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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drenden-US Honorable Kills
1Howlingmoon Stormwind Police DeptDrenden-US461822Not updated
2Nine  Drenden-US282483Not updated
3Kognito Sentinels of EternityDrenden-US274591Not updated
4Kahn  Drenden-US259791Not updated
5Lunaceria  Drenden-US251714Not updated
6Thumm The Skeleton ArmyDrenden-US218274Not updated
7Raraku Stacks on DeckDrenden-US198279Not updated
8Sorbs Blood TideDrenden-US194813Not updated
9Neji Kitten SoupDrenden-US183937Not updated
10Query  Drenden-US169582Not updated
11Fhiz Engineering MadnessDrenden-US160162Not updated
12Ariannasky ForeseenDrenden-US156649Not updated
13Smé  Drenden-US146036Not updated
14Vronk Sotally ToberDrenden-US142811Not updated
15Whoopum Not Now Im On WoWDrenden-US142454Not updated
16Amio  Drenden-US142217Not updated
17Curmudge Focused AggressionDrenden-US141786Not updated
18Helzmuze  Drenden-US141573Not updated
19Treatz  Drenden-US138200Not updated
20Slamfest PhenomDrenden-US137374Not updated
21Susi Sentinels of EternityDrenden-US136843Not updated
22Capri Stacks on DeckDrenden-US133187Not updated
23Kungfoogrip Kitten SoupDrenden-US132933Not updated
24Shampion  Drenden-US131393Not updated
25Abhor ProperDrenden-US129714Not updated
26Tactt RequiemDrenden-US127917Not updated
27Draziw Ancient WaysDrenden-US125816Not updated
28Lightor Unseen WrathDrenden-US125150Not updated
29Pantang The Dragon KnightsDrenden-US124437Not updated
30Manofmagic  Drenden-US123523Not updated
31Selmak DsylxeicDrenden-US123301Not updated
32Avp AddictionDrenden-US123291Not updated
33Repentant Sentinels of EternityDrenden-US121685Not updated
34Cronon HypeDrenden-US120963Not updated
35Nizaris  Drenden-US120623Not updated
36Skâlm Stacks on DeckDrenden-US119888Not updated
37Tanaka FactDrenden-US118549Not updated
38Vortex Stacks on DeckDrenden-US117632Not updated
39Treborlock Focused AggressionDrenden-US116955Not updated
40Minimemage  Drenden-US116677Not updated
41Solisorion KarnageDrenden-US116122Not updated
42Keredria The Left ClawDrenden-US114728Not updated
43Crepe InsurrectionDrenden-US113333Not updated
44Solid DsylxeicDrenden-US111632Not updated
45Kutchu Blades of BananalordDrenden-US111025Not updated
46Zann  Drenden-US110943Not updated
47Vicariouslyi Jurassic ParkDrenden-US109736Not updated
48Leivvidar LigatureDrenden-US109250Not updated
49Andavin Essence of DeathDrenden-US106735Not updated
50Ttlisa serpents of the seaDrenden-US104463Not updated
51Tìgerz Fortune and GloryDrenden-US104356Not updated
52Pröpain Relapse Into ChaosDrenden-US104194Not updated
53Kerys  Drenden-US103646Not updated
54Dîme  Drenden-US102611Not updated
55Darksickle Jurassic ParkDrenden-US101670Not updated
56Slushee PvP JunkiesDrenden-US100617Not updated
57Rockgnasher  Drenden-US100318Not updated
58Polyanna The New OrderDrenden-US99082Not updated
59Akrosh  Drenden-US98972Not updated
60Flappybird Stacks on DeckDrenden-US98543Not updated
61Dondorine  Drenden-US98489Not updated
62Çrom  Drenden-US98036Not updated
63Ballak Stacks on DeckDrenden-US98029Not updated
64Imchillin Narcoleptic InsomniacsDrenden-US97991Not updated
65Glavien  Drenden-US97857Not updated
66Deathpod Demons Of HellDrenden-US97807Not updated
67Vancleef  Drenden-US97563Not updated
68Nukemall AddictionDrenden-US97400Not updated
69Cleostar  Drenden-US97175Not updated
70Jayrok is S E X YDrenden-US94707Not updated
71Sellwin Hells HonorDrenden-US91719Not updated
72Yakk Kings CrownDrenden-US91677Not updated
73Fuuton Full GrizzlyDrenden-US91659Not updated
74Måne  Drenden-US91531Not updated
75Draki DsylxeicDrenden-US90972Not updated
76Rockcity DsylxeicDrenden-US90806Not updated
77Voir Game OverDrenden-US90795Not updated
78Yensod  Drenden-US89831Not updated
79Quietus Drama SocietyDrenden-US89738Not updated
80Silvafoxy PhenomDrenden-US89653Not updated
81Flèx  Drenden-US88918Not updated
82Windfurious  Drenden-US88713Not updated
83Tathlyn Rides Da Short BusDrenden-US88458Not updated
84Gonokoko  Drenden-US88040Not updated
85Whìteranger  Drenden-US88015Not updated
86Highkarate The Left ClawDrenden-US87995Not updated
87Lockina Unseen WrathDrenden-US87492Not updated
88Natima Engineering MadnessDrenden-US87248Not updated
89Macdc StrategicDrenden-US87216Not updated
90Kyaria To Death or GloryDrenden-US87211Not updated
91Nóódléz The Eighty EightsDrenden-US86843Not updated
92Bishojo SublimeDrenden-US86832Not updated
93Octavuss Narcoleptic InsomniacsDrenden-US86729Not updated
94Strifeso To Death or GloryDrenden-US86447Not updated
95Pison AddictionDrenden-US86276Not updated
96Námine ShatteredDrenden-US85869Not updated
97Roarrage Loosest AussiesDrenden-US85168Not updated
98Rodric LigatureDrenden-US84490Not updated
99Deucë Stacks on DeckDrenden-US84488Not updated
100Ggrim Underground EliteDrenden-US83440Not updated

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