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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dragonblight-EU Honorable Kills
1Cpt Just FriendsDragonblight-EU336747Not updated
2Onigumo  Dragonblight-EU226182Not updated
3Meridian AfterdawnDragonblight-EU203044Not updated
4Loneblade Monsters IncDragonblight-EU173553Not updated
5Wodgy  Dragonblight-EU168110Not updated
6Auchter PreludeDragonblight-EU163843Not updated
7Illumine KebabDragonblight-EU162905Not updated
8Sonnics TenacityDragonblight-EU160597Not updated
9Farside Monsters IncDragonblight-EU159458Not updated
10Pandana FaithDragonblight-EU158890Not updated
11Holyragé  Dragonblight-EU157528Not updated
12Bantaur Gasten Zonder GrenzenDragonblight-EU155033Not updated
13Muzgash O Brother Where Art ThouDragonblight-EU151974Not updated
14Ákuma  Dragonblight-EU148196Not updated
15Sfendourax PreludeDragonblight-EU143330Not updated
16Bloodqueenll  Dragonblight-EU135854Not updated
17Tiberium  Dragonblight-EU135234Not updated
18Youngdog And Some DrunksDragonblight-EU130158Not updated
19Emico Forces of the AllianceDragonblight-EU129599Not updated
20Ginx  Dragonblight-EU129233Not updated
21Emobranco  Dragonblight-EU128703Not updated
22Cobalt Incarna MortisDragonblight-EU127603Not updated
23Flyingade PUT THE COOKIE DOWNDragonblight-EU126527Not updated
24Shadowomen Shadow WolvesDragonblight-EU125561Not updated
25Kolin DragonsoulDragonblight-EU124750Not updated
26Àpollo sunriseDragonblight-EU123061Not updated
27Orbs The KhalasarDragonblight-EU122434Not updated
28Rastasja Dark SunDragonblight-EU119230Not updated
29Kharrn  Dragonblight-EU118254Not updated
30Jfkcro Royal VanguardDragonblight-EU118010Not updated
31Elanol Alter EgoDragonblight-EU117562Not updated
32Ashtoncutter IDEMISEDragonblight-EU117225Not updated
33Idanz  Dragonblight-EU116160Not updated
34Litz The KhalasarDragonblight-EU115534Not updated
35Dárkdéath  Dragonblight-EU115427Not updated
36Rosenoirdk KebabDragonblight-EU115067Not updated
37Supervibe  Dragonblight-EU114979Not updated
38Senuseret AfterdawnDragonblight-EU113691Not updated
39Dertia Ad InfinitumDragonblight-EU113659Not updated
40Zynthux worldwide choppersDragonblight-EU113262Not updated
41Anubid Solar WindDragonblight-EU112912Not updated
42Jollyboom  Dragonblight-EU112726Not updated
43Arcañíum KebabDragonblight-EU112556Not updated
44Brodergysse Royal VanguardDragonblight-EU112123Not updated
45Raikami ControlDragonblight-EU111758Not updated
46Ugruk O Brother Where Art ThouDragonblight-EU111273Not updated
47Spikier RedDragonblight-EU110509Not updated
48Synonex  Dragonblight-EU110019Not updated
49Thengel O Brother Where Art ThouDragonblight-EU109389Not updated
50Tilion And Some DrunksDragonblight-EU109230Not updated
51Morga ControlDragonblight-EU108583Not updated
52Largoswood  Dragonblight-EU108537Not updated
53Dirrkdiggler The Dark Army Of SwedenDragonblight-EU107145Not updated
54Buio  Dragonblight-EU106775Not updated
55Elfix Royal VanguardDragonblight-EU106156Not updated
56Meadoweiss Better than DragonsDragonblight-EU105243Not updated
57Bíscuitgód  Dragonblight-EU105147Not updated
58Kaewin  Dragonblight-EU104038Not updated
59Mirre Dark SunDragonblight-EU103551Not updated
60Wáckíí Avant GardeDragonblight-EU103514Not updated
61Balarin The Fallen AngelsDragonblight-EU102945Not updated
62Shakîrã Shadow WolvesDragonblight-EU102704Not updated
63Nemion Corrupted AngelsDragonblight-EU102586Not updated
64Flepser PreludeDragonblight-EU102508Not updated
65Taiten InsurrectionDragonblight-EU102044Not updated
66Tribalz IDEMISEDragonblight-EU101738Not updated
67Veix Legion EstlandDragonblight-EU101557Not updated
68Andurilii Sweet RevengeDragonblight-EU101507Not updated
69Feihcretsam Alter EgoDragonblight-EU101224Not updated
70Harleqin  Dragonblight-EU100701Not updated
71Flamegrilled Shadow WolvesDragonblight-EU100251Not updated
72Zerthrax  Dragonblight-EU100092Not updated
73Slavex ControlDragonblight-EU99680Not updated
74Bennyfitts Incarna MortisDragonblight-EU98557Not updated
75Mfofo The KhalasarDragonblight-EU98496Not updated
76Lepragore  Dragonblight-EU97964Not updated
77Feredor Winter Is ComingDragonblight-EU97695Not updated
78Bosut  Dragonblight-EU97035Not updated
79Sparx Pvp FlaggedDragonblight-EU96574Not updated
80Terry O Brother Where Art ThouDragonblight-EU95764Not updated
81Silverhaze They Might Be GiantsDragonblight-EU95480Not updated
82Dzeusas FieryColdDragonblight-EU95333Not updated
83Tatka Draco ElysiumDragonblight-EU95316Not updated
84Dengars Monsters IncDragonblight-EU94891Not updated
85Umit Knights Who Say NihDragonblight-EU94163Not updated
86Selthena  Dragonblight-EU93129Not updated
87Deadjames TenacityDragonblight-EU92790Not updated
88Spitfirea Shadow WolvesDragonblight-EU92685Not updated
89Spiritedaway ControlDragonblight-EU92607Not updated
90Dotsnbolts Full MoonDragonblight-EU92021Not updated
91Hoyviken InsurrectionDragonblight-EU91554Not updated
92Hodgei Ad InfinitumDragonblight-EU91433Not updated
93Rokwylder Most Wanted PostalsDragonblight-EU91184Not updated
94Abberston D A R K S I D EDragonblight-EU91164Not updated
95Rynox Legion of AndorhalDragonblight-EU90989Not updated
96Cooma Alter EgoDragonblight-EU90766Not updated
97Alkitran Love and RocketsDragonblight-EU90715Not updated
98Mortuscorpus Shadow WolvesDragonblight-EU90557Not updated
99Dafu Paradise in HellDragonblight-EU90198Not updated
100Llewellyn Knights Who Say NihDragonblight-EU89856Not updated

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