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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eitrigg-EU Honorable Kills
1Eveal les anges de la lumièreEitrigg-EU1562108Not updated
2Whitemage  Eitrigg-EU442465Not updated
3Boony Les SchtroumpfetteEitrigg-EU424167Not updated
4Warmichemine les anges de la lumièreEitrigg-EU349858Not updated
5Vhaidra la descente aux enfersEitrigg-EU344063Not updated
6Djéli AddictEitrigg-EU316927Not updated
7Suntzu CaLoftEnAzerothEitrigg-EU289131Not updated
8Adaria ExceedEitrigg-EU280921Not updated
9Kantyk Seven Skies AngelsEitrigg-EU279632Not updated
10Bîlîkä les carabistoulesEitrigg-EU237050Not updated
11Suubaku Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU225234Not updated
12Berith Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU212581Not updated
13Glimei PangéeEitrigg-EU212258Not updated
14Crum Alliance PVPEitrigg-EU205783Not updated
15Poissonpané renaïssanceEitrigg-EU204200Not updated
16Timonx Comté de l AllianceEitrigg-EU197887Not updated
17Carrock Appetite For DestructionEitrigg-EU191234Not updated
18Landalaeryn Irøn PyriteEitrigg-EU187353Not updated
19Ismashii Appetite For DestructionEitrigg-EU186972Not updated
20Izi  Eitrigg-EU183655Not updated
21Boubinette WrathEitrigg-EU181683Not updated
22Heraz Garage HRMTKEitrigg-EU178578Not updated
23Goghorbeyh Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU175532Not updated
24Hazmodan ArtefactEitrigg-EU174501Not updated
25Llicia Appetite For DestructionEitrigg-EU173779Not updated
26Ahr InsomnieEitrigg-EU172809Not updated
27Agramunt Vieux Schnoques RonchonsEitrigg-EU172767Not updated
28Hypnotic Les MariachisEitrigg-EU170805Not updated
29Matoune  Eitrigg-EU170219Not updated
30Visiria  Eitrigg-EU169971Not updated
31Fatalitas  Eitrigg-EU169860Not updated
32Mostiro We are legendsEitrigg-EU169570Not updated
33Spartamac CynwällsEitrigg-EU169077Not updated
34Tridus Dragon CélesteEitrigg-EU166251Not updated
35Eraziël Carmina BourinaEitrigg-EU165907Not updated
36Yajirou WrathEitrigg-EU165859Not updated
37Regwald Appetite For DestructionEitrigg-EU162533Not updated
38Boyabal  Eitrigg-EU152729Not updated
39Gysdawan AddictEitrigg-EU152284Not updated
40Hyperryon FuryEitrigg-EU151718Not updated
41Sarevøk RefugeEitrigg-EU151176Not updated
42Fortknõx Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU148533Not updated
43Tchoa  Eitrigg-EU148037Not updated
44Gilga Comté de l AllianceEitrigg-EU146850Not updated
45Elfesf Les survivantsEitrigg-EU145049Not updated
46Kary RefugeEitrigg-EU143580Not updated
47Sticxx angel from the hellEitrigg-EU141748Not updated
48Castador  Eitrigg-EU141027Not updated
49Empala InsomnieEitrigg-EU140487Not updated
50Niyana  Eitrigg-EU138687Not updated
51Morrghoth FarraingsEitrigg-EU138054Not updated
52Tynkak Onde de ChocEitrigg-EU134839Not updated
53Gaeus Les DamnésEitrigg-EU133098Not updated
54Elvjën What A Wonderful WorldEitrigg-EU132938Not updated
55Keewee  Eitrigg-EU132240Not updated
56Crowe Alliance PVPEitrigg-EU131773Not updated
57Cecili Anciens X I I IEitrigg-EU131705Not updated
58Mistyvelvet WrathEitrigg-EU131335Not updated
59Azoulinia Les Protecteurs du TempsEitrigg-EU130387Not updated
60Lïmôùbyê  Eitrigg-EU129573Not updated
61Faenilia Les Enfants de BacchusEitrigg-EU128570Not updated
62Døryan  Eitrigg-EU128371Not updated
63Chamto  Eitrigg-EU125986Not updated
64Chantenuit  Eitrigg-EU125984Not updated
65Cmina les anges de la lumièreEitrigg-EU125138Not updated
66Malihunt Les MousketairesEitrigg-EU124452Not updated
67Ladenion  Eitrigg-EU123872Not updated
68Narma Hells BellsEitrigg-EU123571Not updated
69Faborak Carmina BourinaEitrigg-EU123013Not updated
70Kalakala  Eitrigg-EU122929Not updated
71Megelia snøwblindEitrigg-EU122814Not updated
72Yelrah  Eitrigg-EU121432Not updated
73Moozz Carmina BourinaEitrigg-EU121346Not updated
74Drain NovaeEitrigg-EU121084Not updated
75Ækhy Carbøne XIVEitrigg-EU119861Not updated
76Gogogorush CynwällsEitrigg-EU118909Not updated
77Jsussyy BoomOfBlastersEitrigg-EU118796Not updated
78Dalarghan Appetite For DestructionEitrigg-EU118766Not updated
79Frimas les anges de la lumièreEitrigg-EU117071Not updated
80Mimet Les AxuritsEitrigg-EU116830Not updated
81Malicieux Les MousketairesEitrigg-EU116381Not updated
82Isø The coctedEitrigg-EU116046Not updated
83Supozitwar  Eitrigg-EU115365Not updated
84Weedzløl EnclaveEitrigg-EU114934Not updated
85Cherchemort A F KEitrigg-EU114929Not updated
86Cinedelle Vieux Schnoques RonchonsEitrigg-EU114552Not updated
87Ønizuka The coctedEitrigg-EU113907Not updated
88Fallbella Highway to HordeEitrigg-EU113721Not updated
89Lancerouge RefugeEitrigg-EU112416Not updated
90Adrian Les dragons obscursEitrigg-EU112349Not updated
91Sublimïnelf CaLoftEnAzerothEitrigg-EU111904Not updated
92Dawnmoby  Eitrigg-EU111580Not updated
93Mordroba Horde Sweet HordeEitrigg-EU111520Not updated
94Paturette Semper FidelisEitrigg-EU111511Not updated
95Antropy  Eitrigg-EU111195Not updated
96Sphynxjin Darkangel Of DurotarEitrigg-EU110492Not updated
97Tïti AddictEitrigg-EU108767Not updated
98Vibria  Eitrigg-EU108593Not updated
99Drakarium S o u r c eEitrigg-EU108397Not updated
100Danieluss renaïssanceEitrigg-EU108361Not updated

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