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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Draenor-EU Honorable Kills
1Venor The Grass FoundationDraenor-EU419182Not updated
2Muneist Phoenix LegionDraenor-EU351082Not updated
3Vmp SanctionDraenor-EU336093
4Warsin ShenanigansDraenor-EU325684
5Dellangel The Iron HordeDraenor-EU302736Not updated
6Dariius  Draenor-EU265776Not updated
7Charliboy Borderland LegionDraenor-EU264968Not updated
8Badattitudes THIS IS ORGRIMMARDraenor-EU263607Not updated
9Paddydo HordelumsDraenor-EU259823Not updated
10Kilgharrah The Hammersmith Hard MenDraenor-EU248180Not updated
11Danix AscendanceDraenor-EU245667
12Trø  Draenor-EU237703Not updated
13Driizzt AnomalyDraenor-EU237582
14Caradoc DragonbloodDraenor-EU235961Not updated
15Estellaa  Draenor-EU226425Not updated
16Eekabu MystDraenor-EU225644Not updated
17Chuxstina  Draenor-EU221508Not updated
18Khos Sunny SolutionsDraenor-EU216732Not updated
19Læns  Draenor-EU214733Not updated
20Tabithar ExtensoDraenor-EU214159
21Endemonadia  Draenor-EU214081Not updated
22Agamethswe  Draenor-EU214043Not updated
23Sigyn  Draenor-EU210091Not updated
24Rayovac Arcus FortiumDraenor-EU209760
25Funkybobbi  Draenor-EU209423Not updated
26Guangong ZephyrDraenor-EU208956Not updated
27Vérka Grah s KobasicomDraenor-EU208168Not updated
28Divinemage The AftermathDraenor-EU206801
29Splít Sitting for ChallengerDraenor-EU204423Not updated
30Eggcellent Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU204248Not updated
31Jainae The RunnersDraenor-EU202350Not updated
32Sameî  Draenor-EU201247Not updated
33Stierherman Borderland LegionDraenor-EU199317Not updated
34Crázy Carnage IncDraenor-EU194149
35Silverarrow KindredDraenor-EU193989
36Rhugore Actus DeiDraenor-EU192241
37Donutdaddy EradicationDraenor-EU192091Not updated
38Chloé  Draenor-EU190536Not updated
39Sãsh  Draenor-EU189297Not updated
40Deathdawning Fifth SinDraenor-EU188801Not updated
41Råtneragnar Rom OterDraenor-EU188374Not updated
42Greywynd InfamyDraenor-EU187202Not updated
43Mikeson IllusionsDraenor-EU186886Not updated
44Vulman crazybloodDraenor-EU186821Not updated
45Bigbusiness  Draenor-EU186143Not updated
46Thalassemic  Draenor-EU184951Not updated
47Grippas Eat My CritDraenor-EU183182Not updated
48Kazanovas VromopoustesDraenor-EU182981Not updated
49Publicus XIIDraenor-EU181813Not updated
50Tightrope Borderland LegionDraenor-EU179968Not updated
51Rixta D H XDraenor-EU179101
52Excallibur AscendanceDraenor-EU179050
53Marikaa The UniqueDraenor-EU177244Not updated
54Cidian Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU175135Not updated
55Paxstar  Draenor-EU175076Not updated
56Dolaro ReincarnationDraenor-EU174797Not updated
57Altrayon The Royal CourtesansDraenor-EU173936Not updated
58Kluven  Draenor-EU173595Not updated
59Zoott BROTHERS AT ARMSDraenor-EU172303Not updated
60Trapi Those Dainty FellowsDraenor-EU172165
61Barbiedull  Draenor-EU171594
62Berryber The PantheonDraenor-EU171238Not updated
63Aelas ClaptrapsDraenor-EU170403Not updated
64Irönfröst Purple is a FruitDraenor-EU169929Not updated
65Payneytee  Draenor-EU169800
66Svartie AscendanceDraenor-EU169798
67Toothfaery Our Dirty Little SecretDraenor-EU169754Not updated
68Skullcrasher  Draenor-EU167723Not updated
69Ohmnisphere Chaos EngineDraenor-EU167670Not updated
70Koning MythDraenor-EU167650Not updated
71Jingi Conquerors of DraenorDraenor-EU167280Not updated
72Ezmeralda  Draenor-EU166221Not updated
73Efdal Ruthless ProficiencyDraenor-EU165047
74Rôoster IllusionsDraenor-EU163238Not updated
75Farih Does It With ProtectionDraenor-EU162092Not updated
76Nordfrost IllusionsDraenor-EU161989Not updated
77Çrõwlêy AureusDraenor-EU161774
78Malone MythDraenor-EU159151Not updated
79Wickedbone XIIDraenor-EU158454Not updated
80Yasutsuna  Draenor-EU158114Not updated
81Ilyrian Sub ZeroDraenor-EU157564Not updated
82Loza ChimaeraDraenor-EU157037Not updated
83Goldpaw VagabondsDraenor-EU155846Not updated
84Bekol  Draenor-EU155094Not updated
85Winterwinds QuadpowerDraenor-EU154047Not updated
86Kazunya NightmaréDraenor-EU153753
87Zatax Requiem SanctusDraenor-EU153376
88Massivh LuceDraenor-EU153182
89Eleusia Stance Dance RevolutionDraenor-EU152731Not updated
90Greenaxil For The SoupDraenor-EU152505
91Theoniss PurgeDraenor-EU152307Not updated
92Lucretiaa  Draenor-EU151895Not updated
93Bannouin FinalDestinyDraenor-EU151714Not updated
94Eatualive Requiem SanctusDraenor-EU151264
95Scoomy Tranquility RaidersDraenor-EU150863Not updated
96Emerãldo Siege EngineDraenor-EU150741Not updated
97Ráv Im HordeyDraenor-EU150652Not updated
98Darkscientis Twisted SnakesDraenor-EU150327Not updated
99Xonoth ChimaeraDraenor-EU150301Not updated
100Gorokar Application DeniedDraenor-EU149661Not updated

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