LEGACY OF DARKNESSFrostmane-US158168Not updated
38Shivte  Frostmane-US156896Not updated
39Dbear The DivisionFrostmane-US156882Not updated
40Ðoubtless  Frostmane-US156777Not updated
41Paalaton The Art of WarFrostmane-US155269Not updated
42Brindle Drunk and DisorderlyFrostmane-US153013Not updated
43Suplaj  Frostmane-US151677Not updated
44Lolipokicake ObsidiumFrostmane-US151630Not updated
45Holylife Holy Knight CrusadersFrostmane-US150983Not updated
46Lillie ReclamationsFrostmane-US149521Not updated
47Blaeyze Generation XFrostmane-US148047Not updated
48Spadeo BONESAWFrostmane-US147827Not updated
49Kêz ParagonFrostmane-US147069Not updated
50Hads ReclamationsFrostmane-US147048Not updated
51Cheeflol ObsidiumFrostmane-US146422Not updated
52Hellter MaliceFrostmane-US146343Not updated
53Enlytin Survivers of AzerothFrostmane-US144758Not updated
54Boozteezee LEGACY OF DARKNESSFrostmane-US144557Not updated
55Dreadslock Survivers of AzerothFrostmane-US140736Not updated
56Killakaran War FrontFrostmane-US139535Not updated
57Meanastina LEGACY OF DARKNESSFrostmane-US139509Not updated
58Chevelleman Generation XFrostmane-US139420Not updated
59Allroy  Frostmane-US138911Not updated
60Turpo Platypus DenFrostmane-US138785Not updated
61Aimée AegisFrostmane-US138276Not updated
62Grynd End Game CrusadeFrostmane-US137566Not updated
63Magermen  Frostmane-US137460Not updated
64Casador  Frostmane-US135853Not updated
65Youngpro The Art of WarFrostmane-US134538Not updated
66Puffyier DizzyFrostmane-US134304Not updated
67Shadowfist ParagonFrostmane-US133097Not updated
68Critlight War FrontFrostmane-US132161Not updated
69Anomalous DesolatedFrostmane-US131122Not updated
70Forcloc LEGACY OF DARKNESSFrostmane-US130953Not updated
71Bloodseer War FrontFrostmane-US130818Not updated
72Bishamonten ObsidiumFrostmane-US130777Not updated
73Kalaharu Just Ganked You LOLFrostmane-US130715Not updated
74Pheno Crimson FusionFrostmane-US130602Not updated
75Latrokles The GuildlessFrostmane-US130428Not updated
76Gaerlan Shar HellvenFrostmane-US130208Not updated
77Yotsuna ArisènFrostmane-US129982Not updated
78Whirly War FrontFrostmane-US129052Not updated
79Cutey RÜNFrostmane-US128335Not updated
80Killock Dead RisingFrostmane-US128265Not updated
81Ðarkheart  Frostmane-US127818Not updated
82Sopro  Frostmane-US127542Not updated
83Ragadorn The Art of WarFrostmane-US127027Not updated
84Llukorisa  Frostmane-US126373Not updated
85Ryder ReclamationsFrostmane-US126124Not updated
86Gnarsav  Frostmane-US125416Not updated
87Morvishaa Generation XFrostmane-US125414Not updated
88Exonerate StolasFrostmane-US123771Not updated
89Enjoyfun One ManFrostmane-US123501Not updated
90Ruu FadedFrostmane-US123495Not updated
91Giguere Shar HellvenFrostmane-US123295Not updated
92Artaxes You LøseFrostmane-US122590Not updated
93Cerduas ArisènFrostmane-US122505Not updated
94Smokedup Generation XFrostmane-US122213Not updated
95Monsterbabe  Frostmane-US121835Not updated
96Khamaul ReclamationsFrostmane-US121600Not updated
97Gosuflavor  Frostmane-US121478Not updated
98Mystlc Just Ganked You LOLFrostmane-US121461Not updated
99Melonzest Just Ganked You LOLFrostmane-US121431Not updated
100Nolimithealz  Frostmane-US121182Not updated

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