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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU Honorable Kills
1Guzt Almost SkilledDraenor-EU52381Not updated
2Poonhandler Almost SkilledDraenor-EU47960Not updated
3Snee Almost SkilledDraenor-EU46136Not updated
4Swedint Almost SkilledDraenor-EU46093Not updated
5Goatbuster Almost SkilledDraenor-EU45827Not updated
6Avengia Almost SkilledDraenor-EU43398Not updated
7Skrotdu Almost SkilledDraenor-EU39930Not updated
8Omegatype Almost SkilledDraenor-EU32604Not updated
9Dìsa Almost SkilledDraenor-EU29356Not updated
10Divorced Almost SkilledDraenor-EU23768Not updated
11Iceshine Almost SkilledDraenor-EU23141Not updated
12Akeel Almost SkilledDraenor-EU21106Not updated
13Naijah Almost SkilledDraenor-EU20667Not updated
14Nagoo Almost SkilledDraenor-EU19572Not updated
15Yoik Almost SkilledDraenor-EU19387Not updated
16Guttz Almost SkilledDraenor-EU19372Not updated
17Clatóne Almost SkilledDraenor-EU19298Not updated
18Lskling Almost SkilledDraenor-EU18202Not updated
19Eroin Almost SkilledDraenor-EU17893Not updated
20Soogash Almost SkilledDraenor-EU16712Not updated
21Doòóom Almost SkilledDraenor-EU16299Not updated
22Xynthas Almost SkilledDraenor-EU16210Not updated
23Sezues Almost SkilledDraenor-EU15948Not updated
24Backlit Almost SkilledDraenor-EU15203Not updated
25Hytus Almost SkilledDraenor-EU15172Not updated
26Tasken Almost SkilledDraenor-EU14452Not updated
27Hahita Almost SkilledDraenor-EU14413Not updated
28Siothie Almost SkilledDraenor-EU13131Not updated
29Mandalia Almost SkilledDraenor-EU13110Not updated
30Ruí Almost SkilledDraenor-EU12792Not updated
31Borrkalle Almost SkilledDraenor-EU12623Not updated
32Howra Almost SkilledDraenor-EU11958Not updated
33Carpé Almost SkilledDraenor-EU11805Not updated
34Halzzi Almost SkilledDraenor-EU11707Not updated
35Borryngve Almost SkilledDraenor-EU11676Not updated
36Gloglo Almost SkilledDraenor-EU11509Not updated
37Micael Almost SkilledDraenor-EU11197Not updated
38Tenzí Almost SkilledDraenor-EU11079Not updated
39Tombradyy Almost SkilledDraenor-EU10766Not updated
40Groggvonholk Almost SkilledDraenor-EU10540Not updated
41Shohkz Almost SkilledDraenor-EU9974Not updated
42Cynisk Almost SkilledDraenor-EU9517Not updated
43Smedjävel Almost SkilledDraenor-EU9375Not updated
44Xohkz Almost SkilledDraenor-EU9061Not updated
45Gothira Almost SkilledDraenor-EU8744Not updated
46Hårtorc Almost SkilledDraenor-EU8122Not updated
47Dimaal Almost SkilledDraenor-EU7938Not updated
48Réd Almost SkilledDraenor-EU7816Not updated
49Gormoth Almost SkilledDraenor-EU7150Not updated
50Nadína Almost SkilledDraenor-EU7051Not updated
51Sandalén Almost SkilledDraenor-EU6987Not updated
52Cynícal Almost SkilledDraenor-EU6964Not updated
53Guttzjr Almost SkilledDraenor-EU6688Not updated
54Eroina Almost SkilledDraenor-EU6341Not updated
55Ðips Almost SkilledDraenor-EU6137Not updated
56Skrotdi Almost SkilledDraenor-EU6101Not updated
57Egalia Almost SkilledDraenor-EU5989Not updated
58Zalzar Almost SkilledDraenor-EU5900Not updated
59Bänke Almost SkilledDraenor-EU5860Not updated
60Peirur Almost SkilledDraenor-EU5565Not updated
61Onión Almost SkilledDraenor-EU5433Not updated
62Aedwin Almost SkilledDraenor-EU5269Not updated
63Thomas Almost SkilledDraenor-EU5069Not updated
64Guurgl Almost SkilledDraenor-EU4840Not updated
65Zeol Almost SkilledDraenor-EU4398Not updated
66Sweetlight Almost SkilledDraenor-EU4378Not updated
67Ihasarice Almost SkilledDraenor-EU4175Not updated
68Danzow Almost SkilledDraenor-EU4083Not updated
69Iwaslikestfu Almost SkilledDraenor-EU3794Not updated
70Cuteasme Almost SkilledDraenor-EU3755Not updated
71Skickarn Almost SkilledDraenor-EU3581Not updated
72Telepathy Almost SkilledDraenor-EU3536Not updated
73Foulish Almost SkilledDraenor-EU3480Not updated
74Slicken Almost SkilledDraenor-EU3477Not updated
75Tjurmjölk Almost SkilledDraenor-EU3144Not updated
76Cudan Almost SkilledDraenor-EU3111Not updated
77Isebelle Almost SkilledDraenor-EU3100Not updated
78Gothía Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2998Not updated
79Baam Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2822Not updated
80Pennywhistle Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2807Not updated
81Ethuro Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2751Not updated
82Zartur Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2410Not updated
83Noxser Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2405Not updated
84Thuuken Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2289Not updated
85Bärsgubben Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2283Not updated
86Albinodoris Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2259Not updated
87Shìk Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2221Not updated
88Awesometusk Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2196Not updated
89Reroc Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2190Not updated
90Terryrist Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2131Not updated
91Warcarp Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2103Not updated
92Dexiak Almost SkilledDraenor-EU2056Not updated
93Chiriro Almost SkilledDraenor-EU1950Not updated
94Turngood Almost SkilledDraenor-EU1949Not updated
95Takoz Almost SkilledDraenor-EU1876Not updated
96Healarific Almost SkilledDraenor-EU1709Not updated
97Getmjölk Almost SkilledDraenor-EU1681Not updated
98Starsurge Almost SkilledDraenor-EU1596Not updated
99Mallajohanse Almost SkilledDraenor-EU1590Not updated
100Starksprit Almost SkilledDraenor-EU1519Not updated

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