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Darkspear-US Honorable Kills
1Prepared Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US907199
2Huntone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US905728
3Loctwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US905442
4Pallfour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US899192
5Prifour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US879733
6Magsix Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US876974
7Drutwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US863825
8Rogone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US827049
9Deathkfour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US806126
10Pritwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US799434
11Magthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US783938
12Magone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US779171
13Shafive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US772768
14Warrione Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US770857
15Shafour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US764695
16Pallthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US764012
17Deathktwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US763745
18Shatwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US755394
19Prifive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US751680
20Locthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US740377
21Magtwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US724687
22Shasix Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US689909
23Druthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US648128
24Locone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US601124
25Palltwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US579966
26Prithree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US572262
27Pallone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US568262
28Huntfour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US566130
29Deathkthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US564223Not updated
30Huntthree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US552629
31Druone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US551102
32Hunttwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US548249Not updated
33Magfour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US547139Not updated
34Deathkfive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US527619
35Prione Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US524971
36Drufour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US520695
37Warritwo Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US515735
38Magfive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US513085
39Shaone Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US503838
40Shathree Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US455916
41Ruinous Ruin GamingDarkspear-US449016
42Magseven Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US438446
43Ygor Kîll SwîtchDarkspear-US430276
44Macedonicus Ruin GamingDarkspear-US418798Not updated
45Smashadamz HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEDarkspear-US401014Not updated
46Maudeeb RhuinDarkspear-US392062Not updated
47Deathksix Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US383221
48Öbe  Darkspear-US368167Not updated
49Prisix Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US346201Not updated
50Goshawk  Darkspear-US344261Not updated
51Huntfive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US343871Not updated
52Drufive Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US337474Not updated
53Dontsitonhim Hazy PvPDarkspear-US323155
54Lacroix Forsaken LegionDarkspear-US319884
55Ariuz Holy Knight DragonsDarkspear-US319263Not updated
56Bigken  Darkspear-US317704Not updated
57Iolo Force of LightDarkspear-US317552
58Hoggin We Bepoopin Onya MonDarkspear-US311699Not updated
59Vanquîsher Team Elite K H O SDarkspear-US309660Not updated
60Craterz We Run ThisDarkspear-US301242Not updated
61Blacklolz EnVyusDarkspear-US291522
62Bruul  Darkspear-US290444Not updated
63Zroe Warforged GladiatorsDarkspear-US289891
64Hýdro EmínenceDarkspear-US289700Not updated
65Duubra Limited EditionDarkspear-US282888Not updated
66Manald Minks MansionDarkspear-US276583
67Outcastz Dara MactíreDarkspear-US268546Not updated
68Creamqt  Darkspear-US267938Not updated
69Suprememan  Darkspear-US267831Not updated
70Pohsib Ruin GamingDarkspear-US263393
71Jezzica Dara MactíreDarkspear-US257813Not updated
72Matsuharu The ChurchDarkspear-US256433Not updated
73Luminaden  Darkspear-US256337Not updated
74Mlouie Vox RadixDarkspear-US255159Not updated
75Trickeries Dara MactíreDarkspear-US254193
76Lechuga Vicious and DeliciousDarkspear-US251813
77Lhordaine  Darkspear-US250588Not updated
78Blackyeji  Darkspear-US248555Not updated
79Tigerheart Force of LightDarkspear-US246273Not updated
80Locfour Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US245795
81Tomtim No RemorseDarkspear-US245643
82Khlause  Darkspear-US243874
83Àrcher SovereignDarkspear-US242482
84Spookyspider  Darkspear-US239745Not updated
85Turbøman  Darkspear-US239117Not updated
86Ðeuzism  Darkspear-US238574Not updated
87Cheetahlol AtelophobiaDarkspear-US238408Not updated
88Sackdeezle Paradigm MentalityDarkspear-US238315Not updated
89Jellyvish  Darkspear-US234761Not updated
90Lokkedown Ruin GamingDarkspear-US233036
91Pencyl Chaos KnightzDarkspear-US231090Not updated
92Deathktwelve Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US230910Not updated
93Warhord  Darkspear-US229613Not updated
94Violin The PvP BedDarkspear-US228656Not updated
95Lancellot Righteous SinnersDarkspear-US227525Not updated
96Snowykiss Bajheeras ArmyDarkspear-US225265
97Rovareohvee  Darkspear-US224602Not updated
98Mythicos  Darkspear-US222380Not updated
99Thugjitsutwo  Darkspear-US220936Not updated
100Deathkten Bring Alliance DeathDarkspear-US220704

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