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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Daggerspine-US Honorable Kills
1Kuroma War for ProfitDaggerspine-US488117Not updated
2Angheuol War for ProfitDaggerspine-US274769Not updated
3Drips Doesnt Make MistakesDaggerspine-US238342Not updated
4Whispera Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US233821Not updated
5Kamus  Daggerspine-US203145Not updated
6Tarquin The Horde of ParagonDaggerspine-US186306Not updated
7Eollis Children Of AsgardhrDaggerspine-US179661Not updated
8Amonte GAME OVER MANDaggerspine-US178368Not updated
9Zezu GrimDaggerspine-US170250Not updated
10Gorelashx  Daggerspine-US168890Not updated
11Golrath Doesnt Make MistakesDaggerspine-US168475Not updated
12Wimper United DefenseDaggerspine-US162466Not updated
13Hawtbox  Daggerspine-US161314Not updated
14Hediondus Horsemen Of ApocalypseDaggerspine-US160301Not updated
15Alca potatoDaggerspine-US160217Not updated
16Yoshiko ResonanceDaggerspine-US158096Not updated
17Sabana OishieDaggerspine-US156841Not updated
18Pherolex Doesnt Make MistakesDaggerspine-US155857Not updated
19Dualimpulse Doesnt Make MistakesDaggerspine-US154370Not updated
20Mump Just Cause ProjectDaggerspine-US150537Not updated
21Pakaloco Five ManDaggerspine-US150115Not updated
22Skinwàlkër  Daggerspine-US148802Not updated
23Willhelmina OishieDaggerspine-US142752Not updated
24Gamji ResonanceDaggerspine-US142719Not updated
25Loialone  Daggerspine-US141280Not updated
26Eurovisions  Daggerspine-US139221Not updated
27Shalas MYRMIDONSDaggerspine-US138893Not updated
28Mashing  Daggerspine-US137198Not updated
29Turudd Boldly Going NowhereDaggerspine-US136323Not updated
30Kaloh Eye for an EyeDaggerspine-US136019Not updated
31Bootwolfy Dirty SouthDaggerspine-US135987Not updated
32Doctarian  Daggerspine-US133486Not updated
33Senpachi ObduraDaggerspine-US128242Not updated
34Werst  Daggerspine-US127346Not updated
35Delrake  Daggerspine-US126162Not updated
36Elleanor  Daggerspine-US122661Not updated
37Gwaedoliaeth War for ProfitDaggerspine-US121543Not updated
38Greatdane  Daggerspine-US118164Not updated
39Iskazam Lords of HegemonyDaggerspine-US117930Not updated
40Baboon OutlawsDaggerspine-US116931Not updated
41Minitey InsomniacsDaggerspine-US116909Not updated
42Glum  Daggerspine-US116811Not updated
43Jackjumper Dirty SouthDaggerspine-US114366Not updated
44Samonica ResonanceDaggerspine-US112843Not updated
45Mechabull potatoDaggerspine-US112673Not updated
46Kickss Nomadic Yak HerdersDaggerspine-US112602Not updated
47Ravensole DevouredDaggerspine-US112398Not updated
48Shadowzéro  Daggerspine-US111904Not updated
49Protego MYRMIDONSDaggerspine-US110450Not updated
50Moagim Veritas et AéquitasDaggerspine-US109895Not updated
51Whykefewhy  Daggerspine-US108107Not updated
52Corki GrimDaggerspine-US107465Not updated
53Callmewoody The FootDaggerspine-US106913Not updated
54Lillithh  Daggerspine-US105977Not updated
55Chupparosa GREEN FEETDaggerspine-US105901Not updated
56Samaul  Daggerspine-US105883Not updated
57Schlosh potatoDaggerspine-US104222Not updated
58Klob GrimDaggerspine-US104062Not updated
59Daemonessa OishieDaggerspine-US103642Not updated
60Riflemangrim Just Cause ProjectDaggerspine-US103446Not updated
61Farund One Shot IncDaggerspine-US103417Not updated
62Blackwidow  Daggerspine-US103297Not updated
63Shapeshiftin  Daggerspine-US103230Not updated
64Quenodius  Daggerspine-US102608Not updated
65Joker The FootDaggerspine-US101782Not updated
66Macky OutlawsDaggerspine-US101142Not updated
67Alttab  Daggerspine-US100445Not updated
68Herlove SolidDaggerspine-US99992Not updated
69Ballssrblues  Daggerspine-US99660Not updated
70Noobulous  Daggerspine-US99592Not updated
71Repay  Daggerspine-US99367Not updated
72Gladius The Horde of ParagonDaggerspine-US99084Not updated
73Bender GREEN FEETDaggerspine-US96285Not updated
74Panthuus Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US95820Not updated
75Brinae Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US95789Not updated
76Adage GAME OVER MANDaggerspine-US95529Not updated
77Littlecrow Five ManDaggerspine-US94285Not updated
78Decado OishieDaggerspine-US94038Not updated
79Syphìllis  Daggerspine-US93562Not updated
80Leoniss  Daggerspine-US93381Not updated
81Nerraw LiveEvilDaggerspine-US93221Not updated
82Switchezlol  Daggerspine-US93197Not updated
83Steelldragon The Scarlet InquisitionDaggerspine-US93173Not updated
84Garagrimm War DawgzDaggerspine-US92906Not updated
85Dinadin  Daggerspine-US92602Not updated
86Gravebourne Time for FunDaggerspine-US92173Not updated
87Spellbound  Daggerspine-US92160Not updated
88Jipp Luck of the DrawDaggerspine-US90777Not updated
89Wraamoon Mile High ClubDaggerspine-US89844Not updated
90Eetdeth  Daggerspine-US89782Not updated
91Lormaximus  Daggerspine-US89345Not updated
92Athéist OishieDaggerspine-US89107Not updated
93Bullseyes Horsemen Of ApocalypseDaggerspine-US88994Not updated
94Literati  Daggerspine-US88056Not updated
95Boosegumps Eye for an EyeDaggerspine-US88052Not updated
96Dayace WalkerDaggerspine-US87883Not updated
97Cuddlyqtlol  Daggerspine-US87726Not updated
98Daggerspíne Toxic WasteDaggerspine-US86756Not updated
99Krackdown SeismicDaggerspine-US86414Not updated
100Shamanmaster  Daggerspine-US86327Not updated

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