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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Fizzcrank-US Honorable Kills
1Tiuraflex RemnantsFizzcrank-US261851Not updated
2Onii Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US256046Not updated
3Dagalenn  Fizzcrank-US240169Not updated
4Lillyluna  Fizzcrank-US235726Not updated
5Rannmagnison Power To The PeacefulFizzcrank-US200977Not updated
6Boxmaster Used NapkinFizzcrank-US186038Not updated
7Rundgaar Light of JusticeFizzcrank-US181288Not updated
8Grat  Fizzcrank-US166976Not updated
9Newfie  Fizzcrank-US166674Not updated
10Lilasianprep Burning BladesFizzcrank-US164826Not updated
11Presto Chaotic SalvationFizzcrank-US162048Not updated
12Boudecca Crazy TrainFizzcrank-US160996Not updated
13Altaj  Fizzcrank-US157861Not updated
14Déathkíng  Fizzcrank-US157575Not updated
15Anucksonamun Chaotic SalvationFizzcrank-US143632Not updated
16Darkestangel VanguardFizzcrank-US141464Not updated
17Smokechief Apes a PoppinFizzcrank-US132427Not updated
18Critlock DriftersFizzcrank-US131346Not updated
19Ryn  Fizzcrank-US127546Not updated
20Flamelord  Fizzcrank-US126939Not updated
21Ezzaryisback  Fizzcrank-US126310Not updated
22Krodoss The Scary DoorFizzcrank-US125683Not updated
23Deathbounty InappropriateFizzcrank-US125578Not updated
24Softii Twilight ShadowsFizzcrank-US124379Not updated
25Laymans Crazy TrainFizzcrank-US122462Not updated
26Vazt  Fizzcrank-US121700Not updated
27Ministry Burning BladesFizzcrank-US121410Not updated
28Îndïcå MURKED RESILFizzcrank-US121322Not updated
29Tantaclaws  Fizzcrank-US120243Not updated
30Kitteneaters Burning BladesFizzcrank-US118213Not updated
31Momotaro  Fizzcrank-US116213Not updated
32Maxxed Used NapkinFizzcrank-US115058Not updated
33Zazam Crazy TrainFizzcrank-US114755Not updated
34Rubbernecks IdoEVERYTHING in my PVPsFizzcrank-US113060Not updated
35Darkdivinity Prestige WorldwideFizzcrank-US112489Not updated
36Celv MaraudersFizzcrank-US112031Not updated
37Causality SilentFizzcrank-US110785Not updated
38Anatizi Chaotic SalvationFizzcrank-US110641Not updated
39Zandoria Chaotic SalvationFizzcrank-US108465Not updated
40Muffler Monkey BusinessFizzcrank-US107306Not updated
41Redoyster ObliterateFizzcrank-US104484Not updated
42Firgus  Fizzcrank-US104125Not updated
43Lightoftah Untold legionsFizzcrank-US103710Not updated
44Badarse Burning BladesFizzcrank-US103523Not updated
45Inka Exiles of Caer DarrowFizzcrank-US101597Not updated
46Mynabello  Fizzcrank-US101103Not updated
47Mathyis Burning BladesFizzcrank-US100942Not updated
48Quickshadow The Scary DoorFizzcrank-US100702Not updated
49Thoronimo Burning BladesFizzcrank-US100543Not updated
50Hobjoblin Burning BladesFizzcrank-US100214Not updated
51Krisdraper Veritas et AequitasFizzcrank-US100081Not updated
52Jameslaw Midnight MafiaFizzcrank-US98579Not updated
53Steelenigma  Fizzcrank-US98115Not updated
54Jayko Hells GloryFizzcrank-US97662Not updated
55Moogsy SanctumFizzcrank-US95311Not updated
56Lastfaceuc Chaotic SalvationFizzcrank-US95064Not updated
57Arcamis Hells GloryFizzcrank-US94014Not updated
58Lamhfada Burning BladesFizzcrank-US93928Not updated
59Screame  Fizzcrank-US93364Not updated
60Christianx Harena DominisFizzcrank-US92560Not updated
61Kranox Apes a PoppinFizzcrank-US90814Not updated
62Falconpunch Walmart SecurityFizzcrank-US90635Not updated
63Grimbocrumbo Apes a PoppinFizzcrank-US90160Not updated
64Lvcky ReforgedFizzcrank-US89631Not updated
65Dorfette Exiles of Caer DarrowFizzcrank-US86873Not updated
66Clìnker  Fizzcrank-US84824Not updated
67Ebn  Fizzcrank-US83614Not updated
68Altie Knights of OldFizzcrank-US82689Not updated
69Rakuirn Dormio PalmaFizzcrank-US82449Not updated
70Gogurt Horde KillahsFizzcrank-US82407Not updated
71Rosannadanna Untold legionsFizzcrank-US82375Not updated
72Dahrwin  Fizzcrank-US82091Not updated
73Erest ClutchFizzcrank-US81720Not updated
74Syrann GrievanceFizzcrank-US81542Not updated
75Valacar  Fizzcrank-US81523Not updated
76Antonish Circle of NobilityFizzcrank-US80684Not updated
77Sambox From the AshêsFizzcrank-US80172Not updated
78Kalifus Dark NightsFizzcrank-US79900Not updated
79Takyo Beltway BanditsFizzcrank-US79743Not updated
80Toozer MysteryFizzcrank-US79512Not updated
81Jaydenrob Knights of DestructionFizzcrank-US78959Not updated
82Benjaminbull ClutchFizzcrank-US78501Not updated
83Delrokin NoirFizzcrank-US77579Not updated
84Tanggo ReveranceFizzcrank-US76925Not updated
85Guyladouche TrademarkedFizzcrank-US76477Not updated
86Deyain  Fizzcrank-US76428Not updated
87Ârgosax  Fizzcrank-US75587Not updated
88Namtab Light of JusticeFizzcrank-US75432Not updated
89Velummon Knights of OldFizzcrank-US74995Not updated
90Rízzólí DefiantFizzcrank-US74442Not updated
91Yelir Burning BladesFizzcrank-US74247Not updated
92Zamzam  Fizzcrank-US73593Not updated
93Darknightkng The PoisonFizzcrank-US73554Not updated
94Axelaw Untold legionsFizzcrank-US73519Not updated
95Gregorious  Fizzcrank-US73358Not updated
96Lanester Crazy TrainFizzcrank-US73342Not updated
97Mendin ExodusFizzcrank-US72616Not updated
98Evilbeest Burning BladesFizzcrank-US72292Not updated
99Razoar Chaotic SalvationFizzcrank-US72147Not updated
100Drbadmind ObliterateFizzcrank-US72016Not updated

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