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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalaran-US Honorable Kills
1Baddo Crazy TrainDalaran-US393862Not updated
2Tentigers Azeroths AnonymousDalaran-US355509Not updated
3Struhtoo  Dalaran-US313453Not updated
4Psyco Prestige WorldwideDalaran-US305650Not updated
5Tumenka Shadows of EternityDalaran-US267603Not updated
6Ultramagus  Dalaran-US257944Not updated
7Goldyloks Cry HavocDalaran-US250145Not updated
8Sofhia Azeroths AnonymousDalaran-US219819Not updated
9Hassarh Victorious LegionDalaran-US214566Not updated
10Nymeriastark KaizenDalaran-US205241Not updated
11Neurostorm Left Hand VoodooDalaran-US202973Not updated
12Hatchetface LegitimateDalaran-US196275Not updated
13Darksaviour KaizenDalaran-US190968Not updated
14Cayse Apotheosis NowDalaran-US184459Not updated
15Rastajay OuroborosDalaran-US181034Not updated
16Chewbaga Six Feet UnderDalaran-US180656Not updated
17Bigpappa Cry HavocDalaran-US175826Not updated
18Mortala Swords of the FallenDalaran-US156990Not updated
19Apauloe Victorious LegionDalaran-US156804Not updated
20Clise  Dalaran-US156575Not updated
21Winderness See It Kill ItDalaran-US155563Not updated
22Rudeface Apotheosis NowDalaran-US154564Not updated
23Malumbellus The Immortal ClanDalaran-US154087Not updated
24Doggman BetrayalDalaran-US153273Not updated
25Greennut Talon of the PhoenixDalaran-US150942Not updated
26Valcrist SatisfactionDalaran-US149002Not updated
27Pyrokoz Death By ChocolateDalaran-US147420Not updated
28Aevver First Point AriesDalaran-US145190Not updated
29Nonk Fiery Hell ScreamersDalaran-US144163Not updated
30Kittanya Left Hand VoodooDalaran-US143114Not updated
31Canucklehead Hordes for HireDalaran-US141196Not updated
32Moi KaizenDalaran-US141037Not updated
33Gehrigg Hammer Of ArthasDalaran-US140260Not updated
34Cascadian  Dalaran-US139385Not updated
35Mezeri Pak CafanDalaran-US139288Not updated
36Valnos UnleashedDalaran-US136301Not updated
37Xcow Black DeathDalaran-US136257Not updated
38Taradune  Dalaran-US136251Not updated
39Verkithos LegitimateDalaran-US136168Not updated
40Poderoso SupernovaDalaran-US136006Not updated
41Stainedsoul  Dalaran-US133899Not updated
42Raizlin Infamous SyndicateDalaran-US132721Not updated
43Angryhunter Cry HavocDalaran-US131351Not updated
44Sparkin The NoobsDalaran-US130929Not updated
45Pingleton LegitimateDalaran-US130121Not updated
46Chuyinx  Dalaran-US129789Not updated
47Fylerion LegitimateDalaran-US129426Not updated
48Mtime AuthenticDalaran-US126816Not updated
49Sockninja Fruit VendorDalaran-US126372Not updated
50Amira AscendantDalaran-US123370Not updated
51Rowanh SinistreDalaran-US123083Not updated
52Koviko  Dalaran-US120367Not updated
53Aristant The ForsakenOnesDalaran-US120353Not updated
54Aisir  Dalaran-US120153Not updated
55Barackoshamà Requiescat in PaceDalaran-US119948Not updated
56Aeries LegitimateDalaran-US119228Not updated
57Mindslip Nos ConsensioDalaran-US118108Not updated
58Jakub Gladiators of WarDalaran-US118062Not updated
59Haleth Deities and DemigodsDalaran-US117624Not updated
60Leafmealone Blade of the CovenantDalaran-US116561Not updated
61Machita SupernovaDalaran-US115762Not updated
62Frostypriest Crimson Moon RisingDalaran-US115400Not updated
63Arite  Dalaran-US114943Not updated
64Volition  Dalaran-US114463Not updated
65Madmelta LegitimateDalaran-US114407Not updated
66Humanhead I Luvs Me KittyDalaran-US113680Not updated
67Shunjal DoomDalaran-US113565Not updated
68Serene Moment of SilenceDalaran-US111141Not updated
69Marleyson chop cityDalaran-US111137Not updated
70Iggi  Dalaran-US110871Not updated
71Mauganra  Dalaran-US110313Not updated
72Phantasia Gladiators of WarDalaran-US110261Not updated
73Halfevil Final ReckoningDalaran-US109452Not updated
74Penzoil KaizenDalaran-US109332Not updated
75Extinction Black DeathDalaran-US109125Not updated
76Wickeð Six Feet UnderDalaran-US108601Not updated
77Vyola SupernovaDalaran-US108556Not updated
78Muchi Six Feet UnderDalaran-US106966Not updated
79Thelonius Deities and DemigodsDalaran-US106395Not updated
80Hafu Moment of SilenceDalaran-US105908Not updated
81Labsgirl Avenging LegendsDalaran-US105639Not updated
82Fishstyxx Azeroths AnonymousDalaran-US105610Not updated
83Guinnessgal Natural AffinityDalaran-US105482Not updated
84Voodoovince Deus Velox NexDalaran-US105220Not updated
85Cron PIEDalaran-US104948Not updated
86Weeble LegitimateDalaran-US104792Not updated
87Siliconlife Natural AffinityDalaran-US104776Not updated
88Feixiang chop cityDalaran-US102649Not updated
89Cyrid Six Feet UnderDalaran-US102593Not updated
90Mercux GaiaDalaran-US100541Not updated
91Fivecap Moonlit SymphonyDalaran-US100349Not updated
92Darthschemo GriNd KiNgSDalaran-US99852Not updated
93Stoik LegitimateDalaran-US99511Not updated
94Brianjosel LegitimateDalaran-US99172Not updated
95Ebany Rising ShadowsDalaran-US98172Not updated
96Poppi The ForsakenOnesDalaran-US97549Not updated
97Freeburning OuroborosDalaran-US96663Not updated
98Altyera KaizenDalaran-US96650Not updated
99Bacchikoi Kabobs IncDalaran-US96619Not updated
100Crowx  Dalaran-US96471Not updated

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