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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalaran-EU Honorable Kills
1Démoons Les Eternels GuerriersDalaran-EU607884Not updated
2Rugietza La Horde OccODalaran-EU366352Not updated
3Alfhunter AllegeanceDalaran-EU347987Not updated
4Pîxe Les Gardiens du LysDalaran-EU336683Not updated
5Moïrathanos ApocalypsDalaran-EU329792Not updated
6Lumin LegendeDalaran-EU320311Not updated
7Diversité Âmes EternellesDalaran-EU303441Not updated
8Opalka RenaîssanceDalaran-EU298817Not updated
9Sylfe ExøsDalaran-EU252405Not updated
10Littlejoy Born to PvPDalaran-EU246851Not updated
11Gornitarok Les chiens des enfersDalaran-EU245873Not updated
12Shêilla Les Tontons FragueursDalaran-EU229112Not updated
13Yùmiko Zamal effectDalaran-EU212061Not updated
14Sergius BubleStackDalaran-EU209229Not updated
15Egam  Dalaran-EU209210Not updated
16Laïs AndrasteDalaran-EU208929Not updated
17Clecris  Dalaran-EU206695Not updated
18Sparte AndrasteDalaran-EU203606Not updated
19Ptistef ExilDalaran-EU200284Not updated
20Jexxel Chirurgiens De La MortDalaran-EU199190Not updated
21Valhèria AdamantraDalaran-EU196637Not updated
22Aodren AndrasteDalaran-EU194440Not updated
23Ðrakkar ExilDalaran-EU192409Not updated
24Jaméoom  Dalaran-EU190725Not updated
25Dropfill ThunderstørmDalaran-EU187307Not updated
26Samfrit Epic meat timeDalaran-EU184115Not updated
27Corrino Té MaraéDalaran-EU183300Not updated
28Johnn KloneDalaran-EU182627Not updated
29Coraîlle ApothéøseDalaran-EU180867Not updated
30Bâltrasz Bloody TearzDalaran-EU177719Not updated
31Sejanes  Dalaran-EU174834Not updated
32Eruthneel ProjektDalaran-EU174145Not updated
33Natsumÿ Vent DettaDalaran-EU171589Not updated
34Aab ExøsDalaran-EU170730Not updated
35Amérix Les chiens des enfersDalaran-EU169670Not updated
36Artéros Zamal effectDalaran-EU167232Not updated
37Emphytos oO Bløødy Fever OoDalaran-EU164861Not updated
38Flëxx Connection LostDalaran-EU162746Not updated
39Sylvemoon DonjonDalaran-EU162498Not updated
40Zenda NoNewFriendsDalaran-EU160466Not updated
41Firøst ENFER SUR TA MAISON FILSDalaran-EU160141Not updated
42Nimyä Blood and burstDalaran-EU159641Not updated
43Marfa Bloody TearzDalaran-EU159483Not updated
44Ärämis Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU159012Not updated
45Infected TitaniumDalaran-EU156132Not updated
46Kaliamkain Les Gardiens De l OmbreDalaran-EU155000Not updated
47Amøun ProjektDalaran-EU154440Not updated
48Halftondruid eXeDalaran-EU151773Not updated
49Mamouss ElípseDalaran-EU150473Not updated
50Tchambakan Dolce VitaDalaran-EU149130Not updated
51Cidfire Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU148959Not updated
52Tape EnjoyDalaran-EU148381Not updated
53Factorx InvincibleDalaran-EU147549Not updated
54Lêg Total FracassDalaran-EU147134Not updated
55Morîana BubleStackDalaran-EU146564Not updated
56Irohunt irocompanyDalaran-EU145259Not updated
57Hyp  Dalaran-EU144795Not updated
58Jarbir  Dalaran-EU144684Not updated
59Eeven ExtinctionDalaran-EU144470Not updated
60Ðfreez Protecteur de dalaranDalaran-EU143768Not updated
61Nàag Bloody TearzDalaran-EU142565Not updated
62Nonio Larmes de HadèsDalaran-EU141672Not updated
63Venïn KloneDalaran-EU141653Not updated
64Bülkas La Légion de SylvanasDalaran-EU140398Not updated
65Brewks BICHONDalaran-EU139700Not updated
66Albina  Dalaran-EU139199Not updated
67Thoorans Huntresses of SaraliaDalaran-EU138432Not updated
68Ihuminess Âmes EternellesDalaran-EU137858Not updated
69Valkyrion AndrasteDalaran-EU137347Not updated
70Seïlyph ElendilDalaran-EU137169Not updated
71Bidib PhénicéeDalaran-EU136162Not updated
72Jûnnes CreepDalaran-EU135981Not updated
73Cyllus équinoxDalaran-EU135721Not updated
74Yannikeman Dùn AtanDalaran-EU135570Not updated
75Laotsé  Dalaran-EU132526Not updated
76Matrioshki Graviers et TronçonneuseDalaran-EU132009Not updated
77Biggaab WarsøngDalaran-EU131839Not updated
78Calløs AbyssDalaran-EU131234Not updated
79Henrickk Bloody TearzDalaran-EU131044Not updated
80Ynoht Ombre PhoenixDalaran-EU130582Not updated
81Oizo AmnesiashDalaran-EU130005Not updated
82Choriz Blood and burstDalaran-EU129886Not updated
83Callos AbyssDalaran-EU129408Not updated
84Heavyheart Rêve éternelDalaran-EU129306Not updated
85Ekthelion Père LachaiseDalaran-EU129189Not updated
86Unexist Rising CorpDalaran-EU129175Not updated
87Shinkami OpenYourMindDalaran-EU128673Not updated
88Fahn InvincibleDalaran-EU128629Not updated
89Miryona AbsolutesDalaran-EU128475Not updated
90Ptølémée ChronicleDalaran-EU128384Not updated
91Izzu AmenoDalaran-EU128249Not updated
92Råzîel  Dalaran-EU128093Not updated
93Durrin Fan de Pierre BellemareDalaran-EU127963Not updated
94Narosïa Ordre de NúmenorDalaran-EU127713Not updated
95Andjélina  Dalaran-EU127594Not updated
96Pivette Les Asticots AmbitieuxDalaran-EU127500Not updated
97Daitro AshesDalaran-EU125893Not updated
98Soulfire  Dalaran-EU125710Not updated
99Butanepropan FunDalaran-EU125593Not updated
100Hagnus  Dalaran-EU125347Not updated

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