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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Dalaran-US Honorable Kills
1Capria Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US32387Not updated
2Ballabuster Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US25960Not updated
3Savvage Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US16600Not updated
4Darqhope Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US15363Not updated
5Darkofilth Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US14653Not updated
6Lowballa Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US12310Not updated
7Frostshell Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US11915Not updated
8Whistine Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US11858Not updated
9Dardrion Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US9789Not updated
10Mcsquashy Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US8119Not updated
11Squilie Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US7913Not updated
12Kirsze Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US7020Not updated
13Shankshell Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US6911Not updated
14Razorbak Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US6756Not updated
15Failtastic Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US6654Not updated
16Calendil Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US6451Not updated
17Valeran Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US5980Not updated
18Sey Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US5908Not updated
19Kirza Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US5894Not updated
20Grammar Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US5799Not updated
21Citizensnips Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US5249Not updated
22Mcsquidgy Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US4959Not updated
23Drecula Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US4952Not updated
24Rezmeplease Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US4871Not updated
25Oryxx Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US4849Not updated
26Hobobob Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US4756Not updated
27Jirana Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US4713Not updated
28Gaelric Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US4692Not updated
29Alliancescum Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US4514Not updated
30Kirazhe Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US4263Not updated
31Jermain Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US3652Not updated
32Xethis Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US3408Not updated
33Kimberily Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US3349Not updated
34Faedrus Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US3081Not updated
35Antidentite Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US3041Not updated
36Krenkar Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US2942Not updated
37Ashariana Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US2883Not updated
38Tacosrule Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US2854Not updated
39Kristo Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US2731Not updated
40Chok Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US2581Not updated
41Corapeta Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US2515Not updated
42Sneakahooch Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US2207Not updated
43Markellus Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US1948Not updated
44Aérith Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US1937Not updated
45Satsuriku Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US1510Not updated
46Kirajhe Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US1394Not updated
47Telauren Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US1286Not updated
48Ralphy Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US1218Not updated
49Alathia Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US1002Not updated
50Genyosha Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US974Not updated
51Mageymcmage Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US933Not updated
52Pawz Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US811Not updated
53Thorbal Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US769Not updated
54Elducu Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US732Not updated
55Bombshell Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US594Not updated
56Grandia Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US577Not updated
57Ulcisor Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US530Not updated
58Gormaar Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US521Not updated
59Kungfoocius Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US465Not updated
60Muus Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US396Not updated
61Penthesilae Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US378Not updated
62Depraved Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US367Not updated
63Griffinson Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US261Not updated
64Asharia Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US249Not updated
65Ararararagi Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US227Not updated
66Barrywhite Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US154Not updated
67Zhatsune Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US119Not updated
68Laducu Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US92Not updated
69Degas Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US84Not updated
70Jeranari Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US83Not updated
71Drunkmaster Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US77Not updated
72Chanii Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US45Not updated
73Mikaboshi Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US36Not updated
74Hondacivic Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US32Not updated
75Kobus Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US20Not updated
76Comme Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US8Not updated
77Kirz Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US6Not updated
78Wez Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US3Not updated
79Pandorable Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US1Not updated
79Brogden Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US1Not updated
81Krycia Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US0Not updated
81Myssa Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US0Not updated
81Duediligence Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US0Not updated
81Lupineterror Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US0Not updated
81Ravadin Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US0Not updated
81Twofudogs Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US0Not updated
81Selay Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US0Not updated
81Sardoom Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US0Not updated
81Aphellia Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US0Not updated
81Scarhand Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US0Not updated
81Caleah Hobo AssassinsDalaran-US0Not updated

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