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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Exodar-US Honorable Kills
1Sacblood SpookExodar-US407991Not updated
2Corellon Immortal IncarnationsExodar-US332681Not updated
3Jahrahkal FatalExodar-US281672Not updated
4Mythofbobs  Exodar-US275684Not updated
5Psiphi  Exodar-US245791Not updated
6Gnarlbones  Exodar-US244644Not updated
7Crazyx FatalExodar-US222563Not updated
8Petrum TemerityExodar-US177043Not updated
9Powercord  Exodar-US171797Not updated
10Gusart ArchonExodar-US165560Not updated
11Cowboytroy LONERExodar-US161397Not updated
12Germène Francs TireurSExodar-US160377Not updated
13Scarbrutus Impossible StandardsExodar-US159345Not updated
14Jehannum  Exodar-US158495Not updated
15Aethero ContingencyExodar-US156501Not updated
16Ebullana The Crazy Eighty EightExodar-US145507Not updated
17Maxlord Deathwings FollyExodar-US143139Not updated
18Rabe  Exodar-US141477Not updated
19Ripouturguts Fists of GloryExodar-US141016Not updated
20Tanks TruthinessExodar-US140269Not updated
21Cordial  Exodar-US140181Not updated
22Sagginbaggs  Exodar-US138434Not updated
23Sysskyll  Exodar-US135880Not updated
24Bluntforce Immortal IncarnationsExodar-US135680Not updated
25Gimlî We Cleared KazakhstanExodar-US134898Not updated
26Valfar We Cleared KazakhstanExodar-US134269Not updated
27Brunhilina Servants of GodExodar-US132646Not updated
28Thanatras SpookExodar-US132495Not updated
29Darkschneidr Ultimate RedemptionExodar-US132069Not updated
30Docterfister WreckedExodar-US131370Not updated
31Clam  Exodar-US131327Not updated
32Thegixxer  Exodar-US129612Not updated
33Fizwik  Exodar-US127777Not updated
34Thehunterr  Exodar-US126971Not updated
35Dietcokes  Exodar-US126880Not updated
36Warpi  Exodar-US125183Not updated
37Biøhazard  Exodar-US122854Not updated
38Zallin Twisted AllianceExodar-US121360Not updated
39Banaritaz FatalExodar-US121028Not updated
40Elsde IlluminatiExodar-US119021Not updated
41Xaraphine Primal MightExodar-US117455Not updated
42Oghma TruthinessExodar-US117067Not updated
43Slayervice  Exodar-US116574Not updated
44Choufleur Servants of GodExodar-US116023Not updated
45Dekland Fluffy Bunnies of DoomExodar-US115024Not updated
46Anaray SynergyExodar-US114153Not updated
47Graven Fluffy Bunnies of DoomExodar-US114037Not updated
48Zäck Warriors of the MoonExodar-US113310Not updated
49Flexyana  Exodar-US112393Not updated
50Runn MiragesExodar-US110311Not updated
51Blaesus Hells FuryExodar-US109783Not updated
52Bigjamal  Exodar-US109159Not updated
53Magnius Fluffy Bunnies of DoomExodar-US107897Not updated
54Punish Immortal IncarnationsExodar-US107604Not updated
55Majinbroly Assassins IncExodar-US107590Not updated
56Aloicious Salt the EarthExodar-US107125Not updated
57Scizorz  Exodar-US107108Not updated
58Thawt The Brown CoatsExodar-US106359Not updated
59Tigor  Exodar-US104142Not updated
60Mathris FatalExodar-US103161Not updated
61Auriele TruthinessExodar-US102531Not updated
62Chestbrahx  Exodar-US102515Not updated
63Nonamehaha  Exodar-US101346Not updated
64Nerflos  Exodar-US101340Not updated
65Nitemoon Carolina BlueExodar-US100863Not updated
66Icesoze Status QuoExodar-US99567Not updated
67Zulummar Shadows of DawnExodar-US98692Not updated
68Zantx  Exodar-US98542Not updated
69Greenzz TriforceExodar-US97900Not updated
70Yummybunny  Exodar-US97554Not updated
71Crosby Distinct AdvantageExodar-US96251Not updated
72Checkpoo Rebel ReformationExodar-US95763Not updated
73Floradelle La VéritéExodar-US95066Not updated
74Zhaoyun KashmirExodar-US95002Not updated
75Evint  Exodar-US93778Not updated
76Ttravis FatalExodar-US93500Not updated
77Palidstone Guardians of the ZodiacExodar-US92612Not updated
78Ashagerph Something EpicExodar-US92165Not updated
79Shammywammy WreckedExodar-US91502Not updated
80Shikarih Fluffy Bunnies of DoomExodar-US91203Not updated
81Aando Is HappyExodar-US91117Not updated
82Graffen Fluffy Bunnies of DoomExodar-US90043Not updated
83Fred FatalExodar-US89583Not updated
84Majikthiiz Team DaeExodar-US88318Not updated
85Buzzup The Honored HorsemenExodar-US87733Not updated
86Huntor The Brown CoatsExodar-US87257Not updated
87Trollinglol  Exodar-US87246Not updated
88Radén  Exodar-US86988Not updated
89Everszor DI the HunterExodar-US86964Not updated
90Slickzlol WreckedExodar-US86548Not updated
91Tsubakí  Exodar-US86338Not updated
92Science  Exodar-US86225Not updated
93Yara  Exodar-US85203Not updated
94Kordic Seething VengeanceExodar-US85068Not updated
95Azet Infinite PiExodar-US85009Not updated
96Fearslol  Exodar-US84255Not updated
97Immagebro Haunted DreamsExodar-US83752Not updated
98Ishlow  Exodar-US82727Not updated
99Bluntluust  Exodar-US82407Not updated
100Voch  Exodar-US82369Not updated

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