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Eredar-US Honorable Kills
1Kuriara Months BehindEredar-US409857
2Stamper Capital VicesEredar-US283442
3Globalwarmer The UncrunchablesEredar-US249833
4Gregg ParadigmEredar-US245725
5Nevaèh  Eredar-US232234
6Sinista Capital VicesEredar-US231423
7Balder Perfect InsanityEredar-US219890
9Olly Just PvP Honor FaceEredar-US209097
10Hakuakua Club LethalEredar-US202706Not updated
11Oblivions TEAM BRING ITEredar-US198214Not updated
12Uncleberny  Eredar-US196736Not updated
13Occultor CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US183823
14Belizaera Months BehindEredar-US180736
15Rajinn DestinatusEredar-US176414Not updated
16Teå Knights of the Short BusEredar-US176275Not updated
17Bosshog  Eredar-US171366Not updated
18Ghraum  Eredar-US166936Not updated
19Kennjo Twisted GuildEredar-US166137Not updated
20Maharlika Evil Hearts ClubEredar-US162957Not updated
21Jones  Eredar-US162019Not updated
22Peertusk Touch Not The CatEredar-US161499
23Radishes We Have CandyEredar-US158777Not updated
24Nytienite Kings Of OldEredar-US158344
25Visioned The UncrunchablesEredar-US157003
26Asanad Capital VicesEredar-US156915
27Rongus No RecourseEredar-US155427
28Blacklotus Evil Hearts ClubEredar-US153652Not updated
29Alexofko Near DeathEredar-US149990Not updated
30Jab SovereignEredar-US148826Not updated
31Parano ParadigmEredar-US146301
32Nin ParadigmEredar-US143143
33Wraithron SanctuaryEredar-US140459Not updated
34Tobasis Titan GamingEredar-US138761Not updated
35Zikko Squirrel ChaosEredar-US138136Not updated
36Raygar The Council of LegendsEredar-US137825Not updated
37Atac Legends Never DieEredar-US137657Not updated
38Lubava The Nasty MidnightersEredar-US137179Not updated
39Truex FelonyEredar-US136321Not updated
40Starscreem Game OvérEredar-US135277Not updated
41Bosanac CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US134532
42Ëlektro  Eredar-US133604Not updated
43Dazzlefraz DoAEredar-US133191Not updated
44Divinepriest  Eredar-US133155Not updated
45Munshun  Eredar-US132304Not updated
46Clo OblivionEredar-US130977
47Bebeskid  Eredar-US129939Not updated
48Dreadnok Unstable AddictionEredar-US129085Not updated
49Urg Months BehindEredar-US128013
50Tìkìlo TEAM BRING ITEredar-US127956Not updated
51Rygën FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US125089
52Bouncerbaby TEAM BRING ITEredar-US123125Not updated
53Gatoja  Eredar-US122926Not updated
54Picon Dirt DogsEredar-US122484
55Amarizieh TEAM BRING ITEredar-US121963Not updated
56Coolkilled ParadigmEredar-US121606
57Oztec  Eredar-US120096Not updated
58Pelao  Eredar-US120053Not updated
59Gotchá  Eredar-US119797Not updated
60Hooko Project MayhemEredar-US119650Not updated
61Eliani Plus Five To AwesomeEredar-US119562Not updated
62Rakzul Dirt DogsEredar-US118070
63Evilgrunt Evil Hearts ClubEredar-US116598Not updated
64Youfail  Eredar-US114028
65Kagaroo Crimson DefilersEredar-US113681Not updated
66Templo ParadigmEredar-US113444
67Orinji ScalebaneEredar-US112691Not updated
68Starshard  Eredar-US112677Not updated
69Cazi Undead LordsEredar-US111892Not updated
70Talron Capital VicesEredar-US111207Not updated
71Zulwarn  Eredar-US110813Not updated
72Angelicheal  Eredar-US110269Not updated
73Illusifer Capital VicesEredar-US109932
74Chobii  Eredar-US109410Not updated
75Inhume Scions of DestinyEredar-US108612Not updated
76Strife Unstable AddictionEredar-US107925Not updated
77Twistedeath Capital VicesEredar-US106886
78Vomas Second NatureEredar-US106690Not updated
79Insulin Just PvP Honor FaceEredar-US106275Not updated
80Cowbonez First DegreeEredar-US105901Not updated
81Operative  Eredar-US105201Not updated
82Kitson  Eredar-US104864Not updated
83Ravenclaw  Eredar-US104781Not updated
84Osank  Eredar-US104659Not updated
85Baerik Game OvérEredar-US104335Not updated
86Sebasutian IniquitousEredar-US103757Not updated
87Lefictora  Eredar-US103694Not updated
88Satsui Capital VicesEredar-US102952
89Miagi Gnomes TemplarEredar-US102364Not updated
90Sasseria Capital VicesEredar-US102296
91Poderoso  Eredar-US101416
92Riddly Perfect InsanityEredar-US101394Not updated
93Thecaretaker Crimson DefilersEredar-US101342Not updated
94Artvandelez CRIMSON DEATH KNIGHTSEredar-US100921
95Rotesak Jeep WarsEredar-US100355Not updated
96Bonetangler  Eredar-US100182Not updated
97Blackroot Unstable AddictionEredar-US98221Not updated
98Mazeo The GankersEredar-US96957Not updated
99Clownlicious  Eredar-US96858Not updated
100Dinic FelonyEredar-US96750Not updated

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