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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Destromath-EU Honorable Kills
1Øuray HeretícDestromath-EU457377Not updated
2Crazymary Old BonezDestromath-EU358520Not updated
3Matyra pRophecyDestromath-EU305116Not updated
4Bondone  Destromath-EU211094Not updated
5Norr badcompanyDestromath-EU208862Not updated
6Lílip contaminatedDestromath-EU189493Not updated
7Sahtras DemonsDestromath-EU186729Not updated
8Fongsaiyuk  Destromath-EU178580Not updated
9Elex TnTDestromath-EU177327Not updated
10Guexx cause we canDestromath-EU174041Not updated
11Qiw  Destromath-EU172340Not updated
12Tylerlol Nihil interitDestromath-EU164478Not updated
13Sabata JuicyDestromath-EU161532Not updated
14Yamao JuicyDestromath-EU161023Not updated
15Salabanzy  Destromath-EU159874Not updated
16Oblaty Endzeit BCDestromath-EU159296Not updated
17Vesseth DemonsDestromath-EU156275Not updated
18Iza Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU153640Not updated
19Robkill  Destromath-EU153359Not updated
20Rhenus  Destromath-EU151364Not updated
21Thakk  Destromath-EU150977Not updated
22Littleagro Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU150573Not updated
23Neiku Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU150333Not updated
24Caladanbruth Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU149430Not updated
25Tmplol DemonsDestromath-EU147728Not updated
26Legionar Old BonezDestromath-EU146815Not updated
27Mindsuckêr  Destromath-EU144497Not updated
28Niâra  Destromath-EU142962Not updated
29Míleni DistrictnineDestromath-EU141822Not updated
30Línah NaginataDestromath-EU140467Not updated
31Fxgg Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU137698Not updated
32Hida FLEISCHBRÜHEDestromath-EU137273Not updated
33Lampe Mojo MadnessDestromath-EU136362Not updated
34Ihopeuchoke Bad TasteDestromath-EU135943Not updated
35Eleóx EvilinsideDestromath-EU134818Not updated
36Púlverkùss  Destromath-EU133430Not updated
37Gretzky Flying ShrimpDestromath-EU133222Not updated
38Karisu  Destromath-EU127626Not updated
39Kopfab Eiskalte EngelDestromath-EU127110Not updated
40Napalmdad The ReunionDestromath-EU127016Not updated
41Krônôs Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU126966Not updated
42Brennos untouchableDestromath-EU126312Not updated
43Machdichkalt Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU125967Not updated
44Halasta FLEISCHBRÜHEDestromath-EU124995Not updated
45Skeez SteinmetzeDestromath-EU124725Not updated
46Unbeatably  Destromath-EU124666Not updated
47Fukz VUDestromath-EU124401Not updated
48Ailek pRophecyDestromath-EU123873Not updated
49Tail TnTDestromath-EU123549Not updated
50Coocie  Destromath-EU120868Not updated
51Kaneclon Bad TasteDestromath-EU119623Not updated
52Sheft  Destromath-EU119374Not updated
53Tryurluk Endzeit BCDestromath-EU117674Not updated
54Schiuma ÌnsâneDestromath-EU117142Not updated
55Badehan FLEISCHBRÜHEDestromath-EU116632Not updated
56Redagony  Destromath-EU116382Not updated
57Sharp  Destromath-EU115492Not updated
58Novokà  Destromath-EU115313Not updated
59Lupsn  Destromath-EU112147Not updated
60Tonimahoni Molon LabeDestromath-EU112118Not updated
61Skyly  Destromath-EU112036Not updated
62Jemhalar The ReunionDestromath-EU111739Not updated
63Têkz  Destromath-EU110489Not updated
64Deathlexus Flame onDestromath-EU110427Not updated
65Nøhr  Destromath-EU110203Not updated
66Jidoran  Destromath-EU110202Not updated
67Otherguy  Destromath-EU108879Not updated
68Madago Dark Moon RisingDestromath-EU108644Not updated
69Teknoide ICE CREAM SUPREMEDestromath-EU108606Not updated
70Immanus  Destromath-EU108171Not updated
71Ideenlos  Destromath-EU107821Not updated
72Mondaufgang Lausitzer PorterDestromath-EU107007Not updated
73Rippe  Destromath-EU106856Not updated
74Shiaz Bad TasteDestromath-EU106406Not updated
75Hädges  Destromath-EU106057Not updated
76Moschbär ZoohälterDestromath-EU103881Not updated
77Hardigatti NordendDestromath-EU103406Not updated
78Bornaris  Destromath-EU102533Not updated
79Tojin FLEISCHBRÜHEDestromath-EU101682Not updated
80Wotang TheDevilsRejectsDestromath-EU101357Not updated
81Budokai pRophecyDestromath-EU101179Not updated
82Gàrr  Destromath-EU100589Not updated
83Gianduia  Destromath-EU100279Not updated
84Elyst pRophecyDestromath-EU100224Not updated
85Ohno  Destromath-EU99603Not updated
86Vardek Amicitia VeraDestromath-EU99208Not updated
87Maryks  Destromath-EU98399Not updated
88Zîmt  Destromath-EU98088Not updated
89Key  Destromath-EU97204Not updated
90Ryou Mad CrowdDestromath-EU96875Not updated
91Grotlug JuicyDestromath-EU96536Not updated
92Calemlya Old Boys AllianceDestromath-EU96469Not updated
93Shargal Platt Haun GangDestromath-EU96395Not updated
94Gravi  Destromath-EU95514Not updated
95Schlitzfritz  Destromath-EU95094Not updated
96Iskarioth  Destromath-EU95057Not updated
97Dragothic  Destromath-EU94774Not updated
98Tweedybird braucht GoldDestromath-EU94297Not updated
99Thyrozol Molon LabeDestromath-EU93911Not updated
100Raptei The Born ChaosDestromath-EU93822Not updated

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