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Defias Brotherhood-EU Honorable Kills
1Karampinas Midnight MafiaDefias Brotherhood-EU424146Not updated
2Jobbly The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU363447
3Luxí Hotter Stuff IncDefias Brotherhood-EU337809Not updated
4Anagrom DominionDefias Brotherhood-EU321557Not updated
5Zvrk BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU307359Not updated
6Zaelsino The Secret SocietyDefias Brotherhood-EU296888
7Plissken Violent NoiseDefias Brotherhood-EU272737Not updated
8Xantros Keyboard Turning TrainerDefias Brotherhood-EU260273
9Nukee DominionDefias Brotherhood-EU257479
10Blîtz BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU253900Not updated
11Maskas HellasDefias Brotherhood-EU252973Not updated
12Zadyma InnuendoDefias Brotherhood-EU232103Not updated
13Wulfgau  Defias Brotherhood-EU230204Not updated
14Rasu BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU228824
15Spankix  Defias Brotherhood-EU218431Not updated
16Solofire Wireless GamingDefias Brotherhood-EU216854
17Rápier Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU216459
18Minsec PMTeamDefias Brotherhood-EU215771Not updated
19Scapez  Defias Brotherhood-EU212473Not updated
20Basilios  Defias Brotherhood-EU208497Not updated
21Tìnkle Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU205489Not updated
22Mcbutcher DestinyDefias Brotherhood-EU202553Not updated
23Crankwerx Lethal InterjectionDefias Brotherhood-EU201686
24Krollz AnimosityDefias Brotherhood-EU200903Not updated
25Herpi ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU200452
26Soara ShrikeDefias Brotherhood-EU198870
27Caewin  Defias Brotherhood-EU193753Not updated
28Cubenzis Thief EmpireDefias Brotherhood-EU192749Not updated
29Enzioh  Defias Brotherhood-EU192014Not updated
30Sordahon  Defias Brotherhood-EU190104Not updated
31Sccavanger The StrongholdDefias Brotherhood-EU188237Not updated
32Cautha Société la RésistanceDefias Brotherhood-EU186617Not updated
33Xcynic KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU185228Not updated
34Dásh  Defias Brotherhood-EU185185
35Marlo Dogs of WarDefias Brotherhood-EU181105Not updated
36Eldárion BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU179393Not updated
37Strawberries DestinyDefias Brotherhood-EU179186Not updated
38Torriak The Violet StarDefias Brotherhood-EU179015
39Achelios Weapons Of ThrallDefias Brotherhood-EU176670Not updated
40Tookar ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU176601Not updated
41Revytara Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU175165
42Galwyn Durotar GruntsDefias Brotherhood-EU173343Not updated
43Younikawa Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU170789Not updated
44Athangur Hotter Stuff IncDefias Brotherhood-EU170556Not updated
45Rynz BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU168510
46Drum  Defias Brotherhood-EU168133Not updated
47Grommie  Defias Brotherhood-EU167421Not updated
48Zairah NocturnalDefias Brotherhood-EU167027Not updated
49Troggler ParadoxDefias Brotherhood-EU166661Not updated
50Bullworth ParadoxDefias Brotherhood-EU165984Not updated
51Anetherus BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU164664Not updated
52Grundge  Defias Brotherhood-EU164124Not updated
53Boebz Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU162547
54Elsa Worgen Fur DealersDefias Brotherhood-EU161567Not updated
55Lyuss Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU160287
56Ardrann ThirstDefias Brotherhood-EU160084Not updated
57Larloch A Murder of CrowsDefias Brotherhood-EU157528Not updated
58Yeswai  Defias Brotherhood-EU157426Not updated
59Senká Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU156393Not updated
60Kelnmiir The Secret SocietyDefias Brotherhood-EU155936
61Emalie Circle of JusticeDefias Brotherhood-EU155508
62Athys Voodoo HazeDefias Brotherhood-EU154388Not updated
63Thalassemia BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU154083Not updated
64Naiyro Guild of Angry MenDefias Brotherhood-EU153200Not updated
65Fyric The ShadeDefias Brotherhood-EU152368
66Nyl  Defias Brotherhood-EU152050Not updated
67Lorein  Defias Brotherhood-EU152019Not updated
68Lucarci VanityDefias Brotherhood-EU151901
69Sindris TheOutlawsDefias Brotherhood-EU151871Not updated
70Viceroy  Defias Brotherhood-EU150320Not updated
71Pelinal First World ProblemDefias Brotherhood-EU149790Not updated
72Senkatamz BlackfallDefias Brotherhood-EU149688
73Nylz  Defias Brotherhood-EU149315Not updated
74Chickbloom The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU149076
75Viro ShrikeDefias Brotherhood-EU148980
76Pedergun IFGDefias Brotherhood-EU148009Not updated
77Kaínda Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU147908Not updated
78Windhawkz The UnyieldingDefias Brotherhood-EU147647
79Támz  Defias Brotherhood-EU146643Not updated
80Eterion Mastery of PowerDefias Brotherhood-EU146519
81Awieen BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU146465Not updated
82Syra BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU144870
83Warzoid Dárk SaintsDefias Brotherhood-EU144681Not updated
84Mentoras Thief EmpireDefias Brotherhood-EU144617Not updated
85Zanguhel Avenging WrathDefias Brotherhood-EU144321
86Hylka Dárk SaintsDefias Brotherhood-EU143834Not updated
87Gellen The Four KingsDefias Brotherhood-EU143169
88Zaffy BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU143052Not updated
89Tamz  Defias Brotherhood-EU142728Not updated
90Neimi The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU142246
91Zyde BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU142228Not updated
92Zefarak BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU142197Not updated
93Snow The Tempered SunDefias Brotherhood-EU141854Not updated
94Mikasa BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU141826Not updated
95Vook Steamgear Trading CoDefias Brotherhood-EU141769Not updated
96Kordel  Defias Brotherhood-EU141163Not updated
97Ishié Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU141045Not updated
98Sjurio  Defias Brotherhood-EU140080Not updated
99Dishmop Forsaken SoulDefias Brotherhood-EU140069Not updated
100Sonqo  Defias Brotherhood-EU139924Not updated

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