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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalvengyr-US Honorable Kills
1Darkerebus Dalvengyr ElitesDalvengyr-US281476Not updated
2Soulguard Joint ChiefsDalvengyr-US224257Not updated
3Shadowlich gray death legionDalvengyr-US188390Not updated
4Ashfincter Twilights HammerDalvengyr-US146104Not updated
5Pepso  Dalvengyr-US141188Not updated
6Actionman  Dalvengyr-US139099Not updated
7Prescious  Dalvengyr-US136564Not updated
8Rust  Dalvengyr-US135385Not updated
9Silence stalk and killDalvengyr-US134263Not updated
10Maolsneachta  Dalvengyr-US127862Not updated
11Byringurok random unguilded baddieDalvengyr-US127614Not updated
12Pakal SimplicityDalvengyr-US122999Not updated
13Killertom Dalvengyr ElitesDalvengyr-US122586Not updated
14Rzzq S Y NDalvengyr-US121735Not updated
15Qua expendablesDalvengyr-US120993Not updated
16Dieyoung  Dalvengyr-US114181Not updated
17Jaguarone Have A SitDalvengyr-US114177Not updated
18Lycium Blood WraithsDalvengyr-US112509Not updated
19Roles  Dalvengyr-US111970Not updated
20Tabetha stalk and killDalvengyr-US111193Not updated
21Blastyguns The ExiledDalvengyr-US110912Not updated
22Hamsitup SparDalvengyr-US110430Not updated
23Bosill  Dalvengyr-US103653Not updated
24Cobras  Dalvengyr-US103355Not updated
25Gunarm Brotherhood of RoninDalvengyr-US101583Not updated
26Mobius  Dalvengyr-US100353Not updated
27Sojobo Joint ChiefsDalvengyr-US99848Not updated
28Bohantheblue expendablesDalvengyr-US95925Not updated
29Evérlast Straight out of BetaDalvengyr-US95509Not updated
30Mathers The Circle of EldersDalvengyr-US94217Not updated
31Zahul  Dalvengyr-US92941Not updated
32Leftyrights VendettaDalvengyr-US92739Not updated
33Kershken Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US92648Not updated
34Dorrit FateDalvengyr-US92490Not updated
35Coldskull  Dalvengyr-US92357Not updated
36Cirela  Dalvengyr-US91751Not updated
37Buer  Dalvengyr-US90179Not updated
38Neena  Dalvengyr-US89473Not updated
39Deadlyknight Plus Five SkillzDalvengyr-US89106Not updated
40Jerrygarcia Joint ChiefsDalvengyr-US87984Not updated
41Terrapin  Dalvengyr-US87070Not updated
42Boldleonidas  Dalvengyr-US86471Not updated
43Evilwood RetributionDalvengyr-US86274Not updated
44Nephrosis The BrofessionalsDalvengyr-US84858Not updated
45Psycher  Dalvengyr-US84075Not updated
46Sootsey THE FORGIVENDalvengyr-US81691Not updated
47Sanguina  Dalvengyr-US81640Not updated
48Warnyaonce Dalvengyr ElitesDalvengyr-US80689Not updated
49Failette  Dalvengyr-US80655Not updated
50Echeyakee  Dalvengyr-US79401Not updated
51Masktchi  Dalvengyr-US78356Not updated
52Stunnaboy  Dalvengyr-US78334Not updated
53Jìggles  Dalvengyr-US78239Not updated
54Demonickill The ExiledDalvengyr-US77694Not updated
55Faedelol  Dalvengyr-US77380Not updated
56Crunge Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US77308Not updated
57Roadey  Dalvengyr-US76368Not updated
58Zam True Horde ChampionsDalvengyr-US76183Not updated
59Rottie  Dalvengyr-US75734Not updated
60Maxsimus  Dalvengyr-US75692Not updated
61Lblaze Joint ChiefsDalvengyr-US75132Not updated
62Bovmorda SöulboundDalvengyr-US75010Not updated
63Nakai SöulboundDalvengyr-US74791Not updated
64Wassabi FateDalvengyr-US71908Not updated
65Tancrede  Dalvengyr-US71089Not updated
66Warian VendettaDalvengyr-US70611Not updated
67Shadowkiss  Dalvengyr-US69978Not updated
68Velendil  Dalvengyr-US69822Not updated
69Axhümed  Dalvengyr-US69234Not updated
70Jesyka CôalesceDalvengyr-US69091Not updated
71Whommp stalk and killDalvengyr-US68819Not updated
72Bredwin  Dalvengyr-US68804Not updated
73Mycale  Dalvengyr-US68697Not updated
74Feihu UnHoly ArmamentDalvengyr-US68190Not updated
75Hiijoro stalk and killDalvengyr-US67577Not updated
76Nekrosh Critical MissDalvengyr-US67419Not updated
77Razzell  Dalvengyr-US67181Not updated
78Vitas Blood WraithsDalvengyr-US67010Not updated
79Messala  Dalvengyr-US66890Not updated
80Dakraul DeterminedDalvengyr-US66831Not updated
81Greentrees Joint ChiefsDalvengyr-US66774Not updated
82Bëlgarion SwitchedtohordeDalvengyr-US66653Not updated
83Dirtymerlin VendettaDalvengyr-US65991Not updated
84Nessuno stalk and killDalvengyr-US65936Not updated
85Stringbeáns  Dalvengyr-US65765Not updated
86Theintern positDalvengyr-US65736Not updated
87Slyte  Dalvengyr-US64714Not updated
88Coberek  Dalvengyr-US64414Not updated
89Wangflurry stalk and killDalvengyr-US64067Not updated
90Dathis  Dalvengyr-US63916Not updated
91Kinho  Dalvengyr-US63681Not updated
92Disconect SIXRDalvengyr-US63338Not updated
93Thalias The ExiledDalvengyr-US62957Not updated
94Vorratelly Scarlet DynastyDalvengyr-US62685Not updated
95Ironhide PkPkGankYouNowDalvengyr-US61498Not updated
96Debowedz  Dalvengyr-US60619Not updated
97Mazro  Dalvengyr-US60462Not updated
98Grlsluvme  Dalvengyr-US59789Not updated
99Shokroll  Dalvengyr-US59749Not updated
100Uded Crimson BladeDalvengyr-US59334Not updated

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