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Emerald Dream-US Honorable Kills
1Rezenite Armed and HammeredEmerald Dream-US501064
2Lufifi Damage DoneEmerald Dream-US468924
3Tavenger ChaosEmerald Dream-US432797
4Immortaldk  Emerald Dream-US419213
5Nachta Druids of the WildEmerald Dream-US402943
6Khalón The Pride of LotharEmerald Dream-US388237
7Hollyforest Kingdom of the Blue LionEmerald Dream-US379608
8Saeres The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US377969
9Heimdel The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US377047
10Webdog PsychosisEmerald Dream-US351929Not updated
11Dâncer Noc i DzienEmerald Dream-US351244
12Wolfendog Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US348922
13Lakshmî  Emerald Dream-US346144Not updated
14Dreamin  Emerald Dream-US291080Not updated
15Illskane Cruel HandEmerald Dream-US288019
16Staudt Noc i DzienEmerald Dream-US287796
17Emounicorn  Emerald Dream-US279481Not updated
18Ranwalk Noc i DzienEmerald Dream-US277172
19Detrix LegionsEmerald Dream-US276399
20Xentari  Emerald Dream-US273324
21Thetodd Division VIIEmerald Dream-US272048
22Realdanger  Emerald Dream-US269741
23Mistical CorruptionEmerald Dream-US259883Not updated
24Predatoria Druids of the ClawEmerald Dream-US258304
25Josephxoxo Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US253432
26Giavo Doomhammer LegacyEmerald Dream-US252848
27Grenade Formidable OppositionEmerald Dream-US252298
28Shockakaun DirtbagsEmerald Dream-US250995
29Poppadeuix Laughíng SkullEmerald Dream-US249724
30Icëbane Iron LegionEmerald Dream-US248366
31Dewkah ThriveEmerald Dream-US245583
32Viracocha HypeEmerald Dream-US245378Not updated
33Felmann  Emerald Dream-US244170Not updated
34Aviano  Emerald Dream-US240075
35Lyndari Phoenix HighguardEmerald Dream-US239339
36Bàcón Noc i DzienEmerald Dream-US238714
37Firekeeper Druids of the WildEmerald Dream-US238684
38Lightfight Kingdom of the Blue LionEmerald Dream-US237219
39Xihul  Emerald Dream-US236346Not updated
40Sauze Exalted With Repair BotsEmerald Dream-US236279
41Wegner AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US235024
42Tastyfreeze  Emerald Dream-US234402Not updated
43Derothian Gangnam StyleEmerald Dream-US234390
44Vaypor AbsolveEmerald Dream-US233714
45Vegen  Emerald Dream-US232798
46Dïddy  Emerald Dream-US230819Not updated
47Variante Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US229808
48Adjustn Emerald KingsEmerald Dream-US227153
49Starmatter DistractedEmerald Dream-US226881
50Xensu Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US224932
51Heltør Project MayhemEmerald Dream-US223568
52Feloirus Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US223141
53Aquaduaa Echoes of WarEmerald Dream-US222921
54Steelqq  Emerald Dream-US222661Not updated
55Luriic  Emerald Dream-US221549Not updated
56Gråpes foulEmerald Dream-US221426
57Baseddgodd Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US220633
58Firestorrm Anvilmar BrigadeEmerald Dream-US218832
59Stabbeth Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US216985
60Grandel  Emerald Dream-US215358
61Åko The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US214385
62Hunters Problem SolvedEmerald Dream-US213528
63Chokah RuinationEmerald Dream-US212769Not updated
64Vampiryk  Emerald Dream-US212392Not updated
65Freon Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US211967
66Sardu Sapere AudeEmerald Dream-US211695Not updated
67Undersky  Emerald Dream-US211641
68Vassillios Hells AssassinsEmerald Dream-US211096
69Brutonis Kill Øn SightEmerald Dream-US211014Not updated
70Lockiez Formidable OppositionEmerald Dream-US210894
71Bloodvein Dirty Old HordeEmerald Dream-US209690Not updated
72Ragemourne Epilogue of DarknessEmerald Dream-US209688
73Kahndumb The Pride of LotharEmerald Dream-US207730
74Nattybumpo Iron Fist of GOOSH GOOSHEmerald Dream-US207628Not updated
75Starik Morior InvictusEmerald Dream-US206815
76Himanshu Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US206648
77Bfive  Emerald Dream-US206408Not updated
78Xizwhoa Kingdom of the Blue LionEmerald Dream-US206346
79Vexlander Noc i DzienEmerald Dream-US206060
80Prïest LightslayerEmerald Dream-US205094Not updated
81Spoilled Chållenge AcceptedEmerald Dream-US204273
82Skrypt On CooldownEmerald Dream-US202692Not updated
83Attaktix Psychotic VengeanceEmerald Dream-US202411
84Kongkongkong  Emerald Dream-US201786
85Concepts Backpeddle like NaturesEmerald Dream-US201148Not updated
86Dombarris Noc i DzienEmerald Dream-US200520
87Elanthiar Ashes of the PhoenixEmerald Dream-US200329
88Appollou Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US199914
89Astrog RenascenceEmerald Dream-US199839Not updated
90Superslurpee Order of the BunnyEmerald Dream-US199557
91Smexxar The SunwingEmerald Dream-US199286Not updated
92Agustav foulEmerald Dream-US198125
93Shankology RemixEmerald Dream-US196772Not updated
94Supfu Battlemaster MonarchyEmerald Dream-US196457Not updated
95Shwillin  Emerald Dream-US196175
96Ashneth  Emerald Dream-US195656Not updated
97Fenrick Order of the BunnyEmerald Dream-US195307
98Keylogthis  Emerald Dream-US194902Not updated
99Jerrel Noc i DzienEmerald Dream-US193873
100Kaganah Shots FiredEmerald Dream-US193028

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