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Elune-US Honorable Kills
1Pinkrose Pwn me I get my MainElune-US407545Not updated
2Pholia Chambers of ShaolinElune-US315545
3Axel AxisElune-US266558Not updated
4Thayer  Elune-US250268Not updated
5Karoshi IconicElune-US231269Not updated
6Skyclear Circle of DawnElune-US203476
7Samonios ShinigamiElune-US197585
8Nightgecko AmnestyElune-US183081
9Chalado House of PendragonsElune-US175984Not updated
10Oipunxx AxisElune-US169718
11Rubylynx The Lords of AggroElune-US159775
12Rustan  Elune-US156515Not updated
13Jinky Just CrusadeElune-US147825
14Darmane  Elune-US146333Not updated
15Eriya Better Part of ValorElune-US143272
16Chickenfist  Elune-US139720Not updated
17Norge HomelessElune-US139288Not updated
18Verratanectu FusionElune-US138461Not updated
19Lorkinas Pact of AegisElune-US138025Not updated
20Catrionsus Aegis DoxaElune-US137400Not updated
21Minicarol Pwn me I get my MainElune-US136344
22Kniprose RegulatorsElune-US136251
23Booshield Afraid of ElementalsElune-US134781
24ßrinkley RejectsElune-US134729Not updated
25Mordikhai MarElune-US131139Not updated
26Ratt Circle of DawnElune-US129545
27Acurrate UnityElune-US128730
28Intri InstabilityElune-US128106
29Vilnius  Elune-US127252Not updated
30Aireil  Elune-US126732Not updated
31Ashenshugar  Elune-US122558Not updated
32Latheran Acta SantiElune-US121914
33Shammyone LogicElune-US121818Not updated
34Advè  Elune-US121764Not updated
35Scobieone LogicElune-US120924Not updated
36Elkasador All of the AboveElune-US119849Not updated
37Kaliclaw EXILEElune-US119821Not updated
38Rcslayer House of PendragonsElune-US119473
39Zarana AmnestyElune-US119147
40Jaids  Elune-US118970Not updated
41Loveletter FusionElune-US118046
42Alathis Just CrusadeElune-US117801
43Thjestir  Elune-US116897Not updated
44Rebidium DamnationElune-US116198
45Dagola Better Part of ValorElune-US115214Not updated
46Grimglobb InsanumElune-US115136Not updated
47Nellisa ll Twîst Øf Fâte llElune-US114727Not updated
48Kozel Rising StormElune-US113820
49Macnessa DamnationElune-US113650
50Phalk  Elune-US112615Not updated
51Xyndi InstabilityElune-US112313Not updated
52Dooma Afraid of ElementalsElune-US112096Not updated
53Velfira Better Part of ValorElune-US111863Not updated
54Keras CONDEMNEDElune-US111817Not updated
55Stryder Just CrusadeElune-US111722Not updated
56Jaynie Just CrusadeElune-US111074
57Subterran Reign of the ExiledElune-US110874Not updated
58Balderon  Elune-US110025Not updated
59Trogger Reign of the ExiledElune-US110014
60Häshashin  Elune-US110012Not updated
61Gibson WardemonsElune-US109615Not updated
62Jalaven Undying ResolutionElune-US108825
63Arekor The Lords of AggroElune-US108782Not updated
64Roberds Rise of MayhemElune-US108091
65Jaxenb FusionElune-US107122
66Azakhuul  Elune-US105303Not updated
67Ds VindicationElune-US105195Not updated
68Riçk Afraid of ElementalsElune-US104432
69Lansdowne AmnestyElune-US104262
70Oyea  Elune-US104150Not updated
71Recabar  Elune-US103644Not updated
72Óuch Circle of DawnElune-US103376Not updated
73Tichondrian TritonElune-US103301
74Statler FusionElune-US102827
75Magnumpeye  Elune-US102127Not updated
76Siege  Elune-US101776Not updated
77Iino AxisElune-US101016
78Getlove Sik Nation GamingElune-US100153Not updated
79Maxmillien Set Phasers to TickleElune-US99559
80Shockblaze stalk adn killElune-US99449Not updated
81Zsivany Dimensional DeathElune-US99307Not updated
82Riper Guardians of MordorElune-US97813Not updated
83Buckwild AmnestyElune-US97772
84Dorianx Dark SkiesElune-US97100
85Tunamelt Quad DamageElune-US95525Not updated
86Jetharl  Elune-US95377Not updated
87Scalliwag Acta SantiElune-US95144Not updated
88Rownick Fear EngineElune-US94613Not updated
89Jablez PokeElune-US94063Not updated
90Purewalf Circle of DawnElune-US93008Not updated
91Mmonster Circle of DawnElune-US92598
92Bloodfeedd Böng Water CartelElune-US92546Not updated
93Gotnugz Inner FocusElune-US91910
94Gabriellah  Elune-US90195Not updated
95Atar AltimatumElune-US89421
96Tusmadre HomelessElune-US88621Not updated
97Bullee  Elune-US88012Not updated
98Wynternyte Realm of GuardiansElune-US87460Not updated
99Jeffrot MarElune-US87430
100Arethaya  Elune-US86934Not updated

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