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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Farstriders-US Honorable Kills
1Sharcona The Seven KingdomsFarstriders-US655586Not updated
2Qoz DecrepitFarstriders-US422651Not updated
3Kaelia I Pee in MòónwellsFarstriders-US299667Not updated
4Slashster ÆnimaFarstriders-US274753Not updated
5Vraeck ApocryphaFarstriders-US250949Not updated
6Diavolic  Farstriders-US199085Not updated
7Yig  Farstriders-US191905Not updated
8Nightfallz Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US159603Not updated
9Crosa Blood MoonFarstriders-US157122Not updated
10Mjc PvPimpn aint PvEasyFarstriders-US155801Not updated
11Ooze Last CallFarstriders-US155316Not updated
12Nailbomb Natural OrderFarstriders-US147305Not updated
13Lucien Sun Tzu CouncilFarstriders-US143717Not updated
14Rhodalaa WARLORDSFarstriders-US143322Not updated
15Sledgehâmmer  Farstriders-US136998Not updated
16Glopone Cult of the Zombie PopeFarstriders-US128848Not updated
17Tanden AegisFarstriders-US127361Not updated
18Dufaron The Grey CouncilFarstriders-US124402Not updated
19Maegos KNIGHTS MARKED FOR DEATHFarstriders-US122474Not updated
20Elderin Perilous DreamsFarstriders-US120484Not updated
21Fearsmessiah WARLORDSFarstriders-US119952Not updated
22Danfer Sun Tzu CouncilFarstriders-US115024Not updated
23Omne DecrepitFarstriders-US112169Not updated
24Voi The ForsakenFarstriders-US109566Not updated
25Motrin  Farstriders-US108035Not updated
26Lamboflight  Farstriders-US107062Not updated
27Dwimor Natural OrderFarstriders-US104682Not updated
28Crick  Farstriders-US104598Not updated
29Savana  Farstriders-US104142Not updated
30Tresbridge AegisFarstriders-US101405Not updated
31Korjo Last CallFarstriders-US100068Not updated
32Forscent Me and DaveFarstriders-US99970Not updated
33Ti DecrepitFarstriders-US99684Not updated
34Naidarim PvPimpn aint PvEasyFarstriders-US95571Not updated
35Striffen DecrepitFarstriders-US93479Not updated
36Talador Deathwatch GuardFarstriders-US93037Not updated
37Poo  Farstriders-US92740Not updated
38Breakpoint The Fading StarFarstriders-US91559Not updated
39Jeder  Farstriders-US90947Not updated
40Cros Blood MoonFarstriders-US90448Not updated
41Slöthy Ancient VanguardFarstriders-US88556Not updated
42Elementrâ The Elder CouncilFarstriders-US86964Not updated
43Megalomaniac Templars Of BloodFarstriders-US84252Not updated
44Pikesephim Uniteds HavenFarstriders-US83786Not updated
45Xarlail Travelers LodgeFarstriders-US83481Not updated
46Sinsallad AegisFarstriders-US83238Not updated
47Tosha Heroic StrikeFarstriders-US83099Not updated
48Farfalfump PvPimpn aint PvEasyFarstriders-US82245Not updated
49Zepher WARLORDSFarstriders-US81458Not updated
50Storms Shadow RemainsFarstriders-US81173Not updated
51Sihua Alter EgosFarstriders-US80977Not updated
52Fraises  Farstriders-US80037Not updated
53Ivoree  Farstriders-US79919Not updated
54Qthello  Farstriders-US79763Not updated
55Logos OLD TIMERSFarstriders-US79743Not updated
56Deathis  Farstriders-US79383Not updated
57Kniv  Farstriders-US79349Not updated
58Dumok Ultima RatioFarstriders-US77461Not updated
59Iralina AegisFarstriders-US76851Not updated
60Illill  Farstriders-US76262Not updated
61Nightspawn AegisFarstriders-US76034Not updated
62Zevelna  Farstriders-US75342Not updated
63Ätomfall I Pee in MòónwellsFarstriders-US75017Not updated
64Jhansi DecrepitFarstriders-US74955Not updated
65Marez EinherjarFarstriders-US74811Not updated
66Quinten  Farstriders-US74322Not updated
67Tibblugh I Bent My WookieFarstriders-US74210Not updated
68Shaderun WARLORDSFarstriders-US74201Not updated
69Babalawo  Farstriders-US74189Not updated
70Baberuth young money cash moneyFarstriders-US73761Not updated
71Theirn PvPimpn aint PvEasyFarstriders-US73398Not updated
72Apostrophe The Grey CouncilFarstriders-US73242Not updated
73Czegwin SymphonyFarstriders-US72490Not updated
74Moonfirekin  Farstriders-US71365Not updated
75Taylon Cult of the Zombie PopeFarstriders-US71018Not updated
76Thermophile ApocryphaFarstriders-US70713Not updated
77Krazzi  Farstriders-US70636Not updated
78Arazon Local TouristFarstriders-US70622Not updated
79Varromande Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US70341Not updated
79Yogamoth Knights KryptoniteFarstriders-US70341Not updated
81Calarilina Crimson Shadow KnightsFarstriders-US69655Not updated
82Banday  Farstriders-US69544Not updated
83Meminace  Farstriders-US69474Not updated
84Timebom  Farstriders-US69302Not updated
85Skylir  Farstriders-US69043Not updated
86Serenasky Reapers Of HordeFarstriders-US68940Not updated
87Bluhdmoon Cult of the Zombie PopeFarstriders-US68876Not updated
88Ridgeback The Fading StarFarstriders-US68751Not updated
89Fiftycal Cult of the Zombie PopeFarstriders-US68627Not updated
90Forblood AegisFarstriders-US68416Not updated
91Winry  Farstriders-US68237Not updated
92Msdamas A Knight to RememberFarstriders-US68137Not updated
93Shanko The DeadLightersFarstriders-US67485Not updated
94Arthvar Blood MoonFarstriders-US67217Not updated
95Fzel  Farstriders-US66213Not updated
96Nothor DecrepitFarstriders-US66202Not updated
97Rovor DivinusFarstriders-US66188Not updated
98Zebbud EinherjarFarstriders-US65806Not updated
99Toecutter Hallowed ArcanaFarstriders-US65372Not updated
100Nihlum Adventurers BrigadeFarstriders-US65230Not updated

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