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Draenor-US Honorable Kills
1Ziggs Players ClubDraenor-US455224Not updated
2Yirann Minions of the AllianceDraenor-US381663
3Invalidate DisdainDraenor-US381497
4Manolo FrescoDraenor-US356192
5Florentines  Draenor-US304507Not updated
6Tiandria ReforgedDraenor-US275942
7Mcskater Forgotten SoulsDraenor-US258667
8Borkvar Warsong TerroristsDraenor-US251070
9Manakel Drama LlamaDraenor-US250452
10Farwolf DisdainDraenor-US244892
11Andriana ParadoxDraenor-US240687
12Phurious HomelessDraenor-US233846
13Magicevan True Warlords of DraenorDraenor-US228639Not updated
14Gailzeron I Synergy lDraenor-US215400Not updated
15Dry Minions of the AllianceDraenor-US213233Not updated
16Auspasia HappyGoLuckyKillingCoDraenor-US205131
17Vaxas DisdainDraenor-US204657
18Chirus Ducks and DrakesDraenor-US192055Not updated
19Cabesahunter SanitariumDraenor-US184677Not updated
20Faunus Bout to go HAMDraenor-US181998
21Daranl Shadows MafiaDraenor-US181172
22Vtnick  Draenor-US177890Not updated
23Sleen I Synergy lDraenor-US172938Not updated
24Bawni Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US169488
25Airamyth Chocolate DiscoDraenor-US162568
26Noladange Faceroll IncDraenor-US161841Not updated
27Icenine  Draenor-US156043Not updated
28Minkya Broken PromísesDraenor-US155723
29Acewing  Draenor-US154266Not updated
30Aurrasing Destinis LordsDraenor-US153138
31Aoden noddin my head like yeaaDraenor-US152359Not updated
32Somes Casual ChaosDraenor-US151974Not updated
33Peacepriest The Elven EmpireDraenor-US151048Not updated
34Buzzlite ConsequenceDraenor-US149617Not updated
35Ironrain CreativeDraenor-US147262Not updated
36Oringos TantalisDraenor-US146958Not updated
37Carmilla Drama LlamaDraenor-US146622
38Noxium  Draenor-US145397Not updated
39Xaruman Warsong TerroristsDraenor-US144520Not updated
40Grully The Elven EmpireDraenor-US144440Not updated
41Letsgetnasty Rival AkyroDraenor-US144327Not updated
42Celduin InflictionDraenor-US143023
43Xyllus  Draenor-US142938Not updated
44Phidra DisdainDraenor-US140533
45Nargle  Draenor-US139455Not updated
46Larkö InflictionDraenor-US137048Not updated
47Shotglass BorderRaidersDraenor-US135970
48Gimlisonofjr The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US135853Not updated
49Blazera Follow MeDraenor-US135082
50Suppanoob Little Urban ElitesDraenor-US134695Not updated
51Bic The Dark New DayDraenor-US133263Not updated
52Paulverizer Trial and ErrorDraenor-US131474
53Belthezor ConcussioNDraenor-US131471Not updated
54Hexluthor ProspectDraenor-US131070Not updated
55Jbones Follow MeDraenor-US130424
56Oropher E L Y S I U MDraenor-US129814Not updated
57Daborra InflictionDraenor-US128662Not updated
58Torbin ObsoleteDraenor-US127215
59Alouicious Wicked KnightsDraenor-US126860
60Malpractise Blue MarbleDraenor-US126736
61Absìnthe AurumDraenor-US126162Not updated
62Wafflés Bout to go HAMDraenor-US125947Not updated
63Jlow InflictionDraenor-US125879Not updated
64Piladden MythosDraenor-US124045Not updated
65Humana Manifest DestinyDraenor-US123898
66Onslaught Trial and ErrorDraenor-US121987
67Ghost Eye of the TigerDraenor-US121696Not updated
68Widowmaker FrescoDraenor-US120961
69Icyunvme ReforgedDraenor-US120650
70Kiros Shattered KnightsDraenor-US119501Not updated
71Yobba Blood BrothersDraenor-US119082
72Korat DarkfireDraenor-US118444
73Amili CommittedDraenor-US117661Not updated
74Thbrave AntinodeninjaallianceDraenor-US117368Not updated
75Suntoucher Little Urban ElitesDraenor-US117166Not updated
76Dockill DarkfireDraenor-US116415Not updated
77Operator  Draenor-US115800Not updated
78Mafasta PALIDRONSDraenor-US115465Not updated
79Charlemegne InflictionDraenor-US115415Not updated
80Zakilu Eye of the TigerDraenor-US114051Not updated
81Tevis  Draenor-US113958Not updated
82Trojano Chaos BladesDraenor-US113787Not updated
83Leighna AntiSocialDraenor-US113772Not updated
84Rodman PALIDRONSDraenor-US113715
85Zurv DiscordDraenor-US113169Not updated
86Phadrus Brethren of the AllianceDraenor-US113132Not updated
87Telkor E L Y S I U MDraenor-US112665Not updated
88Xalish CursedDraenor-US112081
89Silverfury Nil DesperandumDraenor-US111047Not updated
90Farling HossDraenor-US110738
91Thadiuss The Flaw of MortalityDraenor-US110378Not updated
92Garrez Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US110144
93Warning InflictionDraenor-US109802
94Boptmusprime DisdainDraenor-US109665
95Shiftyweasel TorchwoodDraenor-US108312Not updated
96Lerauxe Blood BrothersDraenor-US108017Not updated
97Jradz  Draenor-US107781Not updated
98Lsviper TroubleDraenor-US107335Not updated
99Adrean Trial and ErrorDraenor-US107206Not updated
100Tarren Dark FamilyDraenor-US106708Not updated

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