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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Cenarius-US Honorable Kills
1Mctree Late CrewCenarius-US446169Not updated
2Banthatracks PirateCenarius-US308774Not updated
3Arkamani Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US279059Not updated
4Oca PirateCenarius-US278884Not updated
5Gzzo The Order of LegendsCenarius-US265950Not updated
6Sarannd FocusCenarius-US261937Not updated
7Thielor  Cenarius-US249925Not updated
8Nickx  Cenarius-US241320Not updated
9Klok OnslaughtCenarius-US235220Not updated
10Dorianpreist  Cenarius-US225178Not updated
11Polymorphine PirateCenarius-US218446Not updated
12Passend AvowryCenarius-US216857Not updated
13Outis ProsapiaCenarius-US212058Not updated
14Cocoapuffs  Cenarius-US207246Not updated
15Elleria otterCenarius-US201735Not updated
16Trauk PirateCenarius-US201285Not updated
17Layne Dark MastersCenarius-US199565Not updated
18Subodai Because MagicCenarius-US190682Not updated
19Sacrilegiu Utopia BanishedCenarius-US186910Not updated
20Handera Canadian Air FarceCenarius-US185731Not updated
21Rhaygar PirateCenarius-US185545Not updated
22Mezme HonorboundCenarius-US175532Not updated
23Cherr Saints and SinnersCenarius-US171903Not updated
24Allybeboba PirateCenarius-US170432Not updated
25Bhadazz  Cenarius-US170318Not updated
26Theseal  Cenarius-US168904Not updated
27Flax  Cenarius-US165571Not updated
28Acerun  Cenarius-US164776Not updated
29Bruninhing N I K I T ACenarius-US164752Not updated
30Shadô MeowCenarius-US163439Not updated
31Wifesurfer BP Cleanup CrewCenarius-US160227Not updated
32Nighttracker  Cenarius-US158031Not updated
33Catalinaa Twilight CrusadersCenarius-US156987Not updated
34Arther  Cenarius-US154947Not updated
35Ankhie Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US153122Not updated
36Morfious Racked UpCenarius-US150744Not updated
37Hypé Wazzapp Fan ClubCenarius-US150114Not updated
38Zulthura PirateCenarius-US149845Not updated
39Corrúpted  Cenarius-US149706Not updated
40Hellsflame  Cenarius-US148243Not updated
41Giantpack Last PullCenarius-US147812Not updated
42Exene PirateCenarius-US144770Not updated
43Azull PrimalCenarius-US144577Not updated
44Gonjhai  Cenarius-US144200Not updated
45Lavrot LFMCenarius-US144128Not updated
46Churchturd AMPCenarius-US143675Not updated
47Gnomemobile We Raid the East CoastCenarius-US143443Not updated
48Felform Inglourious AlliesCenarius-US142610Not updated
49Epiales  Cenarius-US141026Not updated
50Falsmage  Cenarius-US139990Not updated
51Quasarnugz Veni Vidi BibiCenarius-US139394Not updated
52Aeryon  Cenarius-US138867Not updated
53Maleware Azeroths BrotherhoodCenarius-US138086Not updated
54Lolacutie Midnight CrusadersCenarius-US138052Not updated
55Trunhin MeowCenarius-US136670Not updated
56Zargon TacticsCenarius-US136267Not updated
57Sacauthryn Dawn EternalCenarius-US135214Not updated
58Pingpongs  Cenarius-US134829Not updated
59Alpha ToxicCenarius-US133618Not updated
60Phareth STOMPCenarius-US132810Not updated
61Alfaa PirateCenarius-US132064Not updated
62Icesurfer BP Cleanup CrewCenarius-US131332Not updated
63Ayalin  Cenarius-US130578Not updated
64Zendaria Liquid CourageCenarius-US130563Not updated
65ßàng  Cenarius-US127987Not updated
66Zzaramzz  Cenarius-US127412Not updated
67Jdota  Cenarius-US127407Not updated
68Tundraman  Cenarius-US125718Not updated
69Aedrius PirateCenarius-US124379Not updated
70Aftershox Last PullCenarius-US123667Not updated
71Siguardmageb It Could Be WorseCenarius-US123079Not updated
72Bluefîre LiquidCenarius-US121698Not updated
73Adavis Raiding is Srs BusinessCenarius-US121470Not updated
74Olì Late CrewCenarius-US120452Not updated
75Rcee  Cenarius-US119405Not updated
76Outblade JuggernautCenarius-US118394Not updated
77Pride  Cenarius-US117282Not updated
78Shmuew We Raid the East CoastCenarius-US117032Not updated
79Jeqon Mad HattersCenarius-US116610Not updated
80Badly  Cenarius-US116263Not updated
81Guillermo Go HardCenarius-US115892Not updated
82Fraan KILLERSCenarius-US115514Not updated
83Keldar Fifty One FiftyCenarius-US114471Not updated
84Fudpucker  Cenarius-US113771Not updated
85Kower PirateCenarius-US113712Not updated
86Elcon  Cenarius-US113653Not updated
87Sikazzpinay Knights of ChaosCenarius-US113482Not updated
88Endestroy  Cenarius-US112781Not updated
89Redenn We Are FBICenarius-US112341Not updated
90Deathwish JuggernautCenarius-US112161Not updated
91Drshuffhausn Death NoteCenarius-US112101Not updated
92Dillysaures scumCenarius-US111212Not updated
93Muta Heroes and MartyrsCenarius-US110737Not updated
94Powertort QuåråntineCenarius-US110679Not updated
95Lenz AvowryCenarius-US109919Not updated
96Shendelzare Praetorian GuardCenarius-US108736Not updated
97Miyoko OptCenarius-US108683Not updated
98Nicoise  Cenarius-US107803Not updated
99Kodakphenom  Cenarius-US106809Not updated
100Calcadence TacticsCenarius-US106798Not updated

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