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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Deathwing-KR Honorable Kills
1마무드압둘라우프  Deathwing-KR780227Not updated
2그대꿈속으로 레퀴엠Deathwing-KR713723Not updated
3Xack D R I B B L EDeathwing-KR604198Not updated
4적암님 ReboundDeathwing-KR524792Not updated
5설리화님 전쟁길드Deathwing-KR523286Not updated
6양불 진격Deathwing-KR519658Not updated
7Vlrhsgksep 광 인Deathwing-KR504430Not updated
8곰똘판다 씹 쇼 키Deathwing-KR488807Not updated
9너흠 참 잘했어요Deathwing-KR476359Not updated
10Boracaye Side StepDeathwing-KR457894Not updated
11영웅철새 얼라이언스의 전쟁용사Deathwing-KR448926Not updated
12폭풍도발 ZODIACDeathwing-KR438561Not updated
13Justice 입와우 좀비들Deathwing-KR429765Not updated
14Espion revengersDeathwing-KR425547Not updated
15전설의음마요녀 너따위와타협하지않는다Deathwing-KR387869Not updated
16테론님 같은편Deathwing-KR385646Not updated
17Kellogg HedonistDeathwing-KR376256Not updated
18큐티시우 knight of roundDeathwing-KR375455Not updated
19기뭐뉘  Deathwing-KR366248Not updated
20전설의땡굴 너따위와타협하지않는다Deathwing-KR353331Not updated
21Glffld  Deathwing-KR349926Not updated
22신비류 ReboundDeathwing-KR348718Not updated
23포토라인 귀여우니까Deathwing-KR348496Not updated
24Rococco Side StepDeathwing-KR343462Not updated
25Kaeret  Deathwing-KR342637Not updated
26Curser  Deathwing-KR342334Not updated
27Oceanwaves 살펴보기그만좀해줄래 부럽냐 마우스치워라Deathwing-KR341403Not updated
28마격크리좀 리 로 디 드Deathwing-KR340626Not updated
29엿드셔 Side StepDeathwing-KR338390Not updated
30울집샌디 B e n j a m i nDeathwing-KR335879Not updated
31갹쟝룔 입와우 좀비들Deathwing-KR334837Not updated
32탐베베 Side StepDeathwing-KR333677Not updated
33눈크나이 대장정Deathwing-KR332900Not updated
34꾸앙 The Lion HeartDeathwing-KR332165Not updated
35봄바다 The Raid UniversityDeathwing-KR329571Not updated
36팬더교주  Deathwing-KR324554Not updated
37Nukky  Deathwing-KR323548Not updated
38Redviolet Side StepDeathwing-KR317640Not updated
39때낀손톱  Deathwing-KR316284Not updated
40Odeyo D R I B B L EDeathwing-KR314878Not updated
41Wakingdead D R I B B L EDeathwing-KR314553Not updated
42회리  Deathwing-KR312396Not updated
43자객칸 ReboundDeathwing-KR310329Not updated
44무도 D R I B B L EDeathwing-KR310021Not updated
45버블버블팝팝 입와우 좀비들Deathwing-KR309767Not updated
46장옥빈 입와우 좀비들Deathwing-KR307551Not updated
47Elcanto  Deathwing-KR307287Not updated
48꾸양 ReboundDeathwing-KR304726Not updated
49안미 아 카 시 아Deathwing-KR300760Not updated
50짱짱하구만  Deathwing-KR298802Not updated
51쩍쩍 자 리 비 움Deathwing-KR298647Not updated
52요정아르케 입와우 좀비들Deathwing-KR298481Not updated
53대령님 진격Deathwing-KR297744Not updated
54Auditore UnpluggedDeathwing-KR296123Not updated
55봉익천상 입와우 좀비들Deathwing-KR294124Not updated
56Blackmailer I Luv W e e dDeathwing-KR294040Not updated
57Incc 허허Deathwing-KR292341Not updated
58특수  Deathwing-KR291901Not updated
59신내리 knight of roundDeathwing-KR289455Not updated
60섭은랑이 입와우 좀비들Deathwing-KR288621Not updated
61Juvei Side StepDeathwing-KR287760Not updated
62Gotfather Never Ending MindDeathwing-KR286179Not updated
63Navigator 싹쓰리파Deathwing-KR285676Not updated
64천기혈 빵굼터Deathwing-KR280958Not updated
65포도요거트 영혼의 안식처Deathwing-KR280643Not updated
66전설의한구기 너따위와타협하지않는다Deathwing-KR279614Not updated
67메딥장삼봉 싸 우 쟈Deathwing-KR279449Not updated
68Blackholez 로리즘이 발동한 베이비시터의 포토다이어리Deathwing-KR278991Not updated
69Magiclegend  Deathwing-KR278851Not updated
70Burnshot  Deathwing-KR277207Not updated
71Coudron  Deathwing-KR276986Not updated
72죽음의예언 ReboundDeathwing-KR276835Not updated
73Clazzquai  Deathwing-KR276143Not updated
74은빛슈라 knight of roundDeathwing-KR275748Not updated
75Benjamino U CanT C MeDeathwing-KR275477Not updated
76빵주는여편네 레드문Deathwing-KR271782Not updated
77Superbeast  Deathwing-KR271522Not updated
78피신 로리즘이 발동한 베이비시터의 포토다이어리Deathwing-KR270815Not updated
79귀찮아냅두 로리즘이 발동한 베이비시터의 포토다이어리Deathwing-KR270785Not updated
80떴다그녀  Deathwing-KR270155Not updated
81오니빡구 revengersDeathwing-KR269123Not updated
82Us revengersDeathwing-KR267890Not updated
83Xvideo  Deathwing-KR263729Not updated
84Weakbone 강하다Deathwing-KR260683Not updated
85Protostar Team K ZDeathwing-KR259429Not updated
86Penetrator 실 업 자 들Deathwing-KR258581Not updated
87Winterblue  Deathwing-KR257292Not updated
88아르사신 mcDeathwing-KR254062Not updated
89우짤건데 어울림Deathwing-KR253844Not updated
90낭산  Deathwing-KR252191Not updated
91혁진짱 여보우리레이드관두고타우렌키우며농사나짓고살아요Deathwing-KR252169Not updated
92전장고아 모래성을 막 쌓은 어린 아이Deathwing-KR248431Not updated
93빅트러블 서리연Deathwing-KR247811Not updated
94Anuff 아 카 시 아Deathwing-KR244204Not updated
95페퍼양  Deathwing-KR243857Not updated
96광식이친구광태님 D R I B B L EDeathwing-KR243744Not updated
97Muxi  Deathwing-KR243341Not updated
98Mastermagic 오늘이만싸져Deathwing-KR242931Not updated
99샘크루즈 THE LEGENDDeathwing-KR241051Not updated
100또글 로리즘이 발동한 베이비시터의 포토다이어리Deathwing-KR240484Not updated

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