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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dreadmaul-US Honorable Kills
1Paetheas Sanctum GloryDreadmaul-US380605Not updated
2Arcfuldodger BOHICADreadmaul-US377448Not updated
3Dragy Pokemon TrainerDreadmaul-US305443Not updated
4Cilk  Dreadmaul-US262575Not updated
5Hefty tmDreadmaul-US235664Not updated
6Evilbrew Conclave of ShadowsDreadmaul-US191493Not updated
7Stormbòrn  Dreadmaul-US177915Not updated
8Mageherb  Dreadmaul-US158823Not updated
9Charmy The SpartansDreadmaul-US158486Not updated
10Bambucha Rise From The PainDreadmaul-US154149Not updated
11Astriel Sanctum GloryDreadmaul-US149112Not updated
12Naoh  Dreadmaul-US144878Not updated
13Duffmanz DOWN WITH DA SICNESSDreadmaul-US144835Not updated
14Crazyflint  Dreadmaul-US138257Not updated
15Priestt First StrikeDreadmaul-US134169Not updated
16Frÿ  Dreadmaul-US131885Not updated
17Spleentaker BOHICADreadmaul-US127052Not updated
18Clingraptor  Dreadmaul-US125970Not updated
19Rhodesia AuridDreadmaul-US123418Not updated
20Rîptidè  Dreadmaul-US122897Not updated
21Hiwarlord Will Kill You AgainDreadmaul-US121684Not updated
22Ravenhowl All MostDreadmaul-US120891Not updated
23Mikuchan ArashiDreadmaul-US119944Not updated
24Virtualsurf Keyboard WarriorsDreadmaul-US119658Not updated
25Pidip  Dreadmaul-US117592Not updated
26Tayelf SanctumDreadmaul-US116900Not updated
27Høwl  Dreadmaul-US116431Not updated
28Tronke  Dreadmaul-US114654Not updated
29Juantamad SanctuaryDreadmaul-US114281Not updated
30Unholysmoke  Dreadmaul-US113739Not updated
31Zoltare First StrikeDreadmaul-US113039Not updated
32Daddyköol Splintered EssenceDreadmaul-US110282Not updated
33Deep RUMDreadmaul-US109259Not updated
34Shadin  Dreadmaul-US108447Not updated
35Scym DMHN GamingDreadmaul-US107809Not updated
36Insequor  Dreadmaul-US107736Not updated
37ßlake OutclassedDreadmaul-US107433Not updated
38Jakeman The Dark CrusadeDreadmaul-US107135Not updated
39Thebigtank  Dreadmaul-US106535Not updated
40Toinsane  Dreadmaul-US105600Not updated
41Steadybolt  Dreadmaul-US105253Not updated
42Poächer F T ADreadmaul-US104274Not updated
43Sthele First StrikeDreadmaul-US104054Not updated
44Erzá Keyboard WarriorsDreadmaul-US103220Not updated
45Obbie Modus OperandiDreadmaul-US102447Not updated
46Juugo  Dreadmaul-US102117Not updated
47Greeniee DMHN GamingDreadmaul-US101997Not updated
48Rukia Limited EditionDreadmaul-US101612Not updated
49Darkxwarlock Warchief GatemasterDreadmaul-US101383Not updated
50Gimjiza Ochin LegacyDreadmaul-US100932Not updated
51Bellowme ÐraMaDreadmaul-US100361Not updated
52Fearedbylfo  Dreadmaul-US99913Not updated
53Flyseyes  Dreadmaul-US99551Not updated
54Wilbie DMHN GamingDreadmaul-US99097Not updated
55Acegrok Eternity EndDreadmaul-US99068Not updated
56Ðeathßlade RefinedDreadmaul-US97948Not updated
57Variance Sanctum GloryDreadmaul-US97337Not updated
58Crowiz  Dreadmaul-US97187Not updated
59Necrose HarmonyDreadmaul-US96857Not updated
60Ambriel The Armory of LightDreadmaul-US96669Not updated
61Saranghaeyo VelocityDreadmaul-US96304Not updated
62Leonthethird  Dreadmaul-US96048Not updated
63Stryker DMHN GamingDreadmaul-US95513Not updated
64Sneakybooger Rice CrackersDreadmaul-US94782Not updated
65Tekneekz  Dreadmaul-US94578Not updated
66Prizmatic  Dreadmaul-US92742Not updated
67Dreznik PlatinumDreadmaul-US91766Not updated
68Kaistia Order of the EliteDreadmaul-US91354Not updated
69Beramode  Dreadmaul-US90642Not updated
70Héllsham  Dreadmaul-US90352Not updated
71Hellequin  Dreadmaul-US90296Not updated
72Gorongo FacepalmDreadmaul-US89157Not updated
73Donnybrasco Conclave of ShadowsDreadmaul-US88480Not updated
74Sickstix Going CommandoDreadmaul-US88012Not updated
75Braz The Dark CompanyDreadmaul-US87973Not updated
76Hâwkførce  Dreadmaul-US87134Not updated
77Leoccx Azure UmbraDreadmaul-US86499Not updated
78Zurakar  Dreadmaul-US85922Not updated
79Schobe  Dreadmaul-US85642Not updated
80Jiuclaw Aspect of the GoatDreadmaul-US84902Not updated
81Estwing  Dreadmaul-US84122Not updated
82Holytoast BOHICADreadmaul-US84025Not updated
83Galamoot  Dreadmaul-US83619Not updated
84Whiting Heroes Of Soul SocietyDreadmaul-US83233Not updated
85Demonicchaos  Dreadmaul-US81761Not updated
86Ojas Angels Of WarDreadmaul-US81148Not updated
87Stromspritz Splintered EssenceDreadmaul-US81070Not updated
88Sonofwolf NiteWatchDreadmaul-US80839Not updated
89Aliliances ZOMGWTFBBQDreadmaul-US80633Not updated
90Mindtrip  Dreadmaul-US80463Not updated
91Shané  Dreadmaul-US80461Not updated
92Hàppy The Knights Of SealandDreadmaul-US80399Not updated
93Emocee  Dreadmaul-US80391Not updated
94Prohelzz  Dreadmaul-US80262Not updated
95Stipe OLNDreadmaul-US79865Not updated
96Aylie Im Out Of OrderDreadmaul-US79098Not updated
97Faarky Eat Noobs Get ShreddedDreadmaul-US78946Not updated
98Guesz RUMDreadmaul-US78834Not updated
99Vileyeti AcesDreadmaul-US78778Not updated
100Hamneggs Columbian CartelDreadmaul-US78079Not updated

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