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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Earthen Ring-US Honorable Kills
1Helleslais DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US40399Not updated
2Leob DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US23362Not updated
3Trickoman DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US15685Not updated
4Gnolltsy DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US15117Not updated
5Ironlite DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US13085Not updated
6Crazyhands DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US11065Not updated
7Zunra DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US10802Not updated
8Theatin DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US9639Not updated
9Teeheeprophd DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US9402Not updated
10Asamil DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US9384Not updated
11Brewenstager DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US9365Not updated
12Syferest DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US9124Not updated
13Eidthir DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US9021Not updated
14Bellãtor DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US8420Not updated
15Fiinest DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US7701Not updated
16Chrystaphage DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US6620Not updated
17Daeraven DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US5966Not updated
18Teeheebrophd DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US5348Not updated
19Michfransis DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US5261Not updated
20Nabur DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US5060Not updated
21Vastolorde DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4951Not updated
22Fieldrunner DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4931Not updated
23Badomen DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4913Not updated
24Xingon DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4735Not updated
25Damariss DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4671Not updated
26Lylith DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4661Not updated
27Korlick DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4645Not updated
28Jaley DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4428Not updated
29Amirn DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4397Not updated
30Bousana DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4310Not updated
31Bastianne DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4110Not updated
32Nefkal DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US4045Not updated
33Ziguidaw DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US3948Not updated
34Valtkorr DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US3821Not updated
35Snugglez DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US3764Not updated
36Foulkrieg DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US3421Not updated
37Sinthos DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US3376Not updated
38Holybunny DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US3207Not updated
39Drunkdruid DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US3147Not updated
40Håemonculus DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US3082Not updated
41Owtlaw DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US2765Not updated
42Pinter DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US2606Not updated
43Beást DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US2341Not updated
44Heaveho DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US2288Not updated
45Draekrieger DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1996Not updated
46Dragonneck DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1762Not updated
47Valgius DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1743Not updated
48Ayrimis DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1737Not updated
49Devilhand DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1724Not updated
50Firebastered DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1591Not updated
51Zeuz DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1534Not updated
52Kelorc DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1464Not updated
53Velissa DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1462Not updated
54Sangell DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1432Not updated
55Brigantiana DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1371Not updated
56Rodann DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1364Not updated
57Raquell DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1292Not updated
58Doomdruid DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1203Not updated
59Sanchya DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1107Not updated
60Manasake DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US1003Not updated
61Descein DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US921Not updated
62Doomzilla DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US902Not updated
63Skadie DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US850Not updated
64Ozar DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US828Not updated
65Dkrights DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US762Not updated
66Sammyel DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US725Not updated
67Kriá DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US697Not updated
68Porthoss DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US666Not updated
69Dunther DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US632Not updated
70Neras DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US527Not updated
71Alannaa DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US494Not updated
72Coochiecoo DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US474Not updated
73Tiberiusk DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US465Not updated
74Noelkreiss DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US447Not updated
75Pilieus DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US446Not updated
76Chronicbuds DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US423Not updated
77Thedaidin DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US401Not updated
78Littlelogan DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US395Not updated
79Kyrihk DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US332Not updated
80Tophent DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US316Not updated
81Ratbert DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US184Not updated
82Azzho DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US182Not updated
83Loquar DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US171Not updated
84Vtek DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US163Not updated
85Alltiar DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US153Not updated
86Hurstswifey DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US152Not updated
87Doomcasta DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US139Not updated
88Niandrel DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US129Not updated
89Vermund DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US110Not updated
90Skillspecs DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US52Not updated
91Thunderthyze DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US46Not updated
92Angelcutie DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US42Not updated
93Cabriana DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US38Not updated
94Karnavon DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US28Not updated
95Kiske DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US23Not updated
96Cheitan DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US21Not updated
97Saintlight DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US11Not updated
98Wubz DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US10Not updated
98Chema DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US10Not updated
100Takdecanoli DeathReapersEarthen Ring-US9Not updated

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