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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drek'Thar-EU Honorable Kills
1Rongenclume rongenguildeDrek'Thar-EU374723Not updated
2Taïta HérésieDrek'Thar-EU341082Not updated
3Gàlin  Drek'Thar-EU295378Not updated
4Nemosorus Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU285953Not updated
5Cafevert  Drek'Thar-EU197388Not updated
6Tyranias  Drek'Thar-EU195852Not updated
7Snipy RedemptìonDrek'Thar-EU192194Not updated
8Karlugh EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU189461Not updated
9Illicite Les Maîtres de GuerreDrek'Thar-EU189116Not updated
10Dracir Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU187436Not updated
11Zem Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU187150Not updated
12Gorzo Elwÿnn Is A PvP ZønEDrek'Thar-EU182222Not updated
13Ldiablo Under Control ParadisDrek'Thar-EU175754Not updated
14Kÿmera Lordæron ParanøDrek'Thar-EU171044Not updated
15Wowix LES CHEVALIERS DE GLACEDrek'Thar-EU161048Not updated
16Morgy  Drek'Thar-EU157897Not updated
17Adéenne Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU152025Not updated
18Babyloò oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU151715Not updated
19Gloendahr Ancient Spirit Of WarDrek'Thar-EU145138Not updated
20Forlorn Fast Food MercenariesDrek'Thar-EU144697Not updated
21Røtør oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU144537Not updated
22Yzart Elwÿnn Is A PvP ZønEDrek'Thar-EU144269Not updated
23Grendall  Drek'Thar-EU143092Not updated
24Shepherd  Drek'Thar-EU142569Not updated
25Hayaté AbsoDrek'Thar-EU135202Not updated
26Vandal Spirit Of The NightDrek'Thar-EU134221Not updated
27Dropoh Ðeus Ex MachinaDrek'Thar-EU132597Not updated
28Beautygirl QuatreDrek'Thar-EU132555Not updated
29Baffs EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU132226Not updated
30Fugiko natty dreadDrek'Thar-EU124779Not updated
31Kieser FaërieDrek'Thar-EU123128Not updated
32Mawdjing La PléïadeDrek'Thar-EU123018Not updated
33Sworden  Drek'Thar-EU121809Not updated
34Khathir  Drek'Thar-EU120996Not updated
35Quigone Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU119563Not updated
36Aspes  Drek'Thar-EU118104Not updated
37Fakom  Drek'Thar-EU116408Not updated
38Miraga NalonweDrek'Thar-EU116361Not updated
39Cibele NøreïaDrek'Thar-EU116359Not updated
40Squiki Happy CliniqueDrek'Thar-EU115308Not updated
41Moonkilla Fast Food MercenariesDrek'Thar-EU115180Not updated
42Heliand Dead and BreakfastDrek'Thar-EU114397Not updated
43Boüne Nos EscapeDrek'Thar-EU114279Not updated
44Steìnar S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU114117Not updated
45Chevalfou No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU113775Not updated
46Ghnarork The PlagueDrek'Thar-EU113741Not updated
47Niikro NéotokioDrek'Thar-EU113413Not updated
48Kamì  Drek'Thar-EU111881Not updated
49Idéfix SølarisDrek'Thar-EU111864Not updated
50Orghalt The new world of wolvesDrek'Thar-EU109383Not updated
51Younsan Dead and CircleDrek'Thar-EU109297Not updated
52Yeijiro  Drek'Thar-EU107911Not updated
53Passeur Wanted Dead or AliveDrek'Thar-EU105853Not updated
54Bémol  Drek'Thar-EU105184Not updated
55Nuendes Knight of TrustDrek'Thar-EU104167Not updated
56Mindblast Prends la porteDrek'Thar-EU103712Not updated
57Nazaroth QuatreDrek'Thar-EU103689Not updated
58Celestedark EmïnenceDrek'Thar-EU102669Not updated
59Pîstache SølarisDrek'Thar-EU102179Not updated
60Warneven Les exaltés du cimetièreDrek'Thar-EU102013Not updated
61Tammuz La confrérie des quinzeDrek'Thar-EU101812Not updated
62Silverlagoon GénétherDrek'Thar-EU101794Not updated
63Maady RedemptìonDrek'Thar-EU100534Not updated
64Dragøh La ZiZaNieDrek'Thar-EU100325Not updated
65Maevrik Raid is DeadDrek'Thar-EU99873Not updated
66Landcrow  Drek'Thar-EU99272Not updated
67Hégorgeur  Drek'Thar-EU98720Not updated
68Wooshy oulaoupDrek'Thar-EU96605Not updated
69Harthys PhoenixDrek'Thar-EU94668Not updated
70Conticus Lordaeron SoulDrek'Thar-EU94561Not updated
71Flamadron ApophisDrek'Thar-EU93879Not updated
72Excelsiioor No CommentDrek'Thar-EU93210Not updated
73Chakta S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU93046Not updated
74Toptt Dis SedereDrek'Thar-EU92655Not updated
75Tanen ExsiliumDrek'Thar-EU92400Not updated
76Cygnûs  Drek'Thar-EU92211Not updated
77Druffus  Drek'Thar-EU92063Not updated
78Ghøstblade BADASSDrek'Thar-EU92019Not updated
79Dîanne The Angels of SkyDrek'Thar-EU91897Not updated
80Maxencecoco  Drek'Thar-EU91759Not updated
81Gaaïa Elwÿnn Is A PvP ZønEDrek'Thar-EU91699Not updated
82Kynaa  Drek'Thar-EU91675Not updated
83Midolevieux  Drek'Thar-EU90990Not updated
84Pyrrhu  Drek'Thar-EU90872Not updated
85Stormbringer rongenguildeDrek'Thar-EU90678Not updated
86Knorf EnjðyDrek'Thar-EU90538Not updated
87Rapetipeton Red and Dead TeamDrek'Thar-EU90120Not updated
88Sandrion EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU89721Not updated
89Antalus Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU89489Not updated
90Thaël Last souls of LordaeronDrek'Thar-EU89115Not updated
91Rädagast AbsoDrek'Thar-EU88582Not updated
92Hihi  Drek'Thar-EU88378Not updated
93Elendil The LeGenD of ZiOnSDrek'Thar-EU88183Not updated
94Ducator Phoenix de sangDrek'Thar-EU87969Not updated
95Fulïava Les Newbees en FoliesDrek'Thar-EU87730Not updated
96Mypmyp Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU87306Not updated
97Trollinos S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU85622Not updated
98Kilorglin Absolutely FabulousDrek'Thar-EU85241Not updated
99Killyndre Les Chevaliers OnyxDrek'Thar-EU85140Not updated
100Stealor  Drek'Thar-EU84538Not updated

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