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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drak'thul-EU Honorable Kills
1Xanthypa WFA CONFEDERACYDrak'thul-EU424099Not updated
2Nyuu Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU399117Not updated
3Antaos Lights OutDrak'thul-EU382391Not updated
4Canya ASGARDDrak'thul-EU368201Not updated
5Theuda Klan strýca ValthalakaDrak'thul-EU312419Not updated
6Kaspyr  Drak'thul-EU268321Not updated
7Ghok The Semper FidelisDrak'thul-EU234993Not updated
8Tragulka Lost KittyDrak'thul-EU233213Not updated
9Rava The Fallen HeroesDrak'thul-EU232939Not updated
10Asenia M Y T HDrak'thul-EU218929Not updated
11Heyou  Drak'thul-EU208846Not updated
12Jasemlol  Drak'thul-EU207902Not updated
13Internista Guild of LexwelsxDrak'thul-EU201282Not updated
14Reyven Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU201095Not updated
15Wyrmíe The InsomniaDrak'thul-EU199182Not updated
16Kanibal EterniityDrak'thul-EU195573Not updated
17Muclinger Zil Nok RegasDrak'thul-EU194223Not updated
18Jimroot SkyRidersDrak'thul-EU190754Not updated
19Archanielka SAVIORSDrak'thul-EU190306Not updated
20Nielus ROFLmáoDrak'thul-EU187163Not updated
21Lidnøk SunreaversDrak'thul-EU186245Not updated
22Yox INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU182216Not updated
23Lîna Hard FusionDrak'thul-EU176726Not updated
24Svet MØNSTERSDrak'thul-EU175028Not updated
25Ukullellembo  Drak'thul-EU174762Not updated
26Hookar Carpe NoctumDrak'thul-EU173684Not updated
27Takitö ImpiksDrak'thul-EU167735Not updated
28Kabunakero Lex ArtisDrak'thul-EU166860Not updated
29Byeb Reality is OverratedDrak'thul-EU166047Not updated
30Darkfanthom  Drak'thul-EU165980Not updated
31Ramsey Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU164682Not updated
32Freno  Drak'thul-EU163364Not updated
33Mamales CHEN MISSDrak'thul-EU163026Not updated
34Sinclair DreadKnightsDrak'thul-EU161155Not updated
35Clark Social Group Company SGCDrak'thul-EU160999Not updated
36Wona CHEN MISSDrak'thul-EU160094Not updated
37Eniras  Drak'thul-EU159140Not updated
38Manky The Fallen HeroesDrak'thul-EU158908Not updated
39Makki Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU158271Not updated
40Skrecok Tangled WireDrak'thul-EU157287Not updated
41Neit Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU155921Not updated
42Tonymagooaxe SkyRidersDrak'thul-EU155182Not updated
43Brétta  Drak'thul-EU152571Not updated
44Sinndor DisbandedDrak'thul-EU152263Not updated
45Sllash  Drak'thul-EU152036Not updated
46Sahhy Klan strýca ValthalakaDrak'thul-EU151578Not updated
47Korgannka Ready Set FailDrak'thul-EU150804Not updated
48Gilber Peons on StrikeDrak'thul-EU150487Not updated
49Kulrath SunreaversDrak'thul-EU150308Not updated
50Saddarrim CastawayDrak'thul-EU150147Not updated
51Eteris The InsomniaDrak'thul-EU148419Not updated
52Clain Legiøn KillersDrak'thul-EU147037Not updated
53Gtmario The InsomniaDrak'thul-EU145249Not updated
54Ufón Klan strýca ValthalakaDrak'thul-EU144520Not updated
55Säbaton Warchief RevengeDrak'thul-EU144423Not updated
56Goodbye M Y T HDrak'thul-EU143323Not updated
57Sevil Braterstvo KrnovDrak'thul-EU141990Not updated
58Alaman  Drak'thul-EU139805Not updated
59Trangull Nawwal ProjectDrak'thul-EU139763Not updated
60Narkana Klan strýca ValthalakaDrak'thul-EU139670Not updated
61Zelos INSIDIOUSDrak'thul-EU139587Not updated
62Malefic  Drak'thul-EU139216Not updated
63Chalalíja Tangled WireDrak'thul-EU138872Not updated
64Helcaraxë WeirdboyzDrak'thul-EU138735Not updated
65Felleric MØNSTERSDrak'thul-EU138247Not updated
66Talisha May DayDrak'thul-EU138073Not updated
67Shirei Deep ThunderDrak'thul-EU136798Not updated
68Scytha  Drak'thul-EU136596Not updated
69Mortigon ParadoxDrak'thul-EU136084Not updated
70Bugr Invalid NameDrak'thul-EU136060Not updated
71Calusari ErDvaDrak'thul-EU134418Not updated
72Frostman I Can Be Your Hero BabyDrak'thul-EU134348Not updated
73Käyleigh  Drak'thul-EU134075Not updated
74Nidad  Drak'thul-EU133584Not updated
75Marous Black DivisionDrak'thul-EU133526Not updated
76Promethpwn Eye of the StormDrak'thul-EU133344Not updated
77Smeg ApocalypsoDrak'thul-EU133098Not updated
78Nyxu  Drak'thul-EU132208Not updated
79Grazl Angel of retributionDrak'thul-EU132009Not updated
80Grolt WaReDrak'thul-EU131410Not updated
81Nashmár  Drak'thul-EU131402Not updated
82Drujt The Death ItselfDrak'thul-EU131263Not updated
83Hroth  Drak'thul-EU130808Not updated
84Bendixka Bratrstvo OceliDrak'thul-EU130508Not updated
85Bllana  Drak'thul-EU128851Not updated
86Howniaq KyberiaDrak'thul-EU128806Not updated
87Skülda  Drak'thul-EU128694Not updated
88Mustis Last HopeDrak'thul-EU128591Not updated
89Ashgar M Y T HDrak'thul-EU128558Not updated
90Shadea DreadKnightsDrak'thul-EU128082Not updated
91Wiqi InterstellarDrak'thul-EU127770Not updated
92Kundrlina ROFLmáoDrak'thul-EU126482Not updated
93Mysteh FullDamageDrak'thul-EU126423Not updated
94Zubrus Mor do KuliDrak'thul-EU126391Not updated
95Cerras Ladies FirstDrak'thul-EU126349Not updated
96Windie  Drak'thul-EU126008Not updated
97Zephý MØNSTERSDrak'thul-EU124761Not updated
98Rumpel ForgedDrak'thul-EU124314Not updated
99Hrosice Ohniva BoureDrak'thul-EU124210Not updated
100Donthitme The Fallen HeroesDrak'thul-EU124070Not updated

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