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Darrowmere-US Honorable Kills
1Smàshem worst server USDarrowmere-US279292
2Ssz worst server USDarrowmere-US215752
3Ronaldus Stormraiders WrathDarrowmere-US211128Not updated
4Gankone  Darrowmere-US204822Not updated
5Magnumba Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US169220Not updated
6Sumom  Darrowmere-US166433
7Greengenie Stormraiders WrathDarrowmere-US161902
8Nightsprite Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US160451
9Thûnder The Hand of VengeanceDarrowmere-US153635
10Majinlevin  Darrowmere-US152134Not updated
11Morefun DAIDarrowmere-US149375Not updated
12Nemainhavoc Nulli SecundusDarrowmere-US136710
13Stemmy  Darrowmere-US133402Not updated
14Drexle Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US128484
15Vazarus Forgot to RememberDarrowmere-US127970Not updated
16Elricc Worlds ApartDarrowmere-US116262Not updated
17Caasa  Darrowmere-US114043Not updated
18Wisperz JawsDarrowmere-US113752Not updated
19Jaylexx Forgot to RememberDarrowmere-US110370Not updated
20Spartanite  Darrowmere-US107147Not updated
21Epicsnail Forgot to RememberDarrowmere-US106099Not updated
22Smokekin  Darrowmere-US106079Not updated
23Tracs  Darrowmere-US105420Not updated
24Grakzertdorn Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US100917
25Kupssie Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US98103Not updated
26Ikthÿ worst server USDarrowmere-US96443Not updated
27Mad Blue Raid ShoesDarrowmere-US94420Not updated
28Blubock House Of Rising SunDarrowmere-US92834
29Killshotchya PersistenceDarrowmere-US92532
30Evigilo Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US87905Not updated
31Calavian Visions of the PastDarrowmere-US87589
32Lopdog Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US87319Not updated
33Specialtouch  Darrowmere-US86392Not updated
34Astergx The PrimesDarrowmere-US84789Not updated
35Qualterfane The Hand of VengeanceDarrowmere-US83526
36Disruptor The Hand of VengeanceDarrowmere-US83341Not updated
37Ihatejakes  Darrowmere-US82272Not updated
38Ghostmaka  Darrowmere-US82019Not updated
39Revelc  Darrowmere-US79755Not updated
40Crazyorange In Omnia ParatusDarrowmere-US78709
41Ilen Nulli SecundusDarrowmere-US78109Not updated
42Pataha The ShireDarrowmere-US77175Not updated
43Thequaker  Darrowmere-US76905Not updated
44Dùsty is here to FSUDarrowmere-US76207Not updated
45Zapollo Dream TeamDarrowmere-US76097
46Jetly DAIDarrowmere-US74795Not updated
47Lazarusxx Easy RidersDarrowmere-US74680Not updated
48Anòrien The Right To Go InsaneDarrowmere-US74611Not updated
49Mousa  Darrowmere-US72914Not updated
50Psylent  Darrowmere-US72376Not updated
51Luciddrop Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US71799Not updated
52Waldoft Bat CountryDarrowmere-US70696Not updated
53Liliiana  Darrowmere-US70314Not updated
54Paulsack  Darrowmere-US68686Not updated
55Sluga Forgot to RememberDarrowmere-US68107Not updated
56Cixelsýd In Omnia ParatusDarrowmere-US67585
57Corpsè  Darrowmere-US67505
58Sneekznstabz FtwDarrowmere-US66813
59Kissodeath Nulli SecundusDarrowmere-US66093Not updated
60Demonfeeder The Shiro ToraDarrowmere-US65520
61Kindredx  Darrowmere-US65446Not updated
62Linkstery Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US64479
63Kinkillera Project MayhemDarrowmere-US63458Not updated
64Roosterspur Los Pollos DiablosDarrowmere-US62622Not updated
65Juicyj  Darrowmere-US61524Not updated
66Arrowse Shadows of the HordeDarrowmere-US61263Not updated
67Nurat Warriors of AthenaDarrowmere-US60999Not updated
68Sandrostine  Darrowmere-US60639Not updated
69Azzrreal Nulli SecundusDarrowmere-US60553Not updated
70Alteregö SopaDarrowmere-US60543Not updated
71Conchur  Darrowmere-US60362Not updated
72Raistilin  Darrowmere-US60233Not updated
73Sunthehs Dream WhisperDarrowmere-US60140Not updated
74Voodoc In Omnia ParatusDarrowmere-US58336
75Niredrum  Darrowmere-US57570Not updated
76Kazietay  Darrowmere-US57401Not updated
77Mondavi  Darrowmere-US56306Not updated
78Layzmage  Darrowmere-US56170Not updated
79Waycooltwo Nulli SecundusDarrowmere-US56095Not updated
80Chrysstal Dream TeamDarrowmere-US55378Not updated
81Kiranique Might And MagicDarrowmere-US55340Not updated
82Heshx Dream TeamDarrowmere-US55181Not updated
83Ashonai  Darrowmere-US54758
84Develop Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US54343Not updated
85Shroomkin Bat CountryDarrowmere-US53791Not updated
86Reichard ALLIANCE DRAGON KNIGHTSDarrowmere-US53748Not updated
87Butterstotch Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US53413Not updated
88Rogueyy  Darrowmere-US52623Not updated
89Nazura  Darrowmere-US52179Not updated
90Shockafoo InconceivableDarrowmere-US51371Not updated
91Zachiusrogue Stormraiders WrathDarrowmere-US51279Not updated
92Shangowar PANDAmoniumDarrowmere-US51168Not updated
93Wìndxo  Darrowmere-US50744Not updated
94Juhu  Darrowmere-US50712Not updated
95Madputtytat Outcasts of OrgrimmarDarrowmere-US50576Not updated
96Släm is here to FSUDarrowmere-US50056Not updated
97Tristrum Moose HuntersDarrowmere-US49607Not updated
98Mitegonus Ghost RidersDarrowmere-US49512Not updated
99Onamonapia Worlds ApartDarrowmere-US49304Not updated
100Carroman  Darrowmere-US48997Not updated

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