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Fenris-US Honorable Kills
1Festerx SavageknightsFenris-US254970
2Evilcute JuggernaughtFenris-US241639Not updated
3Vual The DeceiversFenris-US235696Not updated
4Riken ImperilFenris-US229861
5Garfieldius  Fenris-US213918Not updated
6Jarnar Blood Bath and BeyondFenris-US208623Not updated
7Wedgwood Towards GloryFenris-US200831
8Virtus Shadow LegionFenris-US197388Not updated
9Arigity FreundschaftFenris-US192311Not updated
10Neddy Wiping as IntendedFenris-US191833
11Skarrekrow Guilty By AssociationFenris-US174946Not updated
12Excoriate The AddictedFenris-US164183
13Volia Guilty By AssociationFenris-US153298Not updated
14Dragonlorde SanctityFenris-US153278Not updated
15Dreadremorse The Ashes of WorldsFenris-US149388Not updated
16Goatjam  Fenris-US148803
17Muho Aka KoaFenris-US147336Not updated
18Voltruth  Fenris-US145406Not updated
19Zabula SavageknightsFenris-US138875
20Bob  Fenris-US138063
21Lendy Shadow LegionFenris-US132247Not updated
22Lostprophet Wiping as IntendedFenris-US131580
23Meatsmage Howlin HurricaneFenris-US128366Not updated
24Ove LordsofDarknessFenris-US127835Not updated
25Achelyne Evil AngelsFenris-US126856
26Agntx Holy CrusadersFenris-US124896Not updated
27Ebnusien  Fenris-US120889Not updated
28Mpro Towards GloryFenris-US119854Not updated
29Alleykat Order Of Lost SoulsFenris-US119199Not updated
30Foureyyes Ooh ShinyFenris-US117241
31Herbessence The Crystal DawnFenris-US115711
32Vithar How About NoFenris-US115567
33Hogface RebornFenris-US115366Not updated
34Bromordra  Fenris-US112100Not updated
35Daruundius Sinners Gone BadFenris-US111897Not updated
36Vurp  Fenris-US111227Not updated
37Leukos SavageknightsFenris-US107755
38Stormsingger Howlin HurricaneFenris-US106972Not updated
39Shike Fortress of SolitudeFenris-US106637
40Assàssin  Fenris-US106494Not updated
41Cyondstorm  Fenris-US105010
42Mgslock  Fenris-US104966Not updated
43Fate  Fenris-US104706Not updated
44Torton  Fenris-US104324Not updated
45Nylora Eternal ArcanumFenris-US103897Not updated
46Atheism  Fenris-US103561Not updated
47Erien LionheartedFenris-US103410
48Metoma Square OneFenris-US103261
49Irrational PVPERS UNITEDFenris-US103258
50Sidoso Blizzard WarningFenris-US101289Not updated
51Cbaoth Towards GloryFenris-US100952
52Stunzeed IronMurloc PvP RegimentFenris-US99303Not updated
53Alalord How About NoFenris-US98944Not updated
54Gforceoog  Fenris-US98407Not updated
55Shorrock XP MerksFenris-US97582
56Wetness Evil AngelsFenris-US96059Not updated
57Darichard Palladium ProtectorateFenris-US95908Not updated
58Hugs RebornFenris-US95487Not updated
59Discretion  Fenris-US94292Not updated
60Namor Vacation Bible SchoolFenris-US94039
61Indetecto VelocityFenris-US93330
62Atkorai The Dream TeamFenris-US92690Not updated
63Taelarn VelocityFenris-US92420
64Zeemolle Tragic SanctuaryFenris-US91445Not updated
65Selus Learn to PlayFenris-US90806Not updated
66Toshpro  Fenris-US90055Not updated
67Zerato Soul GateFenris-US89628Not updated
68Trixiess The Dream TeamFenris-US88661
69Oraserata  Fenris-US88406Not updated
70Kurg Oh SnapFenris-US88279Not updated
71Revere  Fenris-US86311Not updated
72Jely  Fenris-US84868Not updated
73Xbuster  Fenris-US84787Not updated
74Meateater Howlin HurricaneFenris-US84139Not updated
75Melaquendi BurnFenris-US84063Not updated
76Persidioz  Fenris-US81967Not updated
77Davez SavageknightsFenris-US81508Not updated
78Innamorata  Fenris-US80583Not updated
79Loktar Square OneFenris-US79842
80Nightmournee J and R TradingFenris-US79761Not updated
81Xeroeffect Heroes IncFenris-US79551Not updated
82Odiinn JuggernaughtFenris-US79500Not updated
83Gorda InterventionFenris-US79182Not updated
84Sinjen Weep For Their SufferingFenris-US78323Not updated
85Obsidium RebornFenris-US78302Not updated
86Livenn  Fenris-US78039Not updated
87Zacman Suspect ZeroFenris-US77895Not updated
88Rathanor The OutcastsFenris-US77259
89Ragnaar League of ChampionsFenris-US77074Not updated
90Kharnagore Undead FuryFenris-US76201
91Treebearcat Order of EnlightenmentFenris-US76164Not updated
92Bellwin End Game TheoryFenris-US76029Not updated
93Svendahyah Dawn of RedemptionFenris-US75975Not updated
94Darkheart Wiping as IntendedFenris-US75377Not updated
95Wocka  Fenris-US75267Not updated
96Nekrow  Fenris-US75058Not updated
97Cellence Forgotten OnesFenris-US74506Not updated
98Jeskamage Sinners Gone BadFenris-US73995Not updated
99Gavinel LordsofDarknessFenris-US73728
100Illùminatus  Fenris-US73314Not updated

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