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Eonar-US Honorable Kills
1Pecante  Eonar-US327125
2Ababila CarnageEonar-US293271
3Beaufort Champions of the DawnEonar-US291388
4Cabrone MutekiEonar-US291204
5Kundy ValhallaEonar-US251644Not updated
6Maureenohara Champions of the DawnEonar-US251465
7Sewi Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US240637
8Unknownname AscendenceEonar-US228213
9Laenz  Eonar-US209889Not updated
10Peeches DescentEonar-US195150Not updated
11Netterick MutekiEonar-US175392
12Xezbeth When Fat Kids AttackEonar-US168110Not updated
13Mse SystemicEonar-US159026Not updated
14Deedlit AddictedEonar-US158247
15Jediix  Eonar-US149751Not updated
16Cerulus Second AttemptEonar-US140649Not updated
17Inrem  Eonar-US136377Not updated
18Funzies DarkstalkersEonar-US135780Not updated
19Massivemule RisingEonar-US133209Not updated
20Bladefiend AscensionEonar-US131682Not updated
21Bushbunny Knights Who Say NiEonar-US131539Not updated
22Eriand Dark ResolutionEonar-US131221
23Delibre Champions of the DawnEonar-US131053
24Yéllawolf InfallibleEonar-US129971Not updated
25Irezdeadppl Causa MortisEonar-US129117Not updated
26Melkalas The Eternal OrderEonar-US127007Not updated
27Dashamàn MutekiEonar-US126528Not updated
28Governor AddictedEonar-US123058Not updated
29Zarkos InfallibleEonar-US122388Not updated
30Killmame MutekiEonar-US122065Not updated
31Tinycabbage Blood of the TitansEonar-US120989Not updated
32Cyniczor Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US120099
33Matteypew KonquestEonar-US120078Not updated
34Galorfinor  Eonar-US118366
35Rhale  Eonar-US117958Not updated
36Innovation AddictedEonar-US117696
37Snugledorf  Eonar-US117258Not updated
38Kendal PendulumEonar-US117167Not updated
39Aack The Circle of PowerEonar-US116865Not updated
40Binara MutekiEonar-US116644Not updated
41Zaehunter Tantric TriforceEonar-US115138Not updated
42Athalus Second AttemptEonar-US115124Not updated
43Narvo  Eonar-US115121Not updated
44Fleshscraper Causa MortisEonar-US114457Not updated
45Thooze Prestige WorldwideEonar-US113417
46Chlo DescentEonar-US112123Not updated
47Tkor Ghost RunEonar-US112070
48Shiftaguy News Team AssembleEonar-US111459Not updated
49Laisey  Eonar-US111137Not updated
50Qet News Team AssembleEonar-US110294Not updated
51Corbusier  Eonar-US108510Not updated
52Shaqfu GrievanceEonar-US107566Not updated
53Slib InfallibleEonar-US106736Not updated
54Gregorio Top ShelfEonar-US106709
55Langston Parental AdvisoryEonar-US106474Not updated
56Prock InfallibleEonar-US106348Not updated
57Louise Final HeavenEonar-US106042
58Accasia Angelic OrderEonar-US104990Not updated
59Ryngs Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US104977
60Shaggnasty Final HeavenEonar-US104893
61Tabba ManusEonar-US104304Not updated
62Damos Bane of ArthasEonar-US103784Not updated
63Belshiro The Eternal OrderEonar-US102654Not updated
64Lasker IgnitionEonar-US102634Not updated
65Shaftbolts AscensionEonar-US102413
66Kylmyre The Evil League Of EvilEonar-US102409Not updated
67Vixus MutekiEonar-US101574Not updated
68Macphisto The Eternal OrderEonar-US101256Not updated
69Wowdummie Light of the DawnbringerEonar-US100861
70Royro Forged by FireEonar-US100245Not updated
71Submariner ComplexityEonar-US99682
72Miloz Second AttemptEonar-US99185Not updated
73Juïcy MutekiEonar-US98485
74Cindysue The Evil League Of EvilEonar-US97845
75Unclghengis The Circle of PowerEonar-US97602Not updated
76Cholda  Eonar-US97598Not updated
77Malichï ComplexityEonar-US97210Not updated
78Nomedeplume Frosty MugsEonar-US96874Not updated
79Lark Brotherhood of the WolfEonar-US96810Not updated
80Vargol  Eonar-US96461Not updated
81Kharnage  Eonar-US96428Not updated
82Bernina  Eonar-US96300Not updated
83Muaziz MutekiEonar-US95892Not updated
84Sharalyne FLAMES OF THE PHOENIXEonar-US95826
85Meythor Blood of the TitansEonar-US94748Not updated
86Drfunk  Eonar-US94105Not updated
87Lurkinshadow Semper FiiEonar-US93696Not updated
88Hotec  Eonar-US93107Not updated
89Warjam InfallibleEonar-US92356Not updated
90Revinance AddictedEonar-US91852Not updated
91Papadoc Legendary RaidersEonar-US91215
92Chezno MutekiEonar-US89697Not updated
93Damon  Eonar-US89267
94Molimo  Eonar-US88684Not updated
95Lenar Champions of the DawnEonar-US88396Not updated
96Veldin Champions of LightEonar-US88207Not updated
97Dristanium SabbathEonar-US88011Not updated
98Germiahish Parental AdvisoryEonar-US87237Not updated
99Agüeybaná Frosty MugsEonar-US86532Not updated
100Hairylegs Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US85015

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