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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draka-US Honorable Kills
1Riverblade Eternal RetributionDraka-US423783Not updated
2Ellamae  Draka-US347364Not updated
3Terana TheoryDraka-US255501Not updated
4Pìkey Impatient UndertakersDraka-US249224Not updated
5Zarkonian Vengeance GamingDraka-US219261Not updated
6Shockers  Draka-US212099Not updated
7Verlynne SerenityDraka-US195254Not updated
8Arturria ScrubstepDraka-US188135Not updated
9Akirasanx SanctuaryDraka-US185527Not updated
10Darkflaming SanctuaryDraka-US181637Not updated
11Cøradazzø  Draka-US180481Not updated
12Kendric MortiferaDraka-US177196Not updated
13Pinkmist Sursum VestriDraka-US161925Not updated
14Himan SanctuaryDraka-US156939Not updated
15Trebeard  Draka-US155325Not updated
16Juicygirl Friends with BenefitsDraka-US149591Not updated
17Faellx SanctuaryDraka-US148144Not updated
18Hoophealer Edict of WarDraka-US147079Not updated
19Shakeitbabe Friends with BenefitsDraka-US146821Not updated
20Patman  Draka-US140251Not updated
21Tootmack UnderachieversDraka-US139207Not updated
22Spagh  Draka-US134637Not updated
23Hoopty CheersDraka-US134167Not updated
24Law Edict of WarDraka-US131252Not updated
25Thade Sursum VestriDraka-US130687Not updated
26Whitespirit Tuskarr Canoeing TeamDraka-US129512Not updated
27Telchar The Iron BrigadeDraka-US128762Not updated
28Fofitty  Draka-US128742Not updated
29Tatsumasa  Draka-US126308Not updated
30Rorschachx Council Of CarnageDraka-US124177Not updated
31Souljax Rank OneDraka-US122537Not updated
32Corbantis  Draka-US122188Not updated
33Taaj SanctuaryDraka-US121156Not updated
34Yanglt PandaemoniumDraka-US120236Not updated
35Tobert Order of IlluminatusDraka-US119237Not updated
36Helcyon SanctuaryDraka-US118385Not updated
37Mavyn  Draka-US118300Not updated
38Gargauth  Draka-US117650Not updated
39Gylan Eternal RetributionDraka-US117167Not updated
40Feldog  Draka-US114996Not updated
41Rãm The Killer BunniesDraka-US114827Not updated
42Abra  Draka-US114474Not updated
43Fcm  Draka-US113962Not updated
44Reptarx  Draka-US112993Not updated
45Bowhammer E S o C DDraka-US112677Not updated
46Teryail  Draka-US111492Not updated
47Dascrubster hardcore killersDraka-US109441Not updated
48Sielian  Draka-US109160Not updated
49Simoran  Draka-US107700Not updated
50Syntaxx UnbridledDraka-US105374Not updated
51Redeagle  Draka-US105261Not updated
52Goredonder SanctuaryDraka-US105169Not updated
53Audrix Corps de MétiersDraka-US104074Not updated
54Krillict ClearlyDraka-US101119Not updated
55Yuzabe Ptown PosseDraka-US100580Not updated
56Hideous SanctuaryDraka-US99900Not updated
57Exactlylol  Draka-US99851Not updated
58Ciruzita Halls Of ValhallaDraka-US99458Not updated
59Deadsong SerenityDraka-US98077Not updated
60Cursethedark The Elite SevenDraka-US95845Not updated
61Crusheryou Friends with BenefitsDraka-US95828Not updated
62Felthgin  Draka-US94710Not updated
63Tdot Everything Must DieDraka-US94664Not updated
64Lazeras The UNTOUCHABLESDraka-US94263Not updated
65Didrikson  Draka-US93636Not updated
66Moeejoee  Draka-US93128Not updated
67Reliance  Draka-US91930Not updated
68Thêjerkstore ÐirtyGhettoKidsDraka-US91582Not updated
69Nebben Clean SlateDraka-US91470Not updated
70Frigia Semper Fi RaidersDraka-US90928Not updated
71Variise  Draka-US90620Not updated
72Bobbieflay  Draka-US90558Not updated
73Grávewalker  Draka-US90538Not updated
74Stoked CheersDraka-US90451Not updated
75Seitekii IZ BADDraka-US90338Not updated
76Xelvidor Blood and SandsDraka-US89068Not updated
77Shimoygan  Draka-US88778Not updated
78Shmite Kitty Cat Death SquadDraka-US87994Not updated
79Stryphe  Draka-US87906Not updated
80Coruption  Draka-US86220Not updated
81Bairdin Crimson OrderDraka-US86182Not updated
82Vanderlei Limited EditionDraka-US86091Not updated
83Pandore Death RowDraka-US85432Not updated
84Splintershad Darkest HoursDraka-US84991Not updated
85Madmootigan Is Clearly AwesomeDraka-US83691Not updated
86Kaeltera Ragtag Band of MisfitsDraka-US83571Not updated
87Zainee Odd FutureDraka-US83301Not updated
88Huntersthomp Dredd Knights CovenDraka-US83121Not updated
89Flipnitized Raid It NationDraka-US82448Not updated
90Shivella  Draka-US82372Not updated
91Deathpoacher hardcore killersDraka-US82209Not updated
92Rainsong SerenityDraka-US81855Not updated
93Baabady Death RowDraka-US81689Not updated
94Sacrediablo UnderachieversDraka-US81634Not updated
95Reddragon Vengeance GamingDraka-US80708Not updated
96Shrubb  Draka-US80658Not updated
97Linewing RemissionDraka-US79934Not updated
98Silvanara Eternal RetributionDraka-US79930Not updated
99Marv  Draka-US79764Not updated
100Charliexx mercenaries for hire rbDraka-US79031Not updated

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