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Darkspear-US Honorable Kills
1Towncamper Friend ZoneDarkspear-US218879Not updated
2Wilky Friend ZoneDarkspear-US176876
3Selbink Friend ZoneDarkspear-US120531
4Powersòfpain Friend ZoneDarkspear-US118485Not updated
5Optivice Friend ZoneDarkspear-US113530
6Projectile Friend ZoneDarkspear-US106083
7Vitaminwater Friend ZoneDarkspear-US103237
8Repxtc Friend ZoneDarkspear-US102195
9Footsz Friend ZoneDarkspear-US101265
10Crownic Friend ZoneDarkspear-US95476
11Whino Friend ZoneDarkspear-US83076Not updated
12Chämpiøn Friend ZoneDarkspear-US82427
13Chuckwagön Friend ZoneDarkspear-US77438
14Fossil Friend ZoneDarkspear-US70861
15Infringe Friend ZoneDarkspear-US69589Not updated
16Lucíe Friend ZoneDarkspear-US65576Not updated
17Gladiatorigi Friend ZoneDarkspear-US65472
18Nawp Friend ZoneDarkspear-US63084Not updated
19Deftouch Friend ZoneDarkspear-US61575
20Scratch Friend ZoneDarkspear-US60157
21Bairdy Friend ZoneDarkspear-US54414
22Rêflexz Friend ZoneDarkspear-US53731
23Purple Friend ZoneDarkspear-US52901
24Glorels Friend ZoneDarkspear-US47802
25Icos Friend ZoneDarkspear-US47393
26Smashgordonn Friend ZoneDarkspear-US47362
27Amabar Friend ZoneDarkspear-US46358Not updated
28Inflexions Friend ZoneDarkspear-US43769Not updated
29Unsubtle Friend ZoneDarkspear-US42993Not updated
30Tessmyn Friend ZoneDarkspear-US41947
31Darketh Friend ZoneDarkspear-US41395Not updated
32Soqute Friend ZoneDarkspear-US40589
33Voltlongshot Friend ZoneDarkspear-US38870
34Volu Friend ZoneDarkspear-US35271Not updated
35Daully Friend ZoneDarkspear-US34258
36Anyanka Friend ZoneDarkspear-US33874Not updated
37Iglet Friend ZoneDarkspear-US30761
38Alinity Friend ZoneDarkspear-US28229
39Abssolute Friend ZoneDarkspear-US27882
40Radegast Friend ZoneDarkspear-US27688Not updated
41Hotjailbait Friend ZoneDarkspear-US27409
42Cammiebell Friend ZoneDarkspear-US26895Not updated
43Draconis Friend ZoneDarkspear-US25498Not updated
44Mmbbqsauce Friend ZoneDarkspear-US24349
45Riselek Friend ZoneDarkspear-US22775Not updated
46Torne Friend ZoneDarkspear-US22580
47Shamaduda Friend ZoneDarkspear-US22432
48Taalon Friend ZoneDarkspear-US22407
49Fang Friend ZoneDarkspear-US21927
50Sko Friend ZoneDarkspear-US21809
51Daktwo Friend ZoneDarkspear-US21808
52Totalgenesis Friend ZoneDarkspear-US21054Not updated
53Vicenna Friend ZoneDarkspear-US20746Not updated
54Mattybaby Friend ZoneDarkspear-US20170Not updated
55Ajeet Friend ZoneDarkspear-US19985Not updated
56Poonscab Friend ZoneDarkspear-US19860Not updated
57Spacekitten Friend ZoneDarkspear-US19739
58Brezmartin Friend ZoneDarkspear-US19394
59Wreçktangle Friend ZoneDarkspear-US19145
60Lacy Friend ZoneDarkspear-US19076Not updated
61Blünt Friend ZoneDarkspear-US18109Not updated
62Stomination Friend ZoneDarkspear-US18060
63Sated Friend ZoneDarkspear-US17693Not updated
64Deadly Friend ZoneDarkspear-US16043
65Benihimey Friend ZoneDarkspear-US15524
66Neentendo Friend ZoneDarkspear-US15160Not updated
67Bonescyth Friend ZoneDarkspear-US14648
68Reamø Friend ZoneDarkspear-US14346
69Zifko Friend ZoneDarkspear-US14196
70Gotcleave Friend ZoneDarkspear-US14019Not updated
71Nyctredor Friend ZoneDarkspear-US13902Not updated
72Inflexsteele Friend ZoneDarkspear-US13396Not updated
73Karvinen Friend ZoneDarkspear-US13260Not updated
74Rippeddude Friend ZoneDarkspear-US12638Not updated
75Achromous Friend ZoneDarkspear-US12625Not updated
76Delecta Friend ZoneDarkspear-US12595Not updated
77Tethlis Friend ZoneDarkspear-US12380Not updated
78Vera Friend ZoneDarkspear-US12348
79Valiea Friend ZoneDarkspear-US12194Not updated
80Morganrofl Friend ZoneDarkspear-US12122
81Darthvadur Friend ZoneDarkspear-US12096
82Kantzz Friend ZoneDarkspear-US12073
83Imperil Friend ZoneDarkspear-US12041
84Xiih Friend ZoneDarkspear-US11980Not updated
85Aviminus Friend ZoneDarkspear-US11248Not updated
86Raspberries Friend ZoneDarkspear-US10841
87Tispers Friend ZoneDarkspear-US10662Not updated
88Clurichaun Friend ZoneDarkspear-US10659Not updated
89Spirit Friend ZoneDarkspear-US10568
90Smoogypawz Friend ZoneDarkspear-US10390
91Minimiff Friend ZoneDarkspear-US10209Not updated
92Xiosiolent Friend ZoneDarkspear-US10032Not updated
93Smileymiley Friend ZoneDarkspear-US9689
94Youreduumb Friend ZoneDarkspear-US9644
95Shikyoh Friend ZoneDarkspear-US9632Not updated
96Anyas Friend ZoneDarkspear-US9463Not updated
97Kedameen Friend ZoneDarkspear-US9369Not updated
98Binkqt Friend ZoneDarkspear-US9154
99Amarexlol Friend ZoneDarkspear-US9122
100Miami Friend ZoneDarkspear-US8984Not updated

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