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Dark Iron-US Honorable Kills
1Veneficussoy The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-US249774Not updated
2Shallen Twilight RaidersDark Iron-US226593
3Ruzgork Panda AttackDark Iron-US216090Not updated
4Artem Novus InitiumDark Iron-US211657Not updated
5Kronisaurus Gag ReflexDark Iron-US203393
6Frowns BallinDark Iron-US199092Not updated
7Darkwander Why Are We In CombatDark Iron-US196672Not updated
8Bangarrang Gag ReflexDark Iron-US193587
9Zorasta Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US191855
10Maellas Burly MenDark Iron-US188951
11Hobster XerofateDark Iron-US187818Not updated
12Thornleif Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US185763
13Battlebones  Dark Iron-US183984Not updated
14Mellemon Rated Baddie GroundsDark Iron-US177459Not updated
15Fatandfunny  Dark Iron-US171539Not updated
16Driffix ChronosDark Iron-US163634Not updated
17Azizza ProphecyDark Iron-US162115Not updated
18Althegreat Twisted FateDark Iron-US158677Not updated
19Fervent Hopes FateDark Iron-US153720
20Devoid BallinDark Iron-US151074Not updated
21Rotface ThrustDark Iron-US148975
22Griip Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US147070
23Corverus Bad ApplesDark Iron-US146025Not updated
24Kazakastan  Dark Iron-US143671Not updated
25Narfquat Twisted FateDark Iron-US142912Not updated
26Sipangzi BleaChDark Iron-US142615
27Venoma  Dark Iron-US140809
28Kidvicious OutbúrstDark Iron-US140345Not updated
29Darkganj of SMDark Iron-US139114Not updated
30Mittenz Gag ReflexDark Iron-US137078
31Grimmstone  Dark Iron-US136851Not updated
32Frajeelaydos BallinDark Iron-US135660Not updated
33Mattlagoosh Slaves of LifeDark Iron-US134543Not updated
34Josiewales Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US133547
35Teflonjohn OMEGADark Iron-US132489Not updated
36Kàsey ÜBERDark Iron-US131998Not updated
37Killerpriest  Dark Iron-US131182Not updated
38Clenn Bad ApplesDark Iron-US130716Not updated
39Bowlestation The Blackrock ClanDark Iron-US130448Not updated
40Stabznstunz Halycon DesertersDark Iron-US129374Not updated
41Icedout ThrustDark Iron-US129108
42Hitsuji Panda AttackDark Iron-US127760Not updated
43Popper Gag ReflexDark Iron-US127529Not updated
44Inkal  Dark Iron-US125681Not updated
45Gislan Guardians Of AsgardDark Iron-US123608Not updated
46Prickly  Dark Iron-US123176Not updated
47Seræne Hits Like a GirlDark Iron-US122952Not updated
48Drekhan  Dark Iron-US122934Not updated
49Theronguard Clan WolfDark Iron-US121497
50Âpõphís ThrustDark Iron-US121222
51Chibimomo VortèxDark Iron-US121068Not updated
52Ladrinne BallinDark Iron-US120200Not updated
53Aporetic  Dark Iron-US119893Not updated
54Heran  Dark Iron-US118695Not updated
55Emoprincess Novus InitiumDark Iron-US118574Not updated
56Justyna  Dark Iron-US118369
57Hexnub BallinDark Iron-US117063
58Ðarkmagician Orgrimmars Most WantedDark Iron-US115994Not updated
59Uiranus  Dark Iron-US115120Not updated
60Jamaz Disciples of SteelDark Iron-US114339Not updated
61Bonethugs Minions of KhaosDark Iron-US113815Not updated
62Muffincupz One More BossDark Iron-US113665Not updated
63Zythe BallinDark Iron-US113503Not updated
64Antheta Kind of a Big DealDark Iron-US113430Not updated
65Sidreth Panda AttackDark Iron-US113418
66Hozebeast EternityDark Iron-US111368Not updated
67Tangjitsu BallinDark Iron-US111234Not updated
68Radimere  Dark Iron-US110354Not updated
69Uras bank of urasDark Iron-US109599
70Kermorvan No ThroneDark Iron-US109480Not updated
71Swooze  Dark Iron-US109430Not updated
72Narva AxisDark Iron-US109306
73Unxpekted CouchDark Iron-US108940Not updated
74Imoldgregg Bad ApplesDark Iron-US108570Not updated
75Frostyy Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US107856
76Minyatar Team HennesseyDark Iron-US107334
77Marlun Panda AttackDark Iron-US107175
78Ovelia Hi My Name Is AmyDark Iron-US106852Not updated
79Echoo  Dark Iron-US106657Not updated
80Jarack Knights of ArcadiaDark Iron-US106340
81Strifer BallinDark Iron-US106069Not updated
82Bababooie Rated Baddie GroundsDark Iron-US106009
83Ptidrood  Dark Iron-US105897
84Neurlock ThrustDark Iron-US105699
85Påndorå The Fluffy Bunny GangDark Iron-US105695Not updated
86Olehammersen Serious Growth PotentialDark Iron-US105346Not updated
87Toravaca  Dark Iron-US105173Not updated
88Tastynpasty Might of the HordeDark Iron-US105087Not updated
89Lekar AxisDark Iron-US105076
90Yunaiv Final BossDark Iron-US104993Not updated
91Zamrazac Mild AddictionDark Iron-US104626Not updated
92Loureed DjörkDark Iron-US104458Not updated
93Wovoka  Dark Iron-US103052Not updated
94Hirum TripodDark Iron-US102727Not updated
95Eviltrippin ProphecyDark Iron-US102655Not updated
96Jumpoff  Dark Iron-US102575
97Owthpela ROMEDark Iron-US101818
98Valorheart SanitariumDark Iron-US101458Not updated
99Cuthbërt  Dark Iron-US101402Not updated
100Spronaldo  Dark Iron-US101063Not updated

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