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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Durotan-KR Honorable Kills
1노경종 아랫도리Durotan-KR1197594Not updated
2시에린 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR1059415Not updated
3수추님 지금은망구시대Durotan-KR687010Not updated
4서슬 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR632544Not updated
5대실삼만원 HELLPERDurotan-KR580064Not updated
6빛이대리라 H i d d e nDurotan-KR535693Not updated
7Yuziro HELLPERDurotan-KR502862Not updated
8매력의폐왕 H i d d e nDurotan-KR485917Not updated
9비조야 아랫도리Durotan-KR442883Not updated
10치타상키고텨텨 O N EDurotan-KR415963Not updated
11성택 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR414000Not updated
12개쿤 Mission ImpossibleDurotan-KR412413Not updated
13쓰다 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR409289Not updated
14Raptus Z z a LDurotan-KR378892Not updated
15김카히 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR378277Not updated
16윤센스 CancelDurotan-KR372338Not updated
17또르륵 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR370346Not updated
18야동왕자 O U R SDurotan-KR366379Not updated
19오우성 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR350385Not updated
20뽀삐와함께라면  Durotan-KR348403Not updated
21별빛영원의선율 BATTLEDurotan-KR339962Not updated
22소라  Durotan-KR339246Not updated
23느낌이와 최 고 사 령 관Durotan-KR337916Not updated
24서롸 HELLPERDurotan-KR333776Not updated
25긔요미펭귄  Durotan-KR329328Not updated
26버블스 최 고 사 령 관Durotan-KR317988Not updated
27휴광 도 원 결 의Durotan-KR316417Not updated
28킴사장님 RebellioNDurotan-KR305955Not updated
29광호다 CancelDurotan-KR305236Not updated
30두발싼타  Durotan-KR302189Not updated
31애기피그렛 H i d d e nDurotan-KR299202Not updated
32이뿌지히히 Team isDurotan-KR299004Not updated
33츠라라 괴 수 대 백 과Durotan-KR297659Not updated
34파공음  Durotan-KR296778Not updated
35밝은새벽님 H i d d e nDurotan-KR295151Not updated
36오리오 거의 무적 길드Durotan-KR291855Not updated
37달빛왕자 극 딜 염Durotan-KR291405Not updated
38이수드루 O N EDurotan-KR290943Not updated
39잇힝이히힝 HELLPERDurotan-KR290424Not updated
40찬라  Durotan-KR290203Not updated
41Stream XvideoDurotan-KR289907Not updated
42Shown Z z a LDurotan-KR286996Not updated
43Shotclocks S i n g l e sDurotan-KR280918Not updated
44Mangomaster 왜 슬픈예감은 틀린적이 없나Durotan-KR279160Not updated
45편견타파  Durotan-KR278022Not updated
46Yeesoruf HELLPERDurotan-KR277516Not updated
47Dips  Durotan-KR275567Not updated
48Bullsajo 괴 수 대 백 과Durotan-KR274195Not updated
49Marvelous 괴 수 대 백 과Durotan-KR273732Not updated
50Maniacs C H O S E NDurotan-KR272050Not updated
51살인격기  Durotan-KR271420Not updated
52드루지현 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR270030Not updated
53쵸코렛이찌 BATTLEDurotan-KR268201Not updated
54무떡 난 입으로 와우한다Durotan-KR261480Not updated
55꽃보다얼창 고향은 티리온Durotan-KR261115Not updated
56Charm 촌놈Durotan-KR259894Not updated
57Kan HELLPERDurotan-KR259205Not updated
58세인아이 TANGODurotan-KR258657Not updated
59Egneer 한낮의 달을 쫓다Durotan-KR258374Not updated
60Grunewald Messa da RequiemDurotan-KR258311Not updated
61Fearv HELLPERDurotan-KR257438Not updated
62가시후  Durotan-KR255905Not updated
63우경  Durotan-KR254760Not updated
64Vrykolaka S i n g l e sDurotan-KR253285Not updated
65Extraordinal 왜 슬픈예감은 틀린적이 없나Durotan-KR250209Not updated
66나루짱님 혼자만 잘살믄 무슨 재민겨Durotan-KR247674Not updated
67나엘의신화 Lord of SlaughterDurotan-KR247402Not updated
68Primeprime CookieDurotan-KR246756Not updated
69Shadowseeker Z z a LDurotan-KR246537Not updated
70비마성기사 Have FunDurotan-KR246300Not updated
71패리스하여튼 VioletDurotan-KR245882Not updated
72Blacknuclear La Vita AmaraDurotan-KR245852Not updated
73다렌양 VictorDurotan-KR245129Not updated
74Lemmy S i n g l e sDurotan-KR244245Not updated
75Clip 고향은 티리온Durotan-KR243713Not updated
76Shlook Knuckle HeadDurotan-KR240272Not updated
77Eviljoon Red FactoryDurotan-KR240239Not updated
78Accroc 너 뿌순당Durotan-KR240227Not updated
79Summerlion BATTLEDurotan-KR239443Not updated
80Porrory Vague FearsDurotan-KR237854Not updated
81Leading SilveRMooNDurotan-KR237826Not updated
82유유아이유 Messa da RequiemDurotan-KR235471Not updated
83킴전무 RebellioNDurotan-KR234941Not updated
84Direta S i n g l e sDurotan-KR231765Not updated
85바람이였어  Durotan-KR231367Not updated
86그린넷냥순 전투발령Durotan-KR231036Not updated
87으앙곰 왜 슬픈예감은 틀린적이 없나Durotan-KR230558Not updated
88Ornson HELLPERDurotan-KR229917Not updated
89어오 Scent of SoulDurotan-KR226621Not updated
90극악킬러 우쭈쭈우쭈쭈Durotan-KR226013Not updated
91단목 튜 닝Durotan-KR225189Not updated
92Flexx DOOM SQUADDurotan-KR224035Not updated
93도적만수 ZesTopDurotan-KR223385Not updated
94Vexa S i n g l e sDurotan-KR222788Not updated
95닥치고스쿼트  Durotan-KR217625Not updated
96Unsaints P l a y e rDurotan-KR217162Not updated
97Retisian Team isDurotan-KR217124Not updated
98서부안단테  Durotan-KR216996Not updated
99그랜드현우 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR216861Not updated
100바람과같은 S i n g l e sDurotan-KR215568Not updated

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