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Eitrigg-US Honorable Kills
1Dadamx FAMEEitrigg-US172029
2Badg FAMEEitrigg-US158066
3Badgey FAMEEitrigg-US148705Not updated
4Mastrquakrs FAMEEitrigg-US112333Not updated
5Odwenn FAMEEitrigg-US85231Not updated
6Bip FAMEEitrigg-US77930Not updated
7Creampuffs FAMEEitrigg-US74237Not updated
8Maxpowers FAMEEitrigg-US67061Not updated
9Medze FAMEEitrigg-US66946Not updated
10Owan FAMEEitrigg-US46117Not updated
11Badgdk FAMEEitrigg-US41465
12Aedrius FAMEEitrigg-US39835Not updated
13Freeadspace FAMEEitrigg-US39371Not updated
14Dadamz FAMEEitrigg-US28299
15Àlexànder FAMEEitrigg-US27048Not updated
16Badge FAMEEitrigg-US24267Not updated
17Caniac FAMEEitrigg-US24207Not updated
18Vicîous FAMEEitrigg-US20506Not updated
19Hèlix FAMEEitrigg-US20182Not updated
20Dionisis FAMEEitrigg-US19615Not updated
21Tallstrider FAMEEitrigg-US19505Not updated
22Adultry FAMEEitrigg-US18014Not updated
23Creamcheeze FAMEEitrigg-US17274Not updated
24Neerro FAMEEitrigg-US16249Not updated
25Yetilol FAMEEitrigg-US15095Not updated
26Vayrux FAMEEitrigg-US14262Not updated
27Kanei FAMEEitrigg-US12864Not updated
28Randrek FAMEEitrigg-US12213Not updated
29Shadöw FAMEEitrigg-US11989Not updated
30Thethor FAMEEitrigg-US11807Not updated
31Menoheal FAMEEitrigg-US11753Not updated
32Curtis FAMEEitrigg-US11390Not updated
33Lip FAMEEitrigg-US10288Not updated
34Cattdamon FAMEEitrigg-US9921Not updated
35Kãlmira FAMEEitrigg-US9545Not updated
36Colestrain FAMEEitrigg-US9308Not updated
37Portapally FAMEEitrigg-US9219Not updated
38Shank FAMEEitrigg-US9088Not updated
39Ajaxhammer FAMEEitrigg-US8645Not updated
40Xfrozenflame FAMEEitrigg-US7663Not updated
41Waterbuffalo FAMEEitrigg-US7065Not updated
42Karnagë FAMEEitrigg-US7059Not updated
43Slicendiceso FAMEEitrigg-US7041Not updated
44Dadamxoxo FAMEEitrigg-US6799Not updated
45Stankybum FAMEEitrigg-US6523Not updated
46Xyriaa FAMEEitrigg-US6471Not updated
47Medzo FAMEEitrigg-US5957Not updated
48Naughtybunny FAMEEitrigg-US5493Not updated
49Alurií FAMEEitrigg-US5373Not updated
50Cyphrus FAMEEitrigg-US5002Not updated
51Dottdam FAMEEitrigg-US4687Not updated
52Steslina FAMEEitrigg-US4212Not updated
53Medzy FAMEEitrigg-US4071Not updated
54Hawtshotz FAMEEitrigg-US3854Not updated
55Khalanin FAMEEitrigg-US3689Not updated
56Horhaay FAMEEitrigg-US3559Not updated
57Undecisive FAMEEitrigg-US3030Not updated
58Mozambiek FAMEEitrigg-US2836Not updated
59Maxterchïef FAMEEitrigg-US2834Not updated
60Tyriaa FAMEEitrigg-US2226Not updated
61Kicknace FAMEEitrigg-US2165Not updated
62Lilnightmare FAMEEitrigg-US1907Not updated
63Rengers FAMEEitrigg-US1659Not updated
64Shawktart FAMEEitrigg-US1443Not updated
65Xelvaní FAMEEitrigg-US968Not updated
66Elwynlath FAMEEitrigg-US901Not updated
67Hellqt FAMEEitrigg-US825Not updated
68Hamhealz FAMEEitrigg-US625Not updated
69Brudwiser FAMEEitrigg-US462Not updated
70Malthandrion FAMEEitrigg-US446Not updated
71Zaralexi FAMEEitrigg-US390Not updated
72Tinklesalot FAMEEitrigg-US342Not updated
73Shambain FAMEEitrigg-US270Not updated
74Profreshnall FAMEEitrigg-US200Not updated
75Mindspike FAMEEitrigg-US163Not updated
76Phange FAMEEitrigg-US118Not updated
77Torrictre FAMEEitrigg-US114Not updated
78Melvaria FAMEEitrigg-US34Not updated
79Willyoaf FAMEEitrigg-US4Not updated
80Magsy FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Imelee FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Targaryen FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Bóp FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Errty FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Donathan FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Pinpin FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Ayann FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Errtuu FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Rothrr FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Rajaion FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Chimmichanga FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated
80Errtwo FAMEEitrigg-US0Not updated

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