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Drak'thul-US Honorable Kills
1Willithias SanitariumDrak'thul-US176147
2Papathree two old fartsDrak'thul-US160771
3Shadowcyborg Mountain DewDrak'thul-US147365
4Alexias DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US142566
5Tydeus Guild Of HeroesDrak'thul-US142260
6Rgemaster Twisted FateDrak'thul-US139186
7Varlitekin PandemicDrak'thul-US130800
8Honataki Blood FuryDrak'thul-US130719
9Valkyrie ArtificialDrak'thul-US125309
10Todlich  Drak'thul-US124157
11Suprememark SecurityDrak'thul-US120855
12Lyang The roundersDrak'thul-US107494
13Neos  Drak'thul-US105960Not updated
14Gspotlol For PerfectionDrak'thul-US104367Not updated
15Moolam Blood FuryDrak'thul-US100893
16Róku  Drak'thul-US92806
17Fergyie SolarisDrak'thul-US92249Not updated
18Selror Down with the SicknessDrak'thul-US90483Not updated
19Volex The Elite LegionDrak'thul-US89807
20Fingbelawor SecurityDrak'thul-US89206
21Hebron Drak Thul KnightsDrak'thul-US88704Not updated
22Moro The Keepers Of TimeDrak'thul-US86336Not updated
23Eldonkar DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US82194
24Mesorah PandemicDrak'thul-US81435
25Semmir Death LotusDrak'thul-US78594
26Adobó  Drak'thul-US78122Not updated
27Bulldinkle  Drak'thul-US76327
28Yakkul The Keepers Of TimeDrak'thul-US75396Not updated
29Funderhatin SanitariumDrak'thul-US75036
30Bellasaria The Light Of DawnDrak'thul-US74585Not updated
31Suthern Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US74446
32Nightspawn Down with the SicknessDrak'thul-US74376Not updated
33Scissorz  Drak'thul-US73809Not updated
34Alexo Former CRRDrak'thul-US72609
35Maineschool ChaosTheoryDrak'thul-US72142Not updated
36Kronshaw  Drak'thul-US71937Not updated
37Bornmage Silent NinjasDrak'thul-US70758Not updated
38Prutrude ObfuscationDrak'thul-US70366Not updated
39Maximoos SummitDrak'thul-US69825
40Srred PandemicDrak'thul-US69156
41Zayik Random JusticeDrak'thul-US68044Not updated
42Gorthrax  Drak'thul-US68042Not updated
43Baileylynn LORDS OF THE DARK REALMDrak'thul-US66060Not updated
44Solbound  Drak'thul-US63954Not updated
45Dakille  Drak'thul-US63576Not updated
46Blackzdeathz  Drak'thul-US62706Not updated
47Djea Tar ValonDrak'thul-US62540Not updated
48Fernî  Drak'thul-US62371Not updated
49Atry ArtificialDrak'thul-US61113
50Cryclonè  Drak'thul-US60631
51Siellifer GUARDIANDrak'thul-US60203
52Euphoriel  Drak'thul-US59900Not updated
53Ryd  Drak'thul-US59783Not updated
54Dènied  Drak'thul-US59781Not updated
55Drackvan  Drak'thul-US59762Not updated
56Frankiebella  Drak'thul-US59406
57Priestbrando  Drak'thul-US59253Not updated
58Vexxar OdysseyDrak'thul-US58252Not updated
59Shlangshlong SecurityDrak'thul-US56991Not updated
60Jézzi  Drak'thul-US56369Not updated
61Chrisg DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US55854
62Crazye Girls Dont Play WoWDrak'thul-US55831
63Pleazy Your Future HeroesDrak'thul-US55450Not updated
64Jinseng  Drak'thul-US55414Not updated
65Malacrass PandemicDrak'thul-US55123Not updated
66Watoos  Drak'thul-US54796Not updated
67Mille Alternative RealmDrak'thul-US54761Not updated
68Ootsy Rise from the AshesDrak'thul-US54646Not updated
69Chris Part Time VillainsDrak'thul-US54510Not updated
70Lylva Destroyers EndDrak'thul-US54002Not updated
71Searing SwornDrak'thul-US53903Not updated
72Malloreon  Drak'thul-US53830Not updated
73Mystikmage  Drak'thul-US53647Not updated
74Meng Wrath Of The AncientsDrak'thul-US53487Not updated
75Traumadoll SanitariumDrak'thul-US53174
76Plumroy NITRO CIRCUSDrak'thul-US52587Not updated
77Blackranger THE REGULATORSDrak'thul-US52369Not updated
78Bornmaze  Drak'thul-US51929Not updated
79Evilprinces Part Time VillainsDrak'thul-US51416Not updated
80Butinlek  Drak'thul-US50856Not updated
81Backshadow  Drak'thul-US50631Not updated
82Tomoegozen Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US50598
83Bopster DÀRK GLORYDrak'thul-US49518
84Tunnelvision  Drak'thul-US49306Not updated
85Kryetstorm  Drak'thul-US48876Not updated
86Razzorss Legion of MadfellowsDrak'thul-US48488Not updated
87Alunntic Death LotusDrak'thul-US48383
88Hikoseijiro BushidóDrak'thul-US48191Not updated
89Trumarine  Drak'thul-US48138Not updated
90Doomgaze The Crazy OnesDrak'thul-US47776Not updated
91Brutâcus Rage of the GuardiansDrak'thul-US47620Not updated
92Blewranger THE REGULATORSDrak'thul-US47353Not updated
93Gurdach Lil Horde OnDrak'thul-US47275Not updated
94Pewpewqt Still On ItDrak'thul-US47195Not updated
95Skittz  Drak'thul-US46357Not updated
96Ghurka Part Time VillainsDrak'thul-US46243Not updated
97Docroach  Drak'thul-US46099Not updated
98Layne SecurityDrak'thul-US46095
99Xeroxed  Drak'thul-US45515Not updated
100Juliojm  Drak'thul-US45433Not updated

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