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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Deathwing-EU Honorable Kills
1Pirate MoonlightDeathwing-EU216413Not updated
2Cenedra  Deathwing-EU189832Not updated
3Solesurvivor Dark GuardDeathwing-EU175818Not updated
4Buli Supreme VoodooDeathwing-EU152084Not updated
5Datorwhar The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU149627Not updated
6Ragingbull Perfect Dark xDeathwing-EU143810Not updated
7Weedz GODMODEDeathwing-EU143230Not updated
8Fetølboks HegiraDeathwing-EU141554Not updated
9Nekkratal  Deathwing-EU139171Not updated
10Vago  Deathwing-EU134746Not updated
11Peoulis Order in ChaosDeathwing-EU129166Not updated
12Seven  Deathwing-EU127551Not updated
13Amadruid The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU124775Not updated
14Sjwobawobzor  Deathwing-EU124029Not updated
15Tyrandes AnomalyDeathwing-EU121821Not updated
16Isun Cry ThunderDeathwing-EU120066Not updated
17Maiav Unholy RejuvenationDeathwing-EU117472Not updated
18Jhorxia Cookie CuttersDeathwing-EU116999Not updated
19Phonix  Deathwing-EU116164Not updated
20Encalimon  Deathwing-EU114965Not updated
21Minglee  Deathwing-EU112274Not updated
22Thaará GlamourzDeathwing-EU110556Not updated
23Darkstrider HegiraDeathwing-EU108921Not updated
24Xaaria  Deathwing-EU108600Not updated
25Besl GODMODEDeathwing-EU105061Not updated
26Morlock The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU104584Not updated
27Clozer OWéNDDeathwing-EU104189Not updated
28Bjorn HegiraDeathwing-EU103322Not updated
29Nemesh MoonlightDeathwing-EU103069Not updated
30Camden  Deathwing-EU100782Not updated
31Blodmage  Deathwing-EU97506Not updated
32Alanni  Deathwing-EU96961Not updated
33Elvêla  Deathwing-EU96318Not updated
34Longisquama Satans RejectsDeathwing-EU96262Not updated
35Cortes MoonlightDeathwing-EU95456Not updated
36Airwolf AnomalyDeathwing-EU95115Not updated
37Dranea Dark GuardDeathwing-EU91968Not updated
38Tyrogore Cookie CuttersDeathwing-EU91581Not updated
39Jaxxy MoonlightDeathwing-EU91527Not updated
40Hampu The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU91084Not updated
41Sapa  Deathwing-EU90631Not updated
41Bloodbible Cookie CuttersDeathwing-EU90631Not updated
43Normie Dawn of DemiseDeathwing-EU89176Not updated
44Yepka RusLegionDeathwing-EU88637Not updated
45Torm The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU88279Not updated
46Bit SensibilityDeathwing-EU87909Not updated
47Guldloss SchmeerknivDeathwing-EU87640Not updated
48Shiverer NoiDeathwing-EU87393Not updated
49Celechops  Deathwing-EU84001Not updated
50Quetch The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU82377Not updated
51Retoxlol  Deathwing-EU82240Not updated
52Pinalina MMORPG MafiaDeathwing-EU82156Not updated
53Bonehead PantheonsDeathwing-EU80003Not updated
54Setup PandamoniumDeathwing-EU79352Not updated
55Cribor DoomsDay PartyDeathwing-EU79328Not updated
56Gekota  Deathwing-EU79153Not updated
57Strafe The HellfrontDeathwing-EU78671Not updated
58Kamne Sad PandasDeathwing-EU78598Not updated
59Rammy  Deathwing-EU77965Not updated
60Bars RusLegionDeathwing-EU77791Not updated
61Boella  Deathwing-EU77706Not updated
62Lífebloom ADN I WAS LAJK OMGDeathwing-EU77256Not updated
63Makie The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU76152Not updated
64Karke ViruzDeathwing-EU75704Not updated
65Jackdiamond Dark GuardDeathwing-EU74911Not updated
66Roguepl Crit HappensDeathwing-EU74735Not updated
67Bigboned momentumDeathwing-EU74568Not updated
68Neferte SpaceMonkeysDeathwing-EU74481Not updated
69Ryou SensibilityDeathwing-EU73897Not updated
70Necromandia Order in ChaosDeathwing-EU73804Not updated
71Nizaris HegiraDeathwing-EU73778Not updated
72Paralove PowerhouseDeathwing-EU71990Not updated
73Needammo  Deathwing-EU71737Not updated
74Sprød PandamoniumDeathwing-EU71498Not updated
75Arthouros  Deathwing-EU71456Not updated
76Pitou Dark GuardDeathwing-EU71414Not updated
77Thrythwig Forge of TasteDeathwing-EU71304Not updated
78Renos  Deathwing-EU70805Not updated
79Lysistrati Order in ChaosDeathwing-EU69671Not updated
80Gremat Unholy RejuvenationDeathwing-EU69410Not updated
81Thegoddz  Deathwing-EU68927Not updated
82Mukko Sad PandasDeathwing-EU68498Not updated
83Ituron SjöröversDeathwing-EU68260Not updated
84Elduce DoomsDay PartyDeathwing-EU68194Not updated
85Shultz Guardians of DeathDeathwing-EU67805Not updated
86Lormyr The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU66993Not updated
87Rottentouch RappioDeathwing-EU66636Not updated
88Jynn  Deathwing-EU66585Not updated
89Thorum  Deathwing-EU66256Not updated
90Obmog  Deathwing-EU66088Not updated
91Zonzil The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU65840Not updated
92Wackó  Deathwing-EU65522Not updated
93Foxo ASSAILANTDeathwing-EU65499Not updated
94Katana SensibilityDeathwing-EU64828Not updated
95Bubbleanddie Dark GuardDeathwing-EU64333Not updated
96Stickeh  Deathwing-EU64282Not updated
97Einherja  Deathwing-EU64157Not updated
98Kaydrin SpaceMonkeysDeathwing-EU63663Not updated
99Pierewiet De dikke dwergDeathwing-EU63551Not updated
100Ulaanbator  Deathwing-EU63505Not updated

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