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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Demon Fall Canyon-TW Honorable Kills
1奧蘭多部魯 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW776161Not updated
2酷羅諾 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW582903Not updated
3乾坤徐 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW444081Not updated
4君寶 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW365421Not updated
5狄休 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW359052Not updated
6Sen  Demon Fall Canyon-TW356603Not updated
7箭豬一號 科技新貴Demon Fall Canyon-TW352845Not updated
8要喝酒請找我  Demon Fall Canyon-TW329846Not updated
9亞法隆 部落吆吆零Demon Fall Canyon-TW315566Not updated
10Iswear  Demon Fall Canyon-TW293311Not updated
11可阿魯 State of the SnowDemon Fall Canyon-TW292002Not updated
12Gulu New CenturyDemon Fall Canyon-TW289071Not updated
13唄克漢 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW285006Not updated
14狠狠的愛  Demon Fall Canyon-TW272452Not updated
15紫川郁 Ethereal EdgeDemon Fall Canyon-TW246526Not updated
16影空  Demon Fall Canyon-TW240469Not updated
17一枝刺 被遺忘的惡魔Demon Fall Canyon-TW238452Not updated
18法瑜 Free WayDemon Fall Canyon-TW235511Not updated
19廚聖 愛貓共和國Demon Fall Canyon-TW235482Not updated
20好孃姥姥 榮耀與輝煌Demon Fall Canyon-TW231391Not updated
21星晴水漾 浩劫重生Demon Fall Canyon-TW230167Not updated
22古堂詩名  Demon Fall Canyon-TW229645Not updated
23乂蝶乂 彼岸蒼穹Demon Fall Canyon-TW221476Not updated
24慢慢來 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW213915Not updated
25小麗 Peace of DefiersDemon Fall Canyon-TW207869Not updated
26虹月 浩劫重生Demon Fall Canyon-TW207581Not updated
27Oskarm  Demon Fall Canyon-TW205822Not updated
28青菘丸  Demon Fall Canyon-TW205808Not updated
29龍爸  Demon Fall Canyon-TW204538Not updated
30寶寶熊 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW201349Not updated
31海邊戀風  Demon Fall Canyon-TW201301Not updated
32Delaneau  Demon Fall Canyon-TW199734Not updated
33無忘女  Demon Fall Canyon-TW197584Not updated
34蒼月流影  Demon Fall Canyon-TW195489Not updated
35世外桃源 科技新貴Demon Fall Canyon-TW193836Not updated
36無法男 龍鱗Demon Fall Canyon-TW191344Not updated
37超低胸辣妹 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW190079Not updated
38千仙騎士 一土 匪 窩一Demon Fall Canyon-TW190067Not updated
39Lagll ToKyOHoTDemon Fall Canyon-TW184391Not updated
40雲麵 愛貓共和國Demon Fall Canyon-TW182124Not updated
41穢土轉生 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW179225Not updated
42段一刀 DearDemon Fall Canyon-TW177119Not updated
43未來的旋律 Peace of DefiersDemon Fall Canyon-TW177087Not updated
44醉海鯨侯 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW176551Not updated
45夜獵者  Demon Fall Canyon-TW174406Not updated
46溫柔妙情人 DreamDemon Fall Canyon-TW171668Not updated
47Davidst 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW167627Not updated
48咒殺 浩劫重生Demon Fall Canyon-TW165825Not updated
49立花里子 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW165703Not updated
50普利絲通 一貧窮收留宅會一Demon Fall Canyon-TW164201Not updated
51米希蕥 海派Demon Fall Canyon-TW163132Not updated
52Comet  Demon Fall Canyon-TW162637Not updated
53Gandolf 浩劫重生Demon Fall Canyon-TW162231Not updated
54揪大隻  Demon Fall Canyon-TW162004Not updated
55Alpinealpine  Demon Fall Canyon-TW160755Not updated
56水月光  Demon Fall Canyon-TW159427Not updated
57恢復薩 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW157556Not updated
58一邊一顆 人生就是不停的戰鬥Demon Fall Canyon-TW156013Not updated
59Fishleong 辣椒蜜Demon Fall Canyon-TW155991Not updated
60Arern  Demon Fall Canyon-TW155363Not updated
61秀秀桑 溫馨小舖Demon Fall Canyon-TW154998Not updated
62魔鈴 State of the SnowDemon Fall Canyon-TW154058Not updated
63伊力雅  Demon Fall Canyon-TW154000Not updated
64人間遊戲  Demon Fall Canyon-TW153541Not updated
65血性獠牙 辣椒蜜Demon Fall Canyon-TW152730Not updated
66Mdf oioioioDemon Fall Canyon-TW152609Not updated
67佐黑 辣椒蜜Demon Fall Canyon-TW151974Not updated
68犴羽 最後的期許Demon Fall Canyon-TW151041Not updated
69保羅沃克  Demon Fall Canyon-TW150685Not updated
70艾莉琦勒 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW148378Not updated
71完美脆笛蘇  Demon Fall Canyon-TW148219Not updated
72麒麟牙  Demon Fall Canyon-TW148110Not updated
73氣中懋  Demon Fall Canyon-TW147665Not updated
74愛殺人 不死皇族xDemon Fall Canyon-TW147271Not updated
75假死柴 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW147004Not updated
76焚天  Demon Fall Canyon-TW146267Not updated
77米夏  Demon Fall Canyon-TW146179Not updated
78首斬破沙羅 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW145820Not updated
79Sabbre  Demon Fall Canyon-TW145332Not updated
80錐生凜  Demon Fall Canyon-TW143515Not updated
81真劍勝負  Demon Fall Canyon-TW142669Not updated
82盜帥乂狂嘯 一土 匪 窩一Demon Fall Canyon-TW142318Not updated
83白牧師兄 大頭仔Demon Fall Canyon-TW141854Not updated
84妖受都市  Demon Fall Canyon-TW141690Not updated
85Mathilde  Demon Fall Canyon-TW140868Not updated
86大河馬 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW140497Not updated
87新手求人帶帶  Demon Fall Canyon-TW140451Not updated
88御戰 Peace of DefiersDemon Fall Canyon-TW139867Not updated
89微風水漾 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW139278Not updated
90黯月  Demon Fall Canyon-TW139231Not updated
91紫色疾風  Demon Fall Canyon-TW139083Not updated
92Aillee  Demon Fall Canyon-TW138786Not updated
93眾神黃昏  Demon Fall Canyon-TW138532Not updated
94Slando  Demon Fall Canyon-TW138105Not updated
95Tuppac  Demon Fall Canyon-TW137815Not updated
96幽遊法師 沃夫集團Demon Fall Canyon-TW135823Not updated
97土城監獄 State of the SnowDemon Fall Canyon-TW135103Not updated
98一心願一 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW135084Not updated
99不敗的神話 朋友的公會Demon Fall Canyon-TW135033Not updated
100Wind  Demon Fall Canyon-TW133656Not updated

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