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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU Honorable Kills
1Dumflad Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU41719Not updated
2Yarukaba Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU40743Not updated
3Millerzz Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU31596Not updated
4Ironfluff Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU31089Not updated
5Gardeneur Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU30763Not updated
6Naowish Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU29528Not updated
7Strunnahzoor Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU26111Not updated
8Nirenyo Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU21970Not updated
9Darganoth Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU19223Not updated
10Xylexis Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU16268Not updated
11Zrellim Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU15993Not updated
12Yàruka Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU15688Not updated
13Greenyo Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU14341Not updated
14Kellzy Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU14124Not updated
15Wüffles Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU12476Not updated
16Nlaea Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU11613Not updated
17Nusom Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU10887Not updated
18Chrus Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU10861Not updated
19Raicrunem Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU10356Not updated
20Psurge Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU10053Not updated
21Njii Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU9885Not updated
22Morthos Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU8360Not updated
23Matusaus Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU8215Not updated
24Mokawe Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU7006Not updated
25Faithys Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU6578Not updated
26Shayani Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU6137Not updated
27Bigbawbag Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU5813Not updated
28Boisterous Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU5805Not updated
29Frostblíght Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU5448Not updated
29Nezhyt Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU5448Not updated
31Aoemeister Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU5387Not updated
32Gnomehunting Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU5059Not updated
33Kerkar Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU5036Not updated
34Arcario Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU4182Not updated
35Paintrainww Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU4142Not updated
36Shakeonpiss Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU3918Not updated
37Bustnutz Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU3874Not updated
38Everyn Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU3829Not updated
39Vardenn Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU3415Not updated
40Gardezz Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU3247Not updated
41Zyhra Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2937Not updated
42Ironstorm Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2879Not updated
43Malithar Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2844Not updated
44Dogeblazeit Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2787Not updated
45Caremore Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2758Not updated
46Miluno Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2730Not updated
47Nlaeascrub Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2700Not updated
48Cytan Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2653Not updated
49Takua Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2472Not updated
50Ninf Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2290Not updated
51Wethi Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2205Not updated
52Morkh Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2182Not updated
53Ddgs Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2112Not updated
54Freezeek Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2045Not updated
55Irzul Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU2000Not updated
56Madaliceyo Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU1991Not updated
57Akizzora Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU1887Not updated
58Sleaf Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU1809Not updated
59Phasmo Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU1651Not updated
60Greenyoscrub Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU1452Not updated
61Psobeq Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU1345Not updated
62Borf Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU1208Not updated
63Dénna Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU1174Not updated
64Wilkul Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU1079Not updated
65Raicruna Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU857Not updated
66Satrecha Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU804Not updated
67Binie Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU731Not updated
68Spphyscrub Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU707Not updated
69Terrae Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU666Not updated
70Fotrye Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU610Not updated
71Lägertha Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU532Not updated
72Actaeon Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU401Not updated
73Shóvel Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU396Not updated
74Gàlathiel Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU393Not updated
75Lánt Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU372Not updated
76Specialßrew Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU357Not updated
77Paalwa Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU332Not updated
78Grapejuicé Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU286Not updated
79Raijiin Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU231Not updated
80Milz Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU226Not updated
81Daluur Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU216Not updated
82Matús Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU214Not updated
83Kellzie Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU206Not updated
84Allannia Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU205Not updated
85Keldak Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU200Not updated
86Zargs Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU182Not updated
87Jollylight Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU172Not updated
88Zentropa Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU163Not updated
89Selain Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU160Not updated
90Siingha Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU159Not updated
91Yarai Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU156Not updated
92Nidahle Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU140Not updated
93Xendarious Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU139Not updated
94Cilenia Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU131Not updated
95Hashtagone Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU125Not updated
96Lethallock Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU115Not updated
97Mefsel Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU107Not updated
98Miranzo Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU103Not updated
99Kellzié Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU92Not updated
100Xylae Weeping AngelsDraenor-EU60Not updated

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