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Detheroc-US Honorable Kills
1Yagamoth Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US740468
2Typhoean Overeems Horse FarmDetheroc-US275555
3Bellerophon ExiledDetheroc-US186357Not updated
4Vissel SufferDetheroc-US174158
5Xekko  Detheroc-US160695Not updated
6Rájaba Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US154039Not updated
7Deví Dark AssassinsDetheroc-US153766
8Psychodeli  Detheroc-US150781Not updated
9Tarenos  Detheroc-US147680Not updated
10Silentkiss Prowlers of the NightDetheroc-US147430Not updated
11Dalamaarr S E V E NDetheroc-US147222
12Authoritah Ganked RevengeDetheroc-US145716Not updated
13Jazzymom momsguildDetheroc-US143374Not updated
14Kaìlyn Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US143300Not updated
15Chubo And My Amazing FriendsDetheroc-US141007Not updated
16Tojarra Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US139075Not updated
17Wayswoll Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US136709Not updated
18Lexsteele ExiledDetheroc-US136230Not updated
19Doomfeeder And My Amazing FriendsDetheroc-US135558Not updated
20Alcololj Look at all these HaterzDetheroc-US132989Not updated
21Sniggletooth  Detheroc-US131472Not updated
22Meridith cadenceDetheroc-US127473Not updated
23Shepal  Detheroc-US127373Not updated
24Madmardigan And My Amazing FriendsDetheroc-US126699Not updated
25Bigpoppie  Detheroc-US124811Not updated
26Doomeater And My Amazing FriendsDetheroc-US124577Not updated
27Sinistertech  Detheroc-US119425
28Domingo  Detheroc-US117277Not updated
29Dyablo MuRDeR IncDetheroc-US116364Not updated
30Zerghul  Detheroc-US116077Not updated
31Papamomex BloodbathDetheroc-US116050Not updated
32Slyntel Spec to KillDetheroc-US112583Not updated
33Nunchakus Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US109816
34Revi OverlappedDetheroc-US109807Not updated
35Iluvatar NIDetheroc-US109251Not updated
36Momokiki NIDetheroc-US108930Not updated
37Blazingmage Dark AssassinsDetheroc-US107354
38Altmer  Detheroc-US105320Not updated
39Curuu Legendary HeroesDetheroc-US104504Not updated
40Bramabull Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US103766Not updated
41Trueblood FirewaterDetheroc-US102766Not updated
42Froshbyte Trailer Park BoyzDetheroc-US102103Not updated
43Swazy  Detheroc-US101793Not updated
44Aggression  Detheroc-US101012Not updated
45Strategy OverlappedDetheroc-US100126Not updated
46Virusoflife ExiledDetheroc-US95290Not updated
47Codices Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US94626Not updated
48Krayte CrunchDetheroc-US93363Not updated
49Trollela  Detheroc-US92425Not updated
50Amazing SufferDetheroc-US89840Not updated
51Catred And My Amazing FriendsDetheroc-US89838Not updated
52Agidyne Trapped Under IceDetheroc-US88583Not updated
53Tempius  Detheroc-US88098Not updated
54Cofferpot  Detheroc-US87378Not updated
55Spiklespakle  Detheroc-US86190Not updated
56Yuurmom NobilityDetheroc-US85972Not updated
57Moolissa Worst Player EverDetheroc-US85847Not updated
58Aspects SufferDetheroc-US85530
59Pinus  Detheroc-US85071Not updated
60Logann Savage BloodDetheroc-US84866Not updated
61Jethrow momsguildDetheroc-US84285Not updated
62Tocamelo  Detheroc-US83335Not updated
63Ryustar SufferDetheroc-US81445Not updated
64Icerogue  Detheroc-US81057Not updated
65Nuave Melody of OblivionDetheroc-US80821Not updated
66Rowon  Detheroc-US80391Not updated
67Devanshi  Detheroc-US79547Not updated
68Warros BrokenDetheroc-US79537Not updated
69Muggen RemorsefulDetheroc-US79392Not updated
70Deathgripz OverlappedDetheroc-US79368
71Freqnasty  Detheroc-US79176Not updated
72Vati  Detheroc-US78098Not updated
73Arbinger BolosDetheroc-US77106Not updated
74Kadarok Praetorian GuardDetheroc-US77002Not updated
75Tempestad  Detheroc-US76851Not updated
76Gurrik Immortal SwordsDetheroc-US76710Not updated
77Vedder SufferDetheroc-US76481Not updated
78Evos SufferDetheroc-US76175
79Thetwo Guild BankDetheroc-US75785Not updated
80Vid  Detheroc-US75644Not updated
81Baddad The War LordsDetheroc-US74236Not updated
82Blazingangel Legends of ExileDetheroc-US74131
83Strata  Detheroc-US73796Not updated
84Dangitsmcg MuRDeR IncDetheroc-US73394Not updated
85Mandroll  Detheroc-US73276Not updated
86Skaxz  Detheroc-US73154Not updated
87Tocthoc SeditionDetheroc-US73046Not updated
88Priestatute Dark AssassinsDetheroc-US72386
89Azlord ExiledDetheroc-US72201Not updated
90Parceth Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US71666Not updated
91Mondack Fairy TailDetheroc-US71133Not updated
92Tiamath S E V E NDetheroc-US70977Not updated
93Necromine  Detheroc-US70728Not updated
94Dertin  Detheroc-US70680Not updated
95Zaha Final CountdownDetheroc-US70587Not updated
96Finalgodfury SufferDetheroc-US69939
97Juru Dark AssassinsDetheroc-US69726Not updated
98Kandin SufferDetheroc-US69342Not updated
99Mzsterious momsguildDetheroc-US68870Not updated
100Trunter Guild BankDetheroc-US68653Not updated

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