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Dragonmaw-TW Honorable Kills
1黛咪哞兒 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW143564
2索倫德斯 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW141478Not updated
3聖很多 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW123181
4殺你一千刀 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW90385
5赭杉君 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW77363Not updated
6殺千刀 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW75582Not updated
7新世代龐克 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW75058
8小笨草 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW73409
9賽爾凡提斯 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW70805Not updated
10速速瘦 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW55828Not updated
11堅尼夫 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW55501
12冰熊 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW52046
13Dreamwing Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW51858Not updated
14凰湘妃 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW46474
15五代旭 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW45485
16修利斯 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW41590
17海裏的貝殼 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW39484Not updated
18神名夜 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW39463Not updated
19翡翠豆腐湯 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW38368
20無敵暴龍王 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW31542
21使用魔法卡 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW31346
22阿不拉多 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW27057
23青檸比菲多 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW27000Not updated
24靈惡勢力 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW26919
25照價賠償 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW26819Not updated
26鑽石亮晶晶 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW26654Not updated
27嚇死貓 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW26625Not updated
28Blablablabla Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW26586
29小雷禪 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW26504
30追憶的風 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW26110
31上杉東信 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW25808
32驥爺爺 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW25331Not updated
33Santti Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW24692Not updated
34Flanikka Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW24095Not updated
35邪骸布衣 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW23397Not updated
36黑糖烤布丁 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW23282
37火柴人 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW22958Not updated
38我長得好醜 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW22866Not updated
39巨大化蘇乞兒 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW22267Not updated
40雷克南 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW21592Not updated
41我想瘦 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW21310Not updated
42下麵一起吃 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW20954Not updated
43無睡意 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW20613Not updated
44Avalon Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW20034Not updated
45Oneyoyo Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW19508Not updated
46雲炎闇玥 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW19436
47Firediamond Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW19324
48神御蒼穹 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW19020Not updated
49Breathless Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW18971Not updated
50阿哞尼亞 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW18764Not updated
51塑化劑芭樂汁 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW18656
52索倫尼斯 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW18546Not updated
53行騙專家 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW17424
54隆貝魯特 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW16982
55一賽菲莉亞一 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW16833
56一水蜜桃一 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW16194Not updated
57想虧我齁 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW16054Not updated
58蒼雲流 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW15826Not updated
59鮑皮壽司 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW15483Not updated
60荼菲 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW14998Not updated
61卡妮亞 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW14764Not updated
62凱德比爾 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW14688Not updated
63Duality Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW14538Not updated
64怎樣都好 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW14463Not updated
65尼菲彼多 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW14350
66宅魂永駐 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW14023Not updated
67Alili Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW13900Not updated
68新左衛門 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW13807Not updated
69心碎了無痕 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW12921Not updated
70半殘不死 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW12398Not updated
71京季雪 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW12312Not updated
72陳小刀 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW12248Not updated
73妞約你嗑 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW12195
74賀加涅思 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW12174Not updated
75瑪德蘭 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW12113
76紫雪心 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW12047Not updated
77索倫律師 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW11492Not updated
78望天絕 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW11466Not updated
79則卷小吉 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW11142Not updated
80剛果比菲多 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW10687Not updated
81盜賊哥布林 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW10082Not updated
82黑面鮑青天 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW9984Not updated
83大鳥香奈枝 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW9807Not updated
84萊德 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW9654Not updated
85死吧死吧 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW9608Not updated
86環保小義工 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW9586Not updated
87閒逸 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW9368Not updated
88Yuukibear Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW8746Not updated
89Vastory Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW8660Not updated
90賽爾 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW8590Not updated
91遼中大俠 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW8414Not updated
92愛凡妮亞 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW8322
93布里薩爾 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW8298Not updated
94Hctang Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW8158Not updated
95冒牌國中生 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW8102Not updated
96伊爾謎 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW8027Not updated
97Nawusia Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW7961Not updated
98路貓甲 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW7758
99鑽石混凝土 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW7733Not updated
100脆皮牛肉捲 Knight of IronDragonmaw-TW7495Not updated

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