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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Crushridge-US Honorable Kills
1Daxx Lords of WarCrushridge-US416653Not updated
2Snowscare The Eighth LegionCrushridge-US301020Not updated
3Rawrfox And His Magical FriendsCrushridge-US269680Not updated
4Incizion Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US264426Not updated
5Gregoir Love and PeaceCrushridge-US252975Not updated
6Morigord Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US251302
7Suria  Crushridge-US250000Not updated
8Albel LeblaCrushridge-US229129Not updated
9Pelican  Crushridge-US201932
10Cynful AnomalyCrushridge-US197342Not updated
11Sven Love and PeaceCrushridge-US192421Not updated
12Blkhand  Crushridge-US190638Not updated
13Sanada LeblaCrushridge-US187675Not updated
14Archiee Lords of WarCrushridge-US184468Not updated
15Spice Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US178485
16Thalsadoom Give War A ChanceCrushridge-US177064Not updated
17Golrathcr Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US172557Not updated
18Lysergicus AwakenCrushridge-US165296Not updated
19Wolfler La FamiliaCrushridge-US163498Not updated
20Henious P v PCrushridge-US161435Not updated
21Aires TrinityCrushridge-US158374Not updated
22Wørldraven The Knìghts of DoomCrushridge-US157879Not updated
23Patorien BónedCrushridge-US154412Not updated
24Maness  Crushridge-US152803Not updated
25Aeellron ResurrectedCrushridge-US152619Not updated
26Sayika Tuatha De DanannCrushridge-US151400Not updated
27Ironwolfe Skunk WorksCrushridge-US151071Not updated
28Sorlocke  Crushridge-US146685Not updated
29Rumcajs SpectreCrushridge-US146331Not updated
30Medusa  Crushridge-US145955Not updated
31Nahla P v PCrushridge-US145539Not updated
32Foxcat Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US144875Not updated
33Icedtea Me So HordieCrushridge-US144782Not updated
34Knocrogue Nailed ItCrushridge-US141315Not updated
35Slatu Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US139802
36Gadem  Crushridge-US139515Not updated
37Doomroxar  Crushridge-US136660Not updated
38Freddycugar MacabreCrushridge-US135996Not updated
39Sativah MacabreCrushridge-US135248Not updated
40Skwidrific Give War A ChanceCrushridge-US131681Not updated
41Nightkingbc Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US130952Not updated
42Snap Death StrikeCrushridge-US129574Not updated
43Norager MethodCrushridge-US129339Not updated
44Zipzombie Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US128238
45Redmyst P v PCrushridge-US128130Not updated
46Checkpoint Nailed ItCrushridge-US127326Not updated
47Sanctifyd Boogie KnightsCrushridge-US126882Not updated
48Discuits  Crushridge-US126657Not updated
49Teihlay SatedCrushridge-US126102Not updated
50Duwork Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US125953Not updated
51Infiniti Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US125322Not updated
52Pdiggy  Crushridge-US124522Not updated
53Lorac  Crushridge-US124293Not updated
54Magistarr Non Members OnlyCrushridge-US124140Not updated
55Hyurii Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US123129Not updated
56Vole  Crushridge-US122930Not updated
57Complexic  Crushridge-US122570Not updated
58Atalanta Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US121674
59Caliq Method to MadnessCrushridge-US119342Not updated
60Brutal Boogie KnightsCrushridge-US118935Not updated
61Cureact  Crushridge-US115583Not updated
62Beaushiz Written in BloodCrushridge-US114990Not updated
63Klawss V E N D E T T ACrushridge-US113310Not updated
64Sanus Crushridge is DeadCrushridge-US112691Not updated
65Fowlplay  Crushridge-US112535Not updated
66Whiskeydrunk Corpse CannonCrushridge-US112201Not updated
67Lokja Sippin Swagger JuiceCrushridge-US111978Not updated
68Trrex Wizards of OzCrushridge-US111594Not updated
69Demens By The Light Of The MoonCrushridge-US111055Not updated
70Amodeus LeblaCrushridge-US110825Not updated
71Hotchim Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US110775
72Elevisi Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US110751Not updated
73Shelawa WinterheartedCrushridge-US110404Not updated
74Realhab  Crushridge-US110172Not updated
75Spiritd  Crushridge-US108630Not updated
76Kalaharu Judge Jury ExecutionerCrushridge-US108345Not updated
77Sarasaurus MacabreCrushridge-US108040Not updated
78Lkianw AscendancyCrushridge-US107527Not updated
79Nadina kill are enemeisCrushridge-US107267Not updated
80Catastrophie  Crushridge-US107177Not updated
81Photonn RageCrushridge-US106997Not updated
82Thumbelina Heavens DevilsCrushridge-US106056Not updated
83Juicey Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US105956Not updated
84Jotoface  Crushridge-US105271Not updated
85Triceratops Jurassic ParkCrushridge-US105088Not updated
86Hypnotic Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US104990Not updated
87Beanburrito  Crushridge-US104356Not updated
88Thuderclap  Crushridge-US103580Not updated
89Stupidrules Make It RainCrushridge-US103543Not updated
90Kirisaki VerrücktCrushridge-US103126Not updated
91Beastboi Critz Savez LivezCrushridge-US102767Not updated
92Sharick ObliqueCrushridge-US102577Not updated
92Beladus original ganksterzCrushridge-US102577Not updated
94Ryoushi  Crushridge-US102489Not updated
95Aëon  Crushridge-US101106Not updated
96Harveydent No Chicks AllowedCrushridge-US100930Not updated
97Moelock  Crushridge-US100899Not updated
98Gustan Dwarec MercsCrushridge-US100664Not updated
99Liru  Crushridge-US99744Not updated
100Diluted Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US99576Not updated

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