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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dath'Remar-US Honorable Kills
1Violatê Nocturnus VexillariDath'Remar-US329952Not updated
2Zomb  Dath'Remar-US311044Not updated
3Kady  Dath'Remar-US254877Not updated
4Temanol XcellenceDath'Remar-US226601Not updated
5Frozensun Guilty by DesignDath'Remar-US222892Not updated
6Alkaid  Dath'Remar-US222618Not updated
7Skybreaker RefugeDath'Remar-US215585Not updated
8Kany MoonSpellDath'Remar-US212087Not updated
9Mulloway  Dath'Remar-US191245Not updated
10Herculon TrilogyDath'Remar-US189275Not updated
11Xirio The Souls of NightfallDath'Remar-US183383Not updated
12Scrafe The BattlemastersDath'Remar-US177898Not updated
13Ugotstabbed Not in a GuildDath'Remar-US176512Not updated
14Nicolita MOVESDath'Remar-US174309Not updated
15Znarcissus  Dath'Remar-US170215Not updated
16Jön BRITISH EMPIREDath'Remar-US169858Not updated
17Infernome  Dath'Remar-US169364Not updated
18Eyeforaneye The Grim RéapersDath'Remar-US168874Not updated
19Kamelle ConclaveDath'Remar-US162499Not updated
20Deep  Dath'Remar-US160618Not updated
21Takumee  Dath'Remar-US159985Not updated
22Aurin Fairy TalesDath'Remar-US158377Not updated
23Zahraah MisrepresentedDath'Remar-US155302Not updated
24Kalistix  Dath'Remar-US154842Not updated
25Colding The FamilyDath'Remar-US151404Not updated
26Tonguebiter Guilty by DesignDath'Remar-US146373Not updated
27Peachx  Dath'Remar-US145246Not updated
28Brent The Selected FewDath'Remar-US145166Not updated
29Rocketgirl VALEDath'Remar-US142952Not updated
30Parmenien The FallenDath'Remar-US141655Not updated
31Wïz Three Ring CircusDath'Remar-US139543Not updated
32Autotoaster The Selected FewDath'Remar-US137382Not updated
33Havocstalker The BattlemastersDath'Remar-US135943Not updated
34Korran Fey MercurialDath'Remar-US132806Not updated
35Obskura  Dath'Remar-US131709Not updated
36Ardanon Wotan LegionDath'Remar-US129390Not updated
37Awkadidlie OlympusDath'Remar-US128510Not updated
38Utscrulz  Dath'Remar-US128491Not updated
39Savetheheals RefugeDath'Remar-US128322Not updated
40Noenyx BenchmarkedDath'Remar-US127327Not updated
41Maggotbreath Phoenix RisenDath'Remar-US125781Not updated
42Xxyla VALEDath'Remar-US125347Not updated
43Matai SacrilegeDath'Remar-US122633Not updated
44Ragingblade The Fellowship of HeroesDath'Remar-US119526Not updated
45Beastflex Phoenix RisenDath'Remar-US119363Not updated
46Wolfborn ConclaveDath'Remar-US118201Not updated
47Valthalus Lords Of WarDath'Remar-US116943Not updated
48Bodycount JudgementDayDath'Remar-US116210Not updated
49Boadacious DEADWOODDath'Remar-US115715Not updated
50Hatana  Dath'Remar-US113687Not updated
51Shadowprnces Exaltëd LegiØnDath'Remar-US112471Not updated
52Wravesden XcellenceDath'Remar-US110795Not updated
53Solashh  Dath'Remar-US110706Not updated
54Bigmoocow  Dath'Remar-US110635Not updated
55Wimax Mad ProphetsDath'Remar-US109237Not updated
56Mohsen  Dath'Remar-US108961Not updated
57Soralin BRITISH EMPIREDath'Remar-US107354Not updated
58Blinktblink  Dath'Remar-US106967Not updated
59Jacksquat XcellenceDath'Remar-US106139Not updated
60Naonii HordeCoreDath'Remar-US105705Not updated
61Xeek War MachineDath'Remar-US104636Not updated
62Spoòky  Dath'Remar-US104481Not updated
63Herbivores  Dath'Remar-US103304Not updated
64Dardesden The ArmadaDath'Remar-US102590Not updated
65Perfectdrug Guilty by DesignDath'Remar-US102292Not updated
66Hotdotty Azeroth DefendersDath'Remar-US102215Not updated
67Suny ImagiNationDath'Remar-US101900Not updated
68Athtar  Dath'Remar-US100911Not updated
69Silentasian RefugeDath'Remar-US100872Not updated
70Damrond Wings of Rising ChaosDath'Remar-US99349Not updated
71Wickedtom  Dath'Remar-US99014Not updated
72Goola Flame WreathDath'Remar-US98074Not updated
73Fatherjohn RefugeDath'Remar-US96753Not updated
74Hueylewis Avatars of LightDath'Remar-US96715Not updated
75Archstanton Winter is ComingDath'Remar-US96672Not updated
76Apiecost Flame WreathDath'Remar-US94558Not updated
77Sivitri Has A Tiny DPSDath'Remar-US94150Not updated
78Loudenwre AOUKAÇDath'Remar-US94049Not updated
79Lughnasa AntemortalsDath'Remar-US93987Not updated
80Sensin  Dath'Remar-US92521Not updated
81Chariabeh  Dath'Remar-US92062Not updated
82Violator League of TitansDath'Remar-US91792Not updated
83Myths The Singapore SpiritDath'Remar-US90925Not updated
84Redwood TrilogyDath'Remar-US90031Not updated
85Tôrque  Dath'Remar-US89023Not updated
86Blackraven Avatars of LightDath'Remar-US88876Not updated
87Cowet  Dath'Remar-US88060Not updated
88Garmao  Dath'Remar-US88021Not updated
89Garumoo  Dath'Remar-US87742Not updated
90Piezo  Dath'Remar-US87458Not updated
91Kiroth  Dath'Remar-US85713Not updated
92Dagonet  Dath'Remar-US85205Not updated
93Kyrieirving IconicDath'Remar-US84971Not updated
94Soulice  Dath'Remar-US84833Not updated
95Chillibin Horde CritlessDath'Remar-US84417Not updated
96Gongo  Dath'Remar-US84387Not updated
97Blitzeon Exaltëd LegiØnDath'Remar-US83762Not updated
98Aerry BRITISH EMPIREDath'Remar-US83589Not updated
99Skyisfalling Coffee and DonutsDath'Remar-US83567Not updated
100Aioros FrostwolvesDath'Remar-US83445Not updated

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