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Cenarion Circle-US Honorable Kills
1Fyrehawk Manus IgnotaCenarion Circle-US449698Not updated
2Jenalle Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US362070Not updated
3Rotoblade Cereal KillerzCenarion Circle-US355707Not updated
4Kord Eye of the TigerCenarion Circle-US318891Not updated
5Sindarious The New OrderCenarion Circle-US283980Not updated
6Criceto Northrend CommonwealthCenarion Circle-US273358Not updated
7Mesarthim Live in ConcertCenarion Circle-US230275
8Renrawelad ExaltedCenarion Circle-US223087Not updated
9Thorbag Poor Impulse ControlCenarion Circle-US216557Not updated
10Leyoterk Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US216118Not updated
11Vessilo DIECenarion Circle-US212924Not updated
12Nycole ÆvolutionCenarion Circle-US212150Not updated
13Suinemra and friendsCenarion Circle-US202646
14Ishliha Cereal KillerzCenarion Circle-US196785Not updated
15Mezmorized Cereal KillerzCenarion Circle-US195632Not updated
16Caloros PredatorCenarion Circle-US192436Not updated
17Flo Oprah Winfury DojoCenarion Circle-US190502Not updated
18Fraüpinky Septimus LegioCenarion Circle-US190367Not updated
19Batseye  Cenarion Circle-US189736Not updated
20Granya  Cenarion Circle-US189693Not updated
21Ukzoth DominionCenarion Circle-US186060Not updated
22Jargaz Searing LightCenarion Circle-US185183Not updated
23Eaglesgift BoneologyCenarion Circle-US184455Not updated
24Orusk Cereal KillerzCenarion Circle-US184019Not updated
25Raybee Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US183778Not updated
26Luncelor DisturbedOnesCenarion Circle-US177442Not updated
27Tardczar Oprah Winfury DojoCenarion Circle-US177283Not updated
28Pictu Redrum IncCenarion Circle-US175290Not updated
29Aucmic Troll ScienceCenarion Circle-US174606
30Genmaximus From The AshesCenarion Circle-US170102Not updated
31Islandgirl Manus IgnotaCenarion Circle-US167892Not updated
32Adsbolt Order of the Ebon ShieldCenarion Circle-US167837
33Saviikta Northrend RaidersCenarion Circle-US166195Not updated
34Caska Chaotic IntentCenarion Circle-US164275Not updated
35Balistico Order of the Ebon ShieldCenarion Circle-US163753Not updated
36Çloùd DominionCenarion Circle-US160864Not updated
37Achelis NeverlandCenarion Circle-US159870Not updated
38Wubkin Occams RazorCenarion Circle-US157453Not updated
39Envien DominionCenarion Circle-US155013
40Wingnutt Juice FuCenarion Circle-US152089Not updated
41Gilius The Wintercrown TribunalCenarion Circle-US149098Not updated
42Cloverelf DominionCenarion Circle-US149036Not updated
43Mavene Playin DirtyCenarion Circle-US147174Not updated
44Wodehouse Cereal KillerzCenarion Circle-US146810Not updated
45Daymoon  Cenarion Circle-US146585Not updated
46Renalle Cereal KillerzCenarion Circle-US146094Not updated
47Riánne LêgionCenarion Circle-US145342
48Winteress Gods of HeroesCenarion Circle-US145045Not updated
49Olórin WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US142773
50Cleetis Roll for BlameCenarion Circle-US142609Not updated
51Morkster Cereal KillerzCenarion Circle-US141787Not updated
52Salun CONSORTIUMCenarion Circle-US141249Not updated
53Mocha  Cenarion Circle-US140073Not updated
54Bork Captains of the ObviousCenarion Circle-US138531Not updated
55Vordar  Cenarion Circle-US136122Not updated
56Zourn Strange BrewCenarion Circle-US133349
57Rykun Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US132396Not updated
58Mystora  Cenarion Circle-US131863Not updated
59Nyctere Band Of Best FriendsCenarion Circle-US131832Not updated
60Iceress  Cenarion Circle-US130893Not updated
61Tokaa DominionCenarion Circle-US130681
62Übernuts WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US130265
63Halushki Dusk RaidersCenarion Circle-US128708Not updated
64Necromus Clan BlackhoofCenarion Circle-US127746Not updated
65Celos Invictus SanctumCenarion Circle-US127702
66Niene VindicatedCenarion Circle-US127513Not updated
67Choriandus Gone To WasteCenarion Circle-US126491Not updated
68Tardan  Cenarion Circle-US126450Not updated
69Outcolld  Cenarion Circle-US125544Not updated
70Kod Order of the BladeCenarion Circle-US124728
71Malacai DominionCenarion Circle-US124549Not updated
72Thrups Purgatorys FinestCenarion Circle-US124298Not updated
73Sirrender Captains of the ObviousCenarion Circle-US123789
74Eilethen The NetherforgedCenarion Circle-US123583Not updated
75Nuemair Cairn of KingsCenarion Circle-US123164
76Yoljina Eternal SorrowCenarion Circle-US122553
77Cusith  Cenarion Circle-US121013Not updated
78Ochlophobia VidiGameaCenarion Circle-US120420Not updated
79Truladin Darkness UnleashedCenarion Circle-US120163
80Baelrog Baelrog is the BestCenarion Circle-US119587
81Xain Oprah Winfury DojoCenarion Circle-US116918Not updated
82Moirainne Mouthbreathers HUUHHUUHHCenarion Circle-US114681Not updated
83Budaloo DoomtidingsCenarion Circle-US114468Not updated
84Javanoche  Cenarion Circle-US113860Not updated
85Sokrteas  Cenarion Circle-US113173Not updated
86Snapdragon The ChosenCenarion Circle-US112561
87Haozhao Cairn of KingsCenarion Circle-US112384
88Crates Fuel the FireCenarion Circle-US112248Not updated
89Treseis Troll ScienceCenarion Circle-US111111
90Alexiasophie The Halls of MontezumaCenarion Circle-US110458
91Quadthrila EmbráceCenarion Circle-US110079
92Chëvelle  Cenarion Circle-US109918Not updated
93Iracus Get Rich or Die GrindingCenarion Circle-US109345
94Thales Cyrus the WiseCenarion Circle-US108561Not updated
95Tanaburs Onslaught of DestructionCenarion Circle-US108062Not updated
96Ginelle The Wintercrown TribunalCenarion Circle-US107707Not updated
97Voskres Vorpal VerminCenarion Circle-US106797Not updated
98Xanekus ExaltedCenarion Circle-US106763Not updated
99Stalar  Cenarion Circle-US106469Not updated
100Careyqt DominionCenarion Circle-US106451Not updated

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