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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eonar-EU Honorable Kills
1Tedber Burn the WitchEonar-EU333056Not updated
2Lpm  Eonar-EU290126Not updated
3Arioch Club ThrallEonar-EU274698Not updated
4Tessta The Hart FoundationEonar-EU264498Not updated
5Torzei Natural Born ChillersEonar-EU236470Not updated
6Celafain HybrídEonar-EU210270Not updated
7Ashelia Legend of the AllianceEonar-EU206158Not updated
8Fokuhila The Logical CubeEonar-EU202150Not updated
9Liquidbow The DMZEonar-EU201981Not updated
10Bhaall Twisted VisionEonar-EU199092Not updated
11Lenne Legend of the AllianceEonar-EU188349Not updated
12Celticmight The Logical CubeEonar-EU181721Not updated
13Jazzibell ARDAEonar-EU175944Not updated
14Zbawca  Eonar-EU170931Not updated
15Hanae Twisted VisionEonar-EU164996Not updated
16Rycerka Legion of AngelsEonar-EU163197Not updated
17Groinslacker The Logical CubeEonar-EU146718Not updated
18Resurreccion The Logical CubeEonar-EU144230Not updated
19Ghost  Eonar-EU142923Not updated
20Skaarj  Eonar-EU142869Not updated
21Jâckal For those who Die SaluteEonar-EU138851Not updated
22Locksy TakenEonar-EU134337Not updated
23Alexlhp ALIVEEonar-EU131575Not updated
24Azzlan HybrídEonar-EU129553Not updated
25Pyzzor UnionEonar-EU128925Not updated
26Selestia  Eonar-EU128182Not updated
27Bódhi The Logical CubeEonar-EU124739Not updated
28Wielebna  Eonar-EU123944Not updated
29Orgoth Knights of the Dark SunEonar-EU123935Not updated
30Snegurochka BardsEonar-EU123285Not updated
31Sachie AliasEonar-EU123266Not updated
32Windearth BiSEonar-EU121180Not updated
33Dvor BelethEonar-EU118001Not updated
34Droba The DMZEonar-EU117897Not updated
35Tinkérbell RocksEonar-EU115361Not updated
36Wolarsen After HoursEonar-EU115150Not updated
37Onnipotente The Logical CubeEonar-EU114255Not updated
38Barryscott Knights of the Light SunEonar-EU111865Not updated
39Fhi  Eonar-EU110775Not updated
40Brunnhild The Logical CubeEonar-EU109422Not updated
41Khrane Twisted VisionEonar-EU106450Not updated
42Redwind  Eonar-EU106068Not updated
43Bodica ARDAEonar-EU105773Not updated
44Glorielle Fellows of the OrbEonar-EU103996Not updated
45Cerberus ObscenceEonar-EU103886Not updated
46Aniprawns TakenEonar-EU103415Not updated
47Derzelas BiSEonar-EU103294Not updated
48Kittel BiSEonar-EU102172Not updated
49Dimelin  Eonar-EU101937Not updated
50Saby KarmakillersEonar-EU100369Not updated
51Sevarn Twisted VisionEonar-EU100113Not updated
52Kamisei The Companion CubeEonar-EU99838Not updated
53Hansuk The NightshiftEonar-EU98372Not updated
54Liqi The Unforgiven IIEonar-EU98275Not updated
55Lighterski Murder Death KillEonar-EU97687Not updated
56Staria The Logical CubeEonar-EU97500Not updated
57Elarith  Eonar-EU97018Not updated
58Pendor The Logical CubeEonar-EU94986Not updated
59Korppu Divine GuardiansEonar-EU93739Not updated
60Prokiller British BulldogsEonar-EU93308Not updated
61Wallis  Eonar-EU91052Not updated
62Caf State of NorrlandEonar-EU90794Not updated
63Vojo Mali Leteci MedvjediEonar-EU90669Not updated
64Nadiia Iron WardensEonar-EU90112Not updated
65Lesnyludek KarmakillersEonar-EU89993Not updated
66Hoost ANACONDA STYLE JIU JITSUEonar-EU89987Not updated
67Tonytouch Blood and ThunderEonar-EU88005Not updated
68Chibelori Deus Ex-MachinaEonar-EU87929Not updated
69Dodgy Legend of the AllianceEonar-EU87738Not updated
70Beamleys TorchwoodEonar-EU87608Not updated
71Vot The NightshiftEonar-EU87428Not updated
72Vltaminc ELlTEEonar-EU87294Not updated
73Alwayz The Logical CubeEonar-EU87168Not updated
74Redterror TeamAwesomeEonar-EU86476Not updated
75Youngbelegen GuildlessEonar-EU86391Not updated
76Angusmcbeth Clan McBethEonar-EU85841Not updated
77Sellony BardsEonar-EU85820Not updated
78Kamala BiSEonar-EU85538Not updated
79Boisgilbert  Eonar-EU85478Not updated
80Blubby RestrictedEonar-EU85465Not updated
81Tösen AsgardsEonar-EU85399Not updated
82Cms RejoiceEonar-EU84521Not updated
83Azzazzin InfamousEonar-EU84504Not updated
84Latigressa After HoursEonar-EU84439Not updated
85Elmort Twisted VisionEonar-EU84435Not updated
86Strory BardsEonar-EU84282Not updated
87Crisstina  Eonar-EU84173Not updated
88Caiu The Logical CubeEonar-EU83421Not updated
89Cems WOW POLITICAL PARTYEonar-EU83052Not updated
90Krigen  Eonar-EU82406Not updated
91Väinämöinen ProdigiumEonar-EU82129Not updated
92Toothfaery  Eonar-EU81892Not updated
93Aiidah The Unforgiven IIEonar-EU81507Not updated
94Kpoo BardsEonar-EU80991Not updated
95Mirca Demonic RavenEonar-EU80708Not updated
96Sqroot Dark AmbushEonar-EU80313Not updated
97Aðalbergur ARDAEonar-EU79775Not updated
98Phantaesia EtherealsEonar-EU76790Not updated
99Trackmaster What The DeuceEonar-EU76051Not updated
100Alphaone  Eonar-EU75926Not updated

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