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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-TW Honorable Kills
1Sabiston Final DawnFrostmane-TW735745Not updated
2殷櫻 Eternal EliteFrostmane-TW518826Not updated
3Zebulon Final DawnFrostmane-TW436149Not updated
4Zero Final DawnFrostmane-TW371288Not updated
5Craftton 大快樂飲食集團Frostmane-TW362582Not updated
6騙人的遊戲 黯刃騎士團Frostmane-TW338989Not updated
7馬尾傑克 南無妙法蓮華Frostmane-TW333082Not updated
8安培晴明  Frostmane-TW304781Not updated
9高風 魅影Frostmane-TW291401Not updated
10武皇可汗 TaiwanFrostmane-TW289143Not updated
11尼可羅 ChoiceFrostmane-TW285994Not updated
12闇黑龍戈兒 天元突破Frostmane-TW280558Not updated
13光頭仔仔 Sanctified ZealotFrostmane-TW279240Not updated
14Munken Dream of paradiseFrostmane-TW271576Not updated
15迷路的獵人 曙光議會Frostmane-TW260744Not updated
16艾成  Frostmane-TW256236Not updated
17雅媛 年少無知Frostmane-TW246408Not updated
18幻魔 InfinityFrostmane-TW242241Not updated
19Cpl Glory of NightwishFrostmane-TW237978Not updated
20蘋果麵包超人 Glory of NightwishFrostmane-TW237257Not updated
21魅音 聖光之刃Frostmane-TW235811Not updated
22沙加利亞  Frostmane-TW233057Not updated
23巴斯克林 Sanctified ZealotFrostmane-TW231471Not updated
24濕主請三濕 Rise AgainstFrostmane-TW227068Not updated
25恍惚 Glory of NightwishFrostmane-TW225117Not updated
26鬼神異端 新冰箱競技場Frostmane-TW221358Not updated
27沒醫德 Glory of NightwishFrostmane-TW219602Not updated
28高級 浪漫滿屋Frostmane-TW219138Not updated
29一鬼一殺一  Frostmane-TW219132Not updated
30呆呆浪女 ASTFrostmane-TW216680Not updated
31無情象徵 星月童話Frostmane-TW216496Not updated
32葛羅姆  Frostmane-TW216433Not updated
33鬼狼 Silent NightingaleFrostmane-TW213405Not updated
34龍之一族 Eternal EliteFrostmane-TW211967Not updated
35Yiu Dream of paradiseFrostmane-TW204116Not updated
36柔之魅惑 黯刃騎士團Frostmane-TW202692Not updated
37三井加奈子  Frostmane-TW202225Not updated
38Narcasse  Frostmane-TW200459Not updated
39不明生物  Frostmane-TW198811Not updated
40時卡依神  Frostmane-TW196138Not updated
41卍詛咒卍 Final DawnFrostmane-TW194545Not updated
42紗之瞳  Frostmane-TW193803Not updated
43奧希諾  Frostmane-TW192739Not updated
44三枝夕夏 武仁館Frostmane-TW189947Not updated
45一夜  Frostmane-TW187585Not updated
46奶蜜 新冰箱競技場Frostmane-TW187135Not updated
47光韜 Silent NightingaleFrostmane-TW185929Not updated
48一春風一 ImperviousFrostmane-TW183074Not updated
49聯盟的小盜  Frostmane-TW183067Not updated
50我神 Sanctified ZealotFrostmane-TW182828Not updated
51小甫  Frostmane-TW181989Not updated
52早就知 浪漫滿屋Frostmane-TW180782Not updated
53Seir Dream of paradiseFrostmane-TW177679Not updated
54燕翎兒 ImperviousFrostmane-TW176527Not updated
55黑暗乂怒吼 老友久久Frostmane-TW175572Not updated
56超級哈 友情回憶Frostmane-TW174277Not updated
57雲中月圓 沉默森林Frostmane-TW172384Not updated
58沉默歌者 命運交響曲xFrostmane-TW171929Not updated
59無敵小金剛 黯刃騎士團Frostmane-TW171716Not updated
60集線器  Frostmane-TW171268Not updated
61Oowinoo LegendsFrostmane-TW169642Not updated
62Xandria ImperviousFrostmane-TW168593Not updated
63羽人梟獍 Final DawnFrostmane-TW167271Not updated
64小河豚 魅影Frostmane-TW167143Not updated
65豪豪 Union EvolutionFrostmane-TW166039Not updated
66慣用右手 聖光之刃Frostmane-TW166004Not updated
67羽烯亞  Frostmane-TW165041Not updated
68龍嘯天 ImperviousFrostmane-TW164835Not updated
69Sweetsweet 傲天Frostmane-TW164784Not updated
70Crepuscaile ImperviousFrostmane-TW164437Not updated
71史努比熊喵 Glory of NightwishFrostmane-TW163782Not updated
72姬騎士 Final DawnFrostmane-TW163655Not updated
73彌諾陶洛斯 諸神黃昏Frostmane-TW161903Not updated
74牛電火球 星月童話Frostmane-TW160580Not updated
75小冬  Frostmane-TW160154Not updated
76狂暴天神 Taiwan GutsFrostmane-TW158938Not updated
77我唔系古巨基 Final DawnFrostmane-TW158578Not updated
78安納賈西亞 ImperviousFrostmane-TW158550Not updated
79冰點之光  Frostmane-TW158012Not updated
80百戰獸王 Dream of paradiseFrostmane-TW157453Not updated
81戀戀秋色 ChoiceFrostmane-TW157172Not updated
82傑卡 Glory of NightwishFrostmane-TW157145Not updated
83拿法杖插暴妳 肚子咕嚕嚕Frostmane-TW155304Not updated
84老媽子 沉默森林Frostmane-TW155004Not updated
85婭瑟 黯刃騎士團Frostmane-TW154100Not updated
86梅吉 聖光之刃Frostmane-TW153899Not updated
87翼之炫  Frostmane-TW152042Not updated
88維羅妮卡 FTISLANDFrostmane-TW151725Not updated
89不銹鋼螞蟻 聖殿魔軍Frostmane-TW150249Not updated
90張老 Eternal EliteFrostmane-TW148417Not updated
91狂劍仙 聖光之刃Frostmane-TW148216Not updated
92伊亞 Glory of NightwishFrostmane-TW148201Not updated
93大琳女 ASTFrostmane-TW148160Not updated
94砂猿薙 Glory of NightwishFrostmane-TW146992Not updated
95疾犽 ImperviousFrostmane-TW146294Not updated
96水藍氣泡 WonderlandFrostmane-TW146145Not updated
97紫鶴 Final DawnFrostmane-TW146122Not updated
98亞本赤風 TaiwanFrostmane-TW146114Not updated
99包收屍 黑帝斯的哭泣Frostmane-TW143694Not updated
100羽伶 新冰箱競技場Frostmane-TW143353Not updated

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